This was posted 5 months 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Edifier S1000MKII Audiophile Active Bookshelf 2.0 Speakers 120W $399.99 Delivered @ Edifier via Amazon AU


Not a bad price for these speakers including delivery, I don't think I've seen them cheaper than this and they are a really good set of speakers. Many YouTube reviews are praising them highly, I can also vouch for them as I use them every day and they sound fantastic and are really powerful too.

There also seems to be a further 5% off when purchasing the optional speaker stands by Edifier (priced at $200) that is applied at checkout.

But you can just buy the speakers for $400 with free delivery.

I don't know when this offer expires?

Link to manufacturer's website for more detailed information:

Speaker stands here:

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Wow actually seems like a legit deal as opposed to simply price matching. I’m so overwhelmed by how many models Edifier has.

    Was looking at 2750, 350 but not really sure where you draw the line for ‘decent’ all rounder set for gaming, movies and music. Budget is not a huge issue but under $500 would be great.

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      I think these are a perfect all rounder pair of speakers in my opinion, I use them in my bedroom for all three of the things you mentioned (Music, Games and Movies) and the sound is very rich and clear indeed, The bass is very deep and strong and the higher end is very good too. Although, I'm no Audiophile and couldn't give a very detailed analysis on the sound in a technical sense, other than to say they just sound very pleasing and "quality" and have a lot more power/volume that I don't even use. Some of the reviews I saw go into a lot of detail and say many nice things about them.

      Here is a detailed review on Youtube:

      These are the second generation of this model, the first being very popular with audio enthusiasts for years, these apparently improve on the originals in a significant way and I'm pretty sure they would destroy any sound bar you could buy for your TV.

      I think for the price they are are really good value and the construction is rock solid, I do think they will last. Also in my opinion they look gorgeous too.

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      I would recommend the s2000mkii when they go on sale for below $400. Very similar to Edifier's flagship S3000MKIII

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        Hmmm currently $449 at wireless 1…

      • Yeah I got temporarily excited at first glance thinking these were the S2000mk3 on sale again as they were in December.

        Time to set a price alert for the S2000mk3 me thinks.

  • How do these compare against the Audioengine A5+'s?

    • I couldn't say but I found this video just now, I hope it helps.

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      I've got the A5+ and also the JBL 305p Mkii (which is a very similar speaker to the Edifier S1000s in terms of sound), and the 305p sounds clearer to me. So I'd say these are better from personal experience

  • any recommendation for cheaper speakers? ~$100

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      There are a few other Edifier speakers that get great reviews.

      • 1280db s remote is utter trash. They've made an s version that has a better version or the remote.

    • I picked up the R1000T4 for $49 before Christmas. Powered but no Bluetooth. Great computer speakers in a small room. Distort a little when the music gets loud. I love them for the price.

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    i got my s2000mkiii for cheaper than this last year, might as well get that if it goes on sale like it used to (havent been following prices recently but last year s2000mkiii would often go under 400)

    • Exactly!

  • Bought the s2000mkII for for $359 from wireless 1. I would recommend them also too if on sale over the s1000. I have it running through DAC and optical cable, sound is bliss for the price tag I paid.

  • This is the same company that puts fake tweeters on some of their entry level speakers just to make them look good lol My friend bought these and they developed an issue after one s couple of months. I don't trust Edifier for their high end stuff.

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      I have a list of companies that haven't put aesthetic tweeters here:

  • These or the AUdio Engine HD6?

  • I wish these had a sub out.

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