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Toolpro Wet & Dry Workshop Vacuum 10 Litre $45 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Supercheap Auto


Seem ok pricing, as next level up 35L is $124

Also have SpotClean on sale for $199 for members


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    Something else I didn't know I wanted (needed). In looking I found the Detroit DETVAC15P at Total Tools


    At $50, it's the standard price. But it's 1400W (v 1200W), 15L (v 10L), and moves slightly more air. But there's $12.50 delivery for me. I think it's $8 metro from memory.

    Ah, decisions, decisions. Best one is probably to make do, but that is not the way …

    • Upvoted - get this or the Ozito for the extra blower function

    • One of the thing is… not many accessories come with it

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    I saw the same deal about a month ago and even nursed the last one in stock around my local store so no one else could take it whilst I browsed…

    In the end I didn't buy it, but since then I've seen one in my local Bunnings in the same ballpark (not on clearance, but I don't have the details sorry), plus the Total Tools one linked above. I'm guessing this might be fairly regular "sale" price for this sort of thing.

    Edit: Probably this one I saw at Bunnings: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-1250w-12l-stainless-wet-an...

  • has anyone used a wet vac for wet gum leaves? specifically on the pool blanket. Looking for an alternative to sweeping & scooping them

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    I have the 35L version of the toolpro wet/dry vac. Does the job but I always feel it needs just that little bit extra oompf especially for leaves and anything bigger than a grain. Go for the Detroit 1400w one.

    I didn't go for the ozito because their filter and bags are more expensive than the toolpros.

    Just don't go for the cylindrical karcher wet/dry vac and it'll be fine.

  • is this good for concrete dust?

    • I would say no. You need a proper filtered industrial rated vac for concrete dust.

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    I got this one on special for $36. One thing to be aware is that this unit is relatively small and light and it can easily tip over when it's moving around. When it's tipped over, you need to turn it off and on again to get it working again. Accessories are very average and the crevice nozzle is pretty pathetic (too short to reach anywhere).

    I use it mainly to vacuum the car so it's ok, but for heavier tasks, I would get something 20L+ with 1250W motor from Ozito/Ryobi.

    • I bought one too, found the hose repeatedly blows off when using it as a blower, need to make the hose pipe fitting tighter.

      On the plus side the Toolpro is quieter operation compared to a Ozito AC workshop vac that's similar output.

  • How does this compare with the $50 Ozito one from Bunnings?

    • Read above

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