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Apple Airpods 3rd Gen $188.02 (Exp), AirPods Pro $236.93 (Exp), AirPods Max $731.12 + Delivery ($0 SYD/BRIS C&C) @ MediaForm


Just got Officeworks to price-match, great deals here across the whole AirPod Range.


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    Called OW and did a price beat, Got the Airpods pro with magsafe for $225.08 delivered. :)

    • were you able to do that while they were out of stock or probably in stock

      • I just called them a minute ago, and they did it, better to give a call

        • thanks! worth a try. how long did you have to wait on phone?

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    Cheers OP

    Purchased a set of Pros

    OW Geelong agreed the price match over the phone but I couldn’t make it until later and was concerned they’d be out of stock by then…

  • Officeworks should be able to pricematch at any store, since its the same model number and all. But only once they come back into stock on MediaForm website. Just called and confirmed.

  • JB sales phone line won't price match saying they are below cost.

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      They were able to price match for me earlier today.

      • did you call 13 52 44 to price match? first they said no because OOS. then I asked if they will do it if it's back, they said it's below cost so still no. :(
        will try my luck with oow then.

        • Yes, that's the number I called.

          • @zeno: I c. now they have flipped the coin it seems.

          • @zeno: did you buy the pro? any chance you can share the receipt?

            • +1

              @garylau: Not yet. I have 'til 12mn today to complete the purchase so I'm taking my time to make sure there won't be any buyer's remorse. Lol

              • @zeno: In case you decide not to go ahead, it will be amazing for you to DM me the JB sales link. Thanks in advance :D

  • -3

    Most annoying website ever. Flashing it's page title. No way. Closed.

    • I will buy it from the website just to support them for launching the price war. of course when it's back in stock.

  • Damn this is good price

  • Just picked up the pros at officeworks…Manager thought is was such a good deal she pricematched a pair for herself !

    • How when they are out of stock??

      Really disappointed. Waited ages on the phone and no one picked up. Gave up and was just about to drive out to OW (20 min away) and they sold out.

      • Officeworks Carnegie had about 30 in stock an hour ago

    • Maybe I should apply as OW store manager to get the price beat on the Pros myself.

  • Anyone have a screen shot of the Airpods 3rd gen page with price - before it went OOS - please? I want to claim back on my 28 degrees price protection

  • Is it OOS now?

  • Its ETA now, OW didn't price match as they wanted to find out the delivery charge :(

    • Delivery is free from MF (and OW over $50). But don't think they will price beat whilst OOS/on backorder

  • now its saying back order on pros

  • Thanks a lot. Was able to get Gen 3 for $198

  • +1

    Thanks a lot OP, was waiting to order this from a long time, Called OW and did a price beat, Got the airpods pro with magsafe for $225.08 delivered. :)
    Thanks Heaps…

    • Can you please share receipt? thanks

      • Havent got the receipt yet, they told it maybe end of the day. just have the order number, i'll share once i get it on my mail

        • did you price beat while it displayed out of stock on site

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            @jeffo: I think so, i didnt check the page Mediaform itself, just told them there is offer on Mediaform, and they price beat it.

        • +1

          Thanks Heaps

        • Which Store did you call? Thanks

  • seems like hit or miss with OW over the phone. waited 30 mins to be told they couldn't price match as OOS, but some called after I did and was able to price match no issues.

    • +1

      You're lucky someone even answered your call. I tried twice and in both instances I hung up after 30mins of waiting.

      • Same here.. sick of waiting..

        OW really needs to have a live chat or email system for contacting them/obtaining price beats

        • +3

          Its just for advertising, they dont want as less price beats to be done. They wont want to make it easier for you.

  • Airpods pro on backorder on the MediaForm website by the time I reached my local OW :(

    • You should have called and ordered it over the phone

  • FK me. I just bought 3rd gen for the Mrs for her birthday last week. Is there anyway yo get the difference back?

    • Buy the new one and sell high in fb market or ebay

      • Hard to sell on FB marketplace due to too many fakes!

        • sell with the invoice included

  • office works are happy to price match if in stock.

    • Nice! Did you do it over the phone or in-store?

      • in store

        if it is in stock at mediaform, OW are happy to price match.

        so, it should be in stock at both media form and office works to get it PM.

  • +2

    Were people going crazy buying at mediaform in order to make it on “back order”?

  • damn, had the price match at OW, and at the counter and someone asked the guy "oh where are you price matching with?", and when the guy said "mediaform", the other person said "oh they're out of stock"

    • +4

      Never understand these types of retail workers.. if it was me i'd be aiming to help the customer as much as possible. Screw the capitalist behemoths.

      • It’s the capitalist behemoths that pays them salary. Sorry to say

  • OW picked up my call after 30+ minutes of wait time, price matched through the phone, and got it for $217

    • $217? How? Even with price beat, that would only bring it down to $225.

      • Well I dont know. Here's proof: https://imgur.com/a/wt5bx15

        • +3

          Damn. The person you talked to must have messed up the calculation. You are the luckiest of us all!

        • Thats lucky, i got for $225 after price beat

  • Are they little guys or big company ?

  • Late for the party. Is there any way that I can price match OW without calling them because my social anxiety is kicking in? I live in remote and the closest OW is like 5 hours away.

    • +1

      Over the phone or in store are the only options.


      • +1

        Got rejected by OW because it’s oos at MediaForm.

        • I think it depends on who answers the phone. Was successful with OW price beat just now despite it being OOS in MF.

        • Same just then. Worth a try anyway as it seems some people are still having success even though it’s OOS.

  • Airpods 3rd Gen in apple website is the same cost $179. Am I missing something?

    • That's in US dollars

    • That is the US site.

  • +1

    Got it from OW Price matched at $225.xx and paid with a discounted Gift card. This is going to be cheapest ever till Apple comes out with the new version at fall.

  • Good price on the Pro must resist

  • amazing price on the latest gen airpods pro. i thought the $249 i paid for my non magsafe pros was a good price in november 2020

    • To be fair, that was still a good price especially considering the fact you have been enjoying it for more than 1yr before a better deal came up. I myself bought that $249 airpods pro back then. :)

      • yeah true. i'm patient, but i'm not that patient haha

  • +1

    The increased the Pro price 😟
    Its now $326.95

  • Anyone got updates on their order from MediaForm?

    • i have a feeling that a few orders are going to be cancelled

      • Me too, kind of wishing I’d run to OW when this was first posted haha

        • +1

          Well, received a message that it should be shipping next week. Sweet! Happy to be proven wrong.

          • @Mintchip: Same, message said early next week due to staff shortage.

            • +1

              @spc12go: Mine has been dispatched but by Amarax

  • -1

    Just got them from OW, 'price beat' for $271, using amazon as reference—Not entirely sure how, but, here we are. Airpod Pros with MagSafe Charging (APMLWK3ZAA) being delivered Monday/Tuesday


    Good Luck Everyone :))

    • +1

      coming up as $325 now. :(

      • So were mine—The lady must've made a mistake and what was originally suppossed to be a price beat of 308 (ish) became 271

        I guess its always worth asking??

    • You can also pricematch OW on the AirPod Gen 2’s via Amazon (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/673529), and get them for $170

  • Just called for an update, I’ll come back once I have further info

    • I got a message through my account on their website saying that they’re short-staffed in the warehouse but expect to ship early next week.

      • Same here, I hope they are Australian stock and it's not an excuse to ship them in from elsewhere.

    • Posted, arriving early next week

  • Damn, that airpod pro price was nice. Shame I missed it!!

  • Did anyone get a screenshot of the pros at the reduced price in stock?

    Need it for price protection!

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