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Quilton 3 Ply Double Length Toilet Tissue (Pack of 20) $20.50 ($18.45 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Posting for those who need it..

About this item

Double Length With 100% More Sheets. 360 Sheets Compared To Our Regular Rolls Which Have 180 Sheets Each
Silky Smooth And Gentle Embossed 3 Ply Tissue That Loves Your Bum
Package Dimensions: 25.0 cms (L) x 62.5 cms (W) x 20.0 cms (H)
Country of Origin: Australia

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  • Thank you! Running dangerously low up here in QLD.

    • But you got plenty of RATs?

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    Double Length With 100% More Sheets

    The maths checks out.

    • +12

      As an engineering student, I can confirm this is correct.

    • +5

      As a law student, I can confirm this is correct.

    • +1

      As a science student, I can confirm this is correct.

    • +12

      As an accounting student, I can confirm today I used my Tuesday lunch box.

      • +18

        as an art student the maths is too complicated for me.

      • +1

        As a marketer, I can confirm the claim has been promoted effectively on the packet.

      • +6

        As an arts student I'll wait until I've done my masters to confirm

        • +3

          As an ozbargainer, secretly hoping it will be $2.00 @ checkout.

    • +16

      As a Gender studies student, would you like fries with that?

      • 😆

    • +1

      But is it actually? Compared to the normal length rolls you actually get less sheets because this only has 20 vs 45.

      • +2

        2 X 20 = 40 rolls vs 45 rolls

    • As a science graduate, I can confirm this is correct.

    • +3

      As an ozbargainer , I suggest you buy it before OOS

    • This also covers 100% more shits

    • +1

      Yeh, but has any of youse actually counted the 360 squares?

      • Let me know how you go. (Just pretend I inserted a gif of cat tangled after playing with toilet paper).

    • +1

      As someone with IBS I am very happy

      • 😆

    • As a cat I don't know

    • +4

      As a medical student, I am more interested in what the paper looks like after you wipe

    • To be fair, each sheet could have been double length…

  • +1

    No idea if bargain, assuming it is in current climate. Thanks OP!

    • +2

      Not really a bargain, considering the 45 pack of 3 ply is $20 normally, so you essentially get 5 rolls less here, and with the rolls being double length it probably makes most think they can use more, but on the other hand, it means you don't have to replace the roll as often… i'm confused :o/

      Anyway, the King Size is also back for $22 for 30 rolls… https://www.amazon.com.au/Quilton-Unscented-Toilet-Tissue-Sh...

      I'm still hanging out for the 4 ply Gold!

    • +1

      Also bear in mind that it might be too big for some toilet roll holders.
      These do just squeeze onto the holder on our newly renovated bathroom, but it can cause problems in some cases.

      An unsaid benefit is not having to replace the toilet roll as often, although Mrs Entropy insists it is my job, so I obey.

      And you have to watch the price differential. Bulk isn't always a saving.

    • 24 pack at Aldi is $8 every day, not much difference
      4 ply Gold 30 pack for $12.50 was pretty good back in the day

      • When was the last time you bought Aldi toilet paper? They’ve gon up in price twice in the last 3 months in my Aldi

        • Not long ago, perhaps the small packs have but think the big packs much the same. Suppose the rolls aren't as big but who knows.

          Probably should have got some.. double length are good. Back in stock but no s&s.

        • 24 rolls for $7.99 (quilton made) still seems like a good deal to me

          • @G-rig: it is, im just saying it cant be found anymore.

            I believe in ealry jan it jacked to 9 bucks and lately to 9.50, at least at my aldi

            • @cloudy: Will check it out tonight I think Qld still the same

              • @G-rig: yea, let me know, I'm keen to know

  • +1

    Thanks op
    Finally an option with decent price and availability. Thought I could hold out but been to 3 coles in 3 days and all empty.

    • My local Coles has stock but you need to get in early morning as stock is drip fed to shelves…

    • Toilet paper is slowly making it's way back in Sydney. Saw some at the Coles near the QVB this morning and there is some available at Coles Norwest this afternoon

  • +1

    Not a bargain but a deal as it's available. Get in before the hoarders strike…

  • +2

    Not a deal, but also a deal at the same time, since the 45 pack 180 roll is currently unavailable on Amazon.
    Was a long running deal for a while though.

    This deal equates to 7200 sheets of toilet paper. ($18.45 with S&S)
    While the 45 pack is normal rolls, equates to 8100 sheets. Was ($18 with S&S)

    • "Not a deal, but also a deal at the same time"

      Schrödinger's deal.

  • +3

    How's your bum for grubs?

  • Isn't this only Australia owned and not Australia made?

    • +4

      On Amazon it says -
      Quilton is an Australian made and owned brand, proudly manufactured by ABC Tissue Products from local and imported materials at our high-tech facilities in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

      • I'd love to know what the % mix is between ingredients. There's a big difference between 98% imported paper pulp 1% Aussie bleach and 1% imported ink vs say only just the ink (or even cardboard roll holder) being imported.

        Only saying that as it's seems to be to be the best option regarding Australian manufacturing but I'd happily switch if a better alternative came out.

  • +1

    don’t really need it , bought some because if i visit friends there is no shortage of wine at dans, but maybe bringing toilet paper instead of wine when visiting for dinner might get a chuckle …. i know when i see rats at the supermarket i ring friends and ask if they need some ….personally i will just go to testing station if i feel sick and have symptoms ….. and my kids got some from school .

    • Why the others are rats and you're a hero helping friends instead?

  • like most toilet paper now, they used to be good and now, not so much…..many are just cheapies masquerading as premium now

    • Any recommendations?

      • A bidet that runs hot air up you when you're done to dry you off.

        Jokes aside I think some of the Kleenex stuff when available might be a bit nicer but it's not locally made as far as I know.

  • +1

    Quilton was my main toilet paper brand. But due to supply shortage I was forced to get the Coles one and omg I can't how interior the Coles toilet paper are. Coles felt like very thin sand paper

    • +1

      Same here. Need to use extra to prevent that unwanted doodoo finger

    • They have two grades in Coles, the red packet I remember being good. The cheaper one I returned it instead

      • I got the 3 ply one

      • +1

        Coles So soft used to be good, but the new packs….not anymore. Just another very cheap toilet paper…..even the more expensive brands seem to have been downgrading their products now

        • just checked, i got the "so soft & strong" grade

    • Coles had a 4 ply version - that was pretty good.

  • -1

    ordered, can never have too many toilet rolls.

  • Get the King Size to become a KING

  • +2

    Triple length or go home. Life’s too short for anything less.

    • PM sent.

      • Inappropriate content will be reported! ;-)

  • Why is it when I ordered 2 with S&S with Free Delivery, I am only charged $31.90 in total? I am not an Amazon Prime member.

    • Try ordering 2 more and see if they charge $31.90. I tried and to me was full price

      • It doesn't allow me to order more than 2.

        Edit: I have already placed my order of 2 for $31.90

        • You got an excellent deal anyway. Stick it to the man 🍆

        • You must've had a $5 bonus credit. When you view your invoice you'll see the breakdown

          • @Sweetnsour: This is what the invoice states:

            Item(s) Subtotal: $37.28
            Delivery: $7.27
            Total Before GST: $44.55
            GST: $4.44
            Total: $48.99
            Promotion(s) Applied: -$17.09
            Gift Card Amount: -$31.90

          • @Sweetnsour: He said he doesn't have Amazon Prime. That means he dodged shipping costs too.

        • Did you have a promotional credit applied to your account for amazon shipped and sold products? Some refunds and credits are applied to an account but aren't visible until checkout.

          • @bargainshooter: Not that I am aware of…maybe there was really a $5 promotion credit but there is a flaw with the free shipping calculation? Not sure how I avoided that since free shipping should only apply if it is above $39.

  • +1


  • None left

  • Is this still better buy compare to Woolworths branded essential toilet paper, in terms of per unit price?

  • Must wait till first item is shipped now before cancelling S&s or else un shipped orders will be cancelled. When was this put in place?

    • +2

      I thought that was always the case. I always opt for 6 month option and probably clean them up and delete once a month.

  • back in stock

  • Why everybody buy many toilet papers?

    • +1

      Because I've been having quite a few curries recently.

      • +2

        Some say people who really like curries don't need toilet paper, they use left hand with water.

        • 😅😅😅😂😂😂

        • +1

          don't they use their left hand to eat?

          • @G-rig: They never use left hand to eat. They even not put left hand on the table.
            However, which I don't understand they use both hand to cook.

            • @getit: Sorry meant right hand

    • It's UnAustralian not to.

    • It’s more reliable than Bitcoin.

  • Should I …. "Add a gift receipt for easy returns" ?

  • The comments make me want to order this for shits and giggles.

  • $1 a roll is it made of gold

  • OOS

  • +1

    Back in stock I believe

    • why no S&S

  • the one thing I fine amusing no one is prepared and this has been going on for 2 years the pandemic. I have always maintianed about 2 to 3 months of supply's which includes toilet paper for the last 2 years because I know this type of crap was going to happen, but yet people are still unprepapared for these things….

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