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Xiaomi Viomi S9 UV Robot Vacuum w/ Auto Empty Station - $499 Delivered @ Panmi


Special discount on the Xiaomi Viomi S9 UV Robot Vacuum for all Ozbargainers!

The Viomi S9 UV kills 99.9% of germs, has an automatic dirt disposal and a 3-in-1 sweeping, vacuuming and mopping. It features a 3L dust bags that are disposable and a full bin reminder on the APP. The robot vacuum has a 2700pA powerful suction and battery that lasts over three hours. It can clean up to 320 square meters in one cleaning task.

Apply coupon code: OZ-100-S9 at checkout

Free shipping from Sydney warehouse. 12 months local warranty.


  • UV Sterilization Technology
  • Thoughtful protection of family health
  • Triple-filter System
  • Completely Frees Your Hands
  • 2700Pa Strong Suction
  • Revolutionary Configuration

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    • Would also like a comparison if anyone has experience

    • Cant compare to this but I have an ecovacs 920 which came way after Robo S5 and still the mapping on S5 is much better in terms of avoidance and learning. However its worse in case of carpets as S5 doesn't have carpet detection and will mop the carpets too if you don't plan accordingly. Ecovacs keeps ignoring no go areas and keeps doing partial cleans even the whole floor is supposed to be cleaned.

  • Can someone please confirm if it works well on carpet?

    • As in floored carpet or a piece of rug. It doesn't work well on the former even with smallest shags. On carpet it's quite good. Remove things even our melie can't do. Key word is multiple passes.

      • +5


        You mean latter?

        • -1

          I meant, it doesn't work on shaggy rugs

    • had ours 2 months very good on carpets and rugs. Medium vacuum setting. Mum sacked the weekly cleaner but only temp until covid subsides.

    • Yes works fine on carpet.

  • +1

    how many maps can this stores? my house has a wired layout which has 3 levels, due to the slope of the land.

    • i have two maps currently, and also option to add more , so i think 3 should be fine for you..
      I keep the base station in one map,, and in 2nd one i just move the vaccume to map it and once done I manually bring vaccum to map-1 to reconenct to base stattion

  • Any reviews on how the mopping is for this rovo vac?

  • Sounds good, but do not rely on their after sales service,PANMI do not have good customer service see, https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/xiaomi-australia

    • thanks, 3 reviews sound reliable enough,

  • +2

    Why on earth would they design this to use bags and not a container to empty?

    • paper bags are easy for air to pump through, while still maintain good filtering. how do you design an auto dump with containers?

    • The dock has the bag. The robot is bagless. At the end of a run it empties the robot into the dock bag. You can stop it from doing that.

      • +3

        Yes we know but why not just do away with the bag.

        Just have it go into a container and then you clean the container out as needed.

        It's the disposable coffee cup vs just use a mug conundrum.

        And trust me I see a lot of disposable coffee cups in my day to day activities.

        It's a huge land filler.

        • I think it's because the bag acts as a filter, but maybe they could have just had a mesh filter of some sort that you just clean…

  • What's the maintenance like on this? Do you constantly need to take it apart and clean the heads? How often do you need to replace the mop? Do you need to replace the water everytime?

    • It is recommended to not let the water sit in the tank. I mop twice a week and fill and empty it and clean the pad every time. It takes ten minutes or so.
      Cleaning is easy enough. I pull the roller out and cut the hair and junk off it probably once a month

    • You will rarely mop if at all.

      You barely have to touch this thing for vacuuming , but mopping is a manual intervention each time.

      • Why won't you need to mop at all?

        • No robot vacuum mops very well, because it basically dragging around a wet cloth.Its better than not mopping but its not as good as a steam mop.

          Many people dont bother using the mopping for that reason, or like myself mop only every now and then, say monthly instead of vacuuming daily or several times a week.

  • +3

    Jumping on the purchased it in December bandwagon and believe it is a good purchase at $500. I had the original Xiaomi mei and was very happy with that. Now I can start them both at the same time and watch them dance. It is glorious unless you want the floor cleaned.

  • +1


    When will viomi alpha 2 pro be available in Australia?

  • Does anybody know how this compares to the ecovacs deebot N8+? https://www.ecovacs.com/au/deebot-robotic-vacuum-cleaner/n8-... I've seen it go on sale regulary for around 750 so if its a worthwhile upgrade over this then I can wait.
    Also how well does this do with pet hair? We have a corgi and there always seems to be fur on the floors.

    • I'd like to know it too, also N8+ Pro seems better

      • I ended up just going for it. I saw that they have a 60 day money back so if it's bad then I'll just return it and get something else.

        • How much did you pay?

          • @spasto: Do you mean the viomi? It was 499.
            The ecovas isn't on sale atm but when it is it's normally 750

            • @aacob2: I was after the ecovacs or roborock s7

  • how does this rank against s5 max. any feedback please

  • Can you reuse mop pad? Online says single use, unless different models

    • It comes with some disposable pads (I found useless) and one or two microfiber reusable pads. I ended up buying several microfiber ones from AliExpress and cycle through them every couple of mops. The dirty ones go in the wash.

  • +1

    Just be ware that laser sensor does not last long. My S9 dead and returned due to the laser sensor stopped working.

    • +1

      how long it lasted ?, just curious to know, i bought it in Dec xmas deal, so far so good.

      • +1

        About 5 month. Not using it too much, about once per week.

    • Did you get something else instead? This is why I think I prefer Roomba with way less features, at least they don't break…

      • +1

        No. Waiting for some better navigation tech ones.

        I was using Roomba years before, but will not go back comparing the other cheaper ones with even better battery life and running performance.

  • Had mine for 6+ months, nothing better on the market at this price point.

    The only ongoing annoyance is that a little metal pin/hinge in the main dirt compartment fell and out was lost, has no impact on the functioning of the device but still annoys me a lot if I think about it.

    If you buy aliexpress dust bags that have cardboard that is too short to trigger the base station knowing it has a bag dont stress, super easy to fix. Just cut the end cardboard off a used bag and slide it in first, no impact on functioning of device.

  • +1

    The problem is the hairs. gets caught too easily

    • Damn, my wife's hairs probably gonna clog it up like my Roomba

  • +1

    finally pulled the trigger after reading all the comments, thanks all Op for sharing your experiences, helps a lot.

  • Loved mine till it worked but then after a few months, it wouldn't go back to the dock and would get lost in the house. Would have to pick it up and put it back home. Mentioned it to their customer service and they did a no-fuss return and refund.

  • Wonder if I should get this or get a model with 4000 Pa suction for little bit more $ - maybe the dream z10pro when / if it becomes available here?

  • found this site https://smartrobotreviews.com/ to compare bots side by side for a better understanding of the features.

  • Anyone know how to factory reset? Battery stuck on recharging last few days

  • +3

    is the code still active? , not working for me

  • +3

    I can't tell from the comments if this is any good or not? I'm getting the vibe price is good but it has issues and may not last a year?

  • +1

    code has stopped working??!
    :s Give it to me

  • +3

    Code not working for me :(

  • Why won't the code work???

  • code is not working

  • i think was as too late

  • +1

    Anybody got any shipping updates? It’s coming through aramex so I don’t have high hopes for successful or quick delivery.

    • Got an update today. Picked up yesterday, at Sydney Depot today. Estimated delivery earliest is 11th.

      • Mine got picked up today, ETA 9/2-11/2, I'm in regional NSW. Sadly, the last delivery took something like 11 days between SYD pickup and delivery…

    • Actually - just had another look - now estimated delivery between 14/02/2022 - 16/02/2022

      • …you're unlucky! Mine's onboard for delivery today!

        • Did you buy it as soon as the deal was posted? My tracking number is still not active.

          • @dn4hc: 12:03pm on the 3rd.

            edit: just checked again and it's now on board for delivery today!! :)

          • @dn4hc: I ordered "Wed, Feb 2, 4:35 PM".

  • Received mine and already having issues…

    First run, the dust bin says it’s full already, checked the dust bag and it’s empty.

    Now it tries to collect the dust and keeps pausing and then starts again and pauses saying it’s full, until it just stops.

    Have tried cleaning the vacuum manually and all the chutes to no success.

    Seems like a return/refund

    • Hey SS, I had similar problems, had a look online and they said it gets better after a few runs …

      i cleaned mine out (annoying) and ran it, did it again ,but the third run onwards has been fine

  • Getting a "Main wheel stuck" error. Not user error. Pulled it all apart and made sure track was clean/not obstructed. It's an internal wheel case issue, something is definitely loose inside the wheel.

    I've sent an email to Panmi asking for a return/replacement and see what they'll say.

  • What app you guys using i downloaded Viomi from play store no luck connecting
    Even moved orbi right on top of the unit
    Cant seem to connect

    • +1

      MiHome app. No issues so far. Make sure 2.4ghz wifi is enabled

    • Did you end up fixing this issue? I'm getting the same thing. Tried 3 different wifi networks at different houses as well.

      • Yes Mi Home worked without a hitch

      • We've received our unit and tried to connect to MiHome app (most current version).

        Did all the standard troubleshooting we found online:
        - 2.4ghz wifi, WPA2-Personal encryption
        - no special characters in wifi name or password. 10 characters long for both
        - reduced firewall level on router
        - completely removed wifi-password
        - different locations on the MiHome app (Singapore and Aus)
        - Tried on 2 different wifi networks at different houses
        - Tried with 4 different devices (all android)

        Nothing worked - it would sometimes get stuck on 'Sending messages' (2nd step) and always get stuck on connecting the robovac to the wifi (step 3)

        Emailed Panmi and we are sending ours back so they can send a replacement unit.

  • Not sure if anyone's still checking this thread - but has anyone noticed the sound level between the different suction strengths doesn't seem to be very different? I'm curious whether it actually is any different…

    • It is, I think there is a glitch between med/strong. If you restart the machine from strong, then go to medium, you'll notice a sound difference.

      • Thanks. :)

  • Hey guys after about 3 months Im now receiving an error message saying "abnormal fan" every time I try to vacuum. I have cleaned out the brushes and dust collection, but no matter how I try to troubleshoot, nothing seems to fix the issue. Anyone dealt with this before? Also, Sent an email to panmi regarding this and they haven’t responded either. Any help would be appreciated.


    • Sorry to hear your S9 UV got problems. Can you please private message me your email address? Will check with our technical support to reply asap.

      • Hey OP, I've been using my unit for a week. The rubber of the bottom roller is already tearing apart. Is it possible to get a replacement of the bottom roller?

        • should not be a problem. Can you please email us via [email protected], then private message me your email address?

  • They send me a viomi a9 handheld vaccum, wtf? this is so disappointing. do they have a phone number to ring? i send them an email, but man, this is not looking good.

    • Apologize for the inconvenience caused. Can you please private message me your order ID? I will check internally on Monday to ship your S9 UV asap.

      • my order number is #5066

        the label on the packaging is correct, however the goods it stuck on is A9 handheld. I have also privately messaged you my number, so you may contact me on monday if needed.

        • Thanks, I have contacted our warehouse to check. I will let you know the new tracking number once we send out the S9 UV.

  • +2

    Hi Rep,
    Any chance to bring back this deal or a similar robot vacuum by xiaomi?

    • yes, please would love to buy one too

      • Me too.

  • Does anyone have issues with auto empty function not working? I got the unit 2 days back and it has not worked even once. It does not do auto emptying and there is no button to trigger it too.

    Very disappointed. Cleaning itself is fine through.

    • +1

      There is a button in the app vacuum settings called "Dust Switch" that should be turned on to auto-empty.

      • Thanks. That button is already on by default. But auto empty is not working for me. Have others encountered the same issue?

        • +1

          Maybe just toggle it off then on to make sure the base gets the setting. Other than that, sorry - can't help.

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