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Philips Pasta Maker & Noodle Maker $275 Delivered @ Australian Warehouses


Enjoy endless fresh pasta options in less than 10 minutes

Fully automatic pasta machine: Place one or two cups of flour in the pasta machine then add liquid to turn it into delicious, fresh pasta!

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  • Freddo Pasta

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    These things are great. If you have Costco membership these things can get as low as $200.

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    Genuine question - what is the ROI on these machines. I mean you can buy Pasta from shops without many harmful additives at cheaper price.

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      You don’t buy one of these to save money if it’s to replace supermarket dry pasta. Definitely will save money if you normally buy fresh pasta…eventually. We love ours, $209 delivered from Costco.

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        Hmmmm how annoying is the clean up? That seems to be the biggest problem with most of these devices… Not to mention storage space

        • The clean up is not too bad if you have the bench/sink space to let parts air dry. Soaking doesn’t remove pasta from parts, you need to give them a quick sponge when submerged. 10 mins max clean up. Yep storage a factor, similar size to a bread maker.

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            10 mins max clean up

            That sound like too much effort if closer to 10 mins tbh.

            I read some reviews where they said there is a bit of wastage as the last bit of pasta can't get fed through the thing.

            • @cute as ducks: Certainly more than five minutes. Yeah a small bit of wastage of flour and water, not going to lose any sleep over it. Feed it to the dog if it makes you feel better 🙂

              • @Barnesworth: I have an old hand machine that I use to finish of the last of the dough. Roll it into a ball, put it through the hand roller, and cut the pasta. I have a friend who uses her leftover dough to make dumplings for soup.

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        $280 at the moment at costco

    • Seems like if you're happy with dry pasta, which is damn good, not a good ROI.

    • The best thing about these is how good the pasta tastes

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      Roi is intangible

      As others said, compared to fresh pasta, then yes you can measure the ROI. But then you have to add intangible factor, like your time, etc

      Compared to dry pasta, eg Barilla, I like Barilla pasta better.

      Best thing about this is if you want to do fancy pasta (eg. Chilli pasta, parsley pasta).

  • I’ve been thinking about getting one if these for a year. Pretty tempting but still might be a bit too much to give it a try. Hmm.

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      Meh. Been that route. I still buy pasta. The machine is left untouched most times.of the year.

      Nowhere near it can compare to manually done pasta in terms of to texture. Night and day difference. Then again the effort is likewise.

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    These things are analogous to bread makers; if you bought one, made a couple of loaves and never used it again then a pasta maker will probably be glued to the same shelf.

  • Does this need egg

  • They have a $50 rebate from Phillip during boxing day. And top up with vouchers and Shopback or Cashreward you should get one at $230. Its good for gluten free noodle but it's harder to make.

  • bought one from Costco during last promotion, paid around $199. The whole family loves the pasta/noodle it made. The noodles made can be kept in the fridge for around 5 days without issue, or just dry it, or keep it in the freezer. Compare to the fresh noodles bought from Costco, we would prefer the noodle made by this noodle machine.
    The cleaning is simple and easy, less than 10 min, all cleaned and dried by hand.
    We definitely would recommend this machine if you eats noodle and pasta couple of times a week.

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    It honestly feels like this is a complete gimmick unless you're likely to consume over 75 packets of 'fresh pasta' over the lifetime of this device. That doesn't even account for the time that this machine costs you in manufacturing the pasta and cleaning the device. The cost effective option for most people is to buy the pasta pre-made, and it will save you a serious amount of time in the process.

    • I feel the same about these devices.
      Maybe for a family¿

    • 75 packets of fresh pasta in a lifetime? seems minimal to me. Pasta is heavenly. Are you from Earth?

      • Lifetime of the machine. Also I am from earth, but would take me like three years to eat 75. If you like the 75 plus then you might be able to make this purchase pay off, if it survives the 75 batches.

        • Hrmm device may not be of quality build. I see your point then. Please continue fellow Earthling

          Mind you i pay $1.50 per serve of the pasta I buy guzzi's dry pasta. its umm ace?. and yup, damn I can just not buy records and expensive beer for a month and I can buy something not made of plastic. I am glad I responded. I shall heed your intellect. All aliens should bow to you.

          • @Piko: I honestly think the quality of dry pasta vs fresh is fairly even. I will continue with my dry boys for now, but would lie if I said I wasn't tempted by the concept of making fresh. Go with god, my celestial friend.

  • Can you make other shapes other than spaghetti? Otherwise I just prefer my 80¢ pasta packets.

    • Look at the description.

      Spaghetti, fettucine, penne and lasagne. Plus there are even more shaping discs available separately. With the Pasta Maker, the choice is yours!

      There, are also, other dies if you look at the Philips site.

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