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Ego 50m 2.4mm Premium Twist Line $21.42 + Delivery ($0 with Prime & $49 Spend) @ Amazon US via AU


Lowest price according to camel camel
Great quality line, have tried others on my Ego trimmer but they don't feed as well and degrade much quicker

  • 160 ft. Of . 095 professional grade twisted Line
  • Compatible with EGO POWER+ 15" String Trimmers ST1500/ST1500-S/ST1500F/ST1500SF
  • Compatible with EGO POWER head 15'' String trimmer attachment Sta1500
  • Genuine EGO parts ensure compatibility and quality
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  • $29.38 for me?

    • Didn't realize but it seems to be a prime only deal, will update title

    • Buy the Oregon, I have been using it and it’s excellent.

      • Cheers. Might give it a go. :)

      • Same - just replaced the ego line with it and I reckon it's great. Bought from Bunnings.

    • +5

      Not very promising for Oregon, 😞 Best Trimmer Line? Let's Find Out!

    • -2

      If you have an Ego then I'd stick with the Ego line but if not that 85m seems pretty good value for Oregon line

      • Thanks OP. I do have the ego but had never bought their trimmer lines other than the one came with the trimmer.

        From memory they did good job but not very durable. Bought a cheap one from Bunnings as replacement, 50m last me the past 4, 5 years :) and finally ran out today.

        I feel like I hijacked the post… πŸ˜…

    • +1

      Oregon supertwist at bunning $14 for 12m, at amazon 85m for $25.50 delivered by amazon au

    • +2

      Not Oregon have used it, I use maxpower twisted and I can't believe how long it's lasted and amazing bang for buck. Think was 85m for $24 AUD on Amazon

      • +2

        Yes same. Used Oregon, ego and maxpower twisted (thanks project farm!).
        Maxpower definitely the best. Ego is pretty good. Oregon is ordinary.

        • Haha yup good old project farm!

      • Maxpower did not work too well for me when using on paving. Rotary Item 12161 lasted much longer and was easier to feed

      • +1

        Thanks 0 0, quikstix and leyton01. Bought the manpower twisted on amazon au, not the cheapest but if they are that good will save in the long run.

        • Sergey the only one who I have heard of that didn't like it. Have about 6 or 7 mates and family on it and all love it. I can't believe how slowly I go through it. I constantly cut against wood fence, brick wall, concrete edges/pavers/slabs and drive ways. Concrete edge and the wood fence are probably even and if it lasts that abuse consider me impressed

      • Hi, I'm new to the Ego whipper snip…would like to try this MaxPower line. There seems to be quite a few different ones…do you know which one on Amazon will fit the Ego?

        • +1

          All I see on Amazon is the same maxpower twisted line with different thickness and lengths. I bought the 338808 which is 2.4mm and 30m (.095 inch and 100 foot) for my Makita trimmer which I assume will fit. Haven't tried it yet with all this rain.

  • Cheaper if you buy it from Amazon AU.
    It's $11.47 for delivery from US if you're under $49.

    • -1

      Just order something else to get over the $49 and then cancel straight away

  • If you don't mind waiting around 2 weeks for delivery from US instead of 3 days from AU to save $8 then yes.

    • way to bruise his Ego, me kind sir.

      • What Ego. This is Ozbargain don't forget. $8 buys me 4 snags at Bunnings on a weekend :)

  • Thanks purchased

  • Thanks OP, bought the oregon supertwist.

  • Is this in AUD?

  • Just double checking, this is compatible with the 1530E? It's a 38cm (15inch) model, but it's not explicitly listed in the compatible model numbers.

  • Half the price for the same length https://www.allmowerspares.com.au/oz-line-square-commercial-...

    Quadruple the length for ~double the price https://www.allmowerspares.com.au/oz-line-square-commercial-...

    I personally use this trimmer line and it has been working great for me.

    • Compatible with EGO trimmer ?

  • I bought similar size roll from Aldi for probably less than 10 bucks and it still has half roll left since Masters was still around.

  • Any issues fitting any line above to the ozito trimmer (double battery version)? Never bought replacement line before?

  • I don't buy line anymore suckers


    • +2

      Not bad if you don't care what your lawn looks like :D

      • Once you get the hang of it, you can make it quite neat.

      • Yeah - I fell for this and tried it. Eventually sold it on FB marketplace because this thing rips through your edges and it is impossible to get a neat finish. The disaster you see in dmbminaret's photos is a pretty good indication of the finish you can expect. On the other end, if you are just chopping through weeds or clearing stuff growing through the paving it was OK for that.

        • +1

          What you say is true, however if you can angle it and run in the right direction, you can keep it neat. Occasionally it does catch and rip, yes.

          Where I find it excels is on kerbs where you're standing on the road and going along straight.


          The photos were from my first time. I've done it half a dozen times now and mastered a few techniques. I would never go back to line. I spent more time replacing line than cutting any grass.

          • +1

            @dmbminaret: Just buy a professional edger
            Picked up a victor 4 stroke self propelled edger minimal use for 100, just needed a new blade.

            Gives a decent finish

    • Care to chuck the link in?

      • Get them on Kogan or ebay. Need a machine with head to suit.

    • That has hazzard written all over it

      • Lawnmowers are hazardous too if you're an idiot…

        • So is twist line, if your a serial killer 😏 😈🀑

  • Anyone had any luck with any of the Ali Express lines?

  • This is also very durable, have used it for years and is on sale again at $51.96. This 840ft (256m) spool will last many years. I have used approx 4m in a year with weekly usage in the summer.

    Husqvarna String Trimmer line .095-Inch 840ft Spool Titanium Force High Efficiency Long Life Faster Acceleration


    I find a good indicator if it's a quality line is if you see small bits of line lying on the pavement after you do the edging. Good quality line does not break or snap and will just slowly wear away.

    • This is good stuff but I found it got brittle once it gets old… but it took me 5+ years to work through mine. Someone suggested soaking it in water - not sure if that works.

  • Is 2.4mm or 2.7mm better?

    • Depends on your line trimmer… you should not exceed the maximum specifications of your trimmer.

  • Back to normal pricing.

  • Returned my oregon supertwist
    Didnt like it

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