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Gamesir G4 Pro Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Controller $75 + Delivery ($0 with $79 Metro Order/ VIC C&C/ in-Store) @ Centre Com


Been looking at a game pad controller for my PC to play Street Fighter V and other games on my PC

Came across this deal looking through CentreCom's Valentine's Day Deal

Reviews seems positive for the controller, ( though there is knock against the D-Pad being really squishy and not as accurate.

Thoughts? Is this a better alternative than getting the Xbox controller which is more expensive?

This is part of Valentine's Day Sales for 2022.

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    Don't know anything about this controller, but there should be less input lag with an Xbox controller if you use it on wireless connection rather than bluetooth (so have to splash out for the dongle as well if you don't have one).

    • Sound advice. I would definitely recommend spending a bit extra especially seeing as how you've got it for a fighting game, which like FPS, would require minimal latency between game pad button press and registry in game.

    • You can always buy the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10, if you are worried about latency with an Xbox Controller over Bluetooth.

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    For $15 more i would personally go with an xbox or even ps4/5 controller for PC gaming.

    • Personally would buy a second hand one of those controllers before I would drop $75 on this..

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    I've owned a few Gamesir controllers and been happy with them, but for the price, I'd spend more and go an Xbox controller

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    True the extra cash spent will be probably worth it in the long run. Save myself the frustration when the controller doesn't respond well to my input and I end up throwing the controller at the monitor haha.

    It actually does come with a USB Dongle to plug into your PC. Uses 2.4 Ghz frequency, so I assume that will minimise any lag.

  • Valentine's Day sales?

  • Anyone find the maximum phone dimensions for the phone holder? I could find people mention "3.5 to 6 inch" and "3.5 by 6 inch", so unclear whether that is the screen size, or the physical dimensions (width and height).

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    PS4 and PS5 controllers are natively supported by windows 10/11. I assume the XBox Controllers are as well. The PS5 controller is fantastic and can be had for $89 here:

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      I would recommend XBOX over PS5 dual sense, the added benefits of better native support and controller layout support for nearly every PC game and xbox game pass.

      • Waiting now for a good Xbox wireless controller deal

    • I use a PS4 controler on my PC and don't know if I'd say it has native support on Windows 10, they'll connect but their can be some issues in some games especially using Game Pass on PC. I use the DS4Windows app to trick the PC into thinking it's a Xbox controller and it works pretty flawlessly with that..

      • AFAIK and from experience and as the PS4 is the current controller of choice, there is no native support in Win 10 unless it is interfaced through Steam. DS4Windows is the goto app for Win support for Epic, GOG, etc.

  • I have this for my Switch and I love it. i got it for $89 over xmas so I'm a bit annoyed I could not get it at this price. FYI the battery life is great for me and the controller is responsive.

    • Any chance you could measure the maximum extension of the phone holder?

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        9cm at max stretch. I'd be more comfortable with 8.7cm as a max though.

        • Thanks mate, much appreciated!

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    Checkout the 8bitdo Pro 2.

  • $55. 8bitdo pro

    • Kogan is probably not a good idea according to previous posts. Their customer service is shit.

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