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Philips Airfryer XXL HD9861/99 $479.20 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Been looking out for this one for a while, amazing reviews, also available for this price at Myers if you're so inclined. Includes Free One-Day shipping for Amazon Prime, not sure how long it'll last! Have seen it a little lower last year but still 20% off RRP.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    There is very little difference between this model and the previous XXL model. Price wise may be better off going for the previous XXL model

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      These two are both current models - the HD9861/99 has 'Smart Sensing Technology', the HD9630/21 Doesn't.

      I got the cheaper one and am happy with it (was $100 less at the time)


      EDIT: then there's the HD9650/93 - not 100% sure the difference there!
      Regardless, the ones with copper trim seem to have the smart sensor, and don't add much value beyond that.

    • I can't speak for the one you've linked which is the same thing but without the 'smart sensor' feature … But what I can say is that I've used this one with the smart sensor feature and it's really brilliant.

      It would be difficult to burn things with the smart sensor on, and being able to just throw random food in without needing to have a clue as to how long it should cook, and still having it be usually perfect (sometimes almost-done, to be fair, but never overdone) … That's worth a premium IMO.

  • Pre-heat - Why? Waste of money and time imho given the small space and fan technology. Chamber comes to required heat very quickly.

    Use oil? A few drops no more if at all if you want a crispy skin.

    Grease your Basket? Why? Completely unnecessary

    Spray halfway through? why? Again, completely unnecessary.

    In short - just follow the instructions that come with your machine and the instructions in the Phillips Airfryer app.

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      I’ve never preheated.

      I’ve never added oil (most frozen food is already covered in oil, why dafaq would I add more?)

      Never greased anything.

      Had my Philips air fryer for around 7 years.

    • Pre-Heat = Depends what you are cooking. Preheating seals ouside of food vs the food absorbing the oil etc. Kind of like preheating a BBQ before putting meat on :-)

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    I think the 9651XXL is still on sale at Costco for $369ish in store! Online it is $430….https://www.costco.com.au/Kitchen-Laundry-Appliances/Cooking-Appliances/Fryers/Philips-Airfryer-XXL-HD965191/p/85446

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    Whats the difference between this and Kmart ones?

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      This one is more expensive


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      One is better but costs more too.

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        Better at what?

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          Air frying food.

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            @PainToad: How?
            Both get hot and have a fan

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              @spaceflight: is it you, jv?

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              Both get hot and have a fan

              All cars also have 4 wheels and a steering wheel. Yet, some are still better than others.

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                @PainToad: No, cars are not comparable to air fryers

                If both air fryer cooks your food no problem, why pay 5x?

                • @Danneo:

                  No, cars are not comparable to air fryers

                  Using your logic;

                  If both cars get you to your destination no problem, why pay more 5x?

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                @PainToad: My food doesn't need Apple FryPlay, a luxurious steel frying basket, a 12" OLED touch screen or automatic frying thanks to Autofrylet.

                All my food needs is hot air to cook.

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                  @spaceflight: /eyeroll.

                  Bit stupid, that logic mate. Firstly it's a matter of airflow, how fast the air circulates, how even the heating can be - How hot the air actually is when it comes out of the element etc. Then there's capacity, ease of cleaning etc. This fancy phillips one has sensors which means you can throw in the food and it'll detect when it's done and stop heating automatically … No more burned food or having to check every couple of minutes toward the end to make sure.

                  I have a big oven-style air fryer, and while it's good for capacity, it tends to burn the top and undercook the underside of food, so you have to keep an eye on it and flip once or even twice. I've cooked food in this model of Phillips and it just comes out perfect every time.

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                  My food doesn't need Apple FryPlay, a luxurious steel frying basket, a 12" OLED touch screen or automatic frying thanks to Autofrylet. All my food needs is hot air to cook.

                  So why even have a kitchen? By your logic all you need is a camp fire.

                  No one is saying it's essential you buy a Philips branded air fryer, they're just saying they are better. Some people may see the value in the improvements, others may not.

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        5x more

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      I run a phillips one and a Woolworths one side by side and they're both pretty much the same when it comes to Potato!

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        what about the difference in cleaning?

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          The woolworths one is much easier, as it's smaller just has two pieces that go in the dishwasher. The Phillips one is annoying to clean haha it has three pieces - bowl, basket and base and the basket has sharp edges and collects lots of crap.

    • I have a Phillips air fryer I've had for about 6 year. It's great bit waiting for it to die so I can replace it. All the Phillips ones I've seen have the wire mesh style baskets and they are a pain to clean.

      Ones I've got for family since have a steel non stick basket with a few holes punched out in them and they basically just wipe clean.

      • Link to the steel non-stick basket air fryer?

      • same here! that's the downside! that they last too long so no need for replacement (I've had mine 8 years)

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        Just throw it in the dishwasher comes out clean every time.

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      Recently got a crazy cheap Mistral from Woolies for $25 to see what the fuss was about.. Stupidly simple with just temperature + timer controls and a dishwasher-safe basket to boot. Was totally impressed with some of the results e.g. potatoes, chicken wings, frozen food etc

      Made me think.. what on earth would one gain from a model costing 10x as much?

      • +1

        I got the kmart one and couldn't be happier. One of the best purchases I've ever made

      • I'm looking for an answer to that as well.

        Not because I'm unhappy with my $25 Mistral, but because I'm curious how it can be any better.

      • +3

        I tried a Mistral after having a Phillips. I thought the Mistral was trash and unusable in comparison tbh. Everything from general build quality things like it being difficult to close, through to the actual cooking which was slower and uneven. For the price they're crazy cheap and probably good for someone who hasn't tried a Phillips, but once you experience the Phillips you can't take the step down to a Mistral.

    • This one’s the best on the market

    • +2

      My two cents as a Wollies, Kmart and now Philips air fryer owner:

      1. Evenness of cooking gets better the more you pay.If you're rushed for time I've found the Philips still does a decent job cooking a semi-full basket where as the Wollies and Kmart ones struggle and produce uneven results.

      2. Design / Build Quality is better with the Kmart and Philips as the baskets slide out and can rest on a rail. Wollies and Kmart ones are louder and use proportionally more electricity. Build quality on the Philips is more sturdy and everything fits together well, plus almost all of it is dishwasher safe.

      3. Size is larger on the Kmart and Philips which is a big plus when you consider a lot of recipes call for frying in a single layer. Takes so long if you get a smaller fryer and need to do twice or thrice as many batches.

      All in all I'm happy that I got my XXL Philips but could see the Kmart being a decent settling point for most Ozbargainers.

      • -1

        Evenness of cooking makes no sense.

        My airfryer is a full sized fan with a heating element behind it, you can't improve on that.

        The only way you can make a better air fryer is to put another fan underneath.

        • +3

          I believe that you might be oversimplifying some physics here. I understand that designs, materials and power can drastically influence on controlling the air flow.

      • This is super useful opinion. My 2 cents:

        1. This is for people who can't be bothered flipping or shaking the basket halfway cooking, to my understanding.
        2. Can't argue about the cheaper ones being louder, but I don't get the rail thing. Also more/less electricity in the context of the airfryers sounds like that argument about which fan heater - 1000W or 2000W - uses more electricity.
        3. A family may want a bigger airfryer or an oven, but for 1-2 people a small airfryer works the charm.
    • +1

      Rose Gold handle and buttons makes your food cook better and tastier.

    • recently the fries stick to the basket of the kmart ones, are the more expensive air fryers better in this regard?

      • U need to oil the basket with some oil spray

        • always been doing that, still sticks now, whereas before it was fine.

          • +2

            @FeZZa21: Never had them stick to my Phillips and I never oil them either

            • @CheapBrah: I'm guessing the non-stick coating wears off quicker on the cheaper ones

              • @FeZZa21: Any chance you recently switched to battered fries? They stick, while plain ones don't.

                • +1

                  @pizzaguy: No we make fries made from fresh potatoes

  • I have a buffalo airfryer and I feel it holds a lot more than all these pull out basket ones. This feels too pricy for what it is…

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    You could buy a whole oven for this much.

  • Will an ‘Air Fryer Oven’ be just as good, but just in the shape of an oven lol?

    • I recently brought the Sunbeam BT7200 as I thought an oven shape would allow me more space to lay out food and I could cook two different things for two different time periods etc… However I've used it twice and have been underwhelmed with how the food has cooked, which has been rubbery/not crisp? I guess if I had to try and explain it.

      I'll be taking this back this weekend and trying to swap for a traditional air fryer, hope this helps.

      • I have the exact sunbeam model, and it’s been working great for us. We mainly use it for toast and pizzas, which can be made as crusty as we want.

        I don’t know what you were cooking, but I imagine the reason for your results is the moisture level is too high, eg layers of chips. We find it best to do in small batches, and to use the fan function every so often, plus airing the oven to let the steam escape halfway through.

        We chose the oven style mainly due to its ease of cleaning (hand-wash), plus it does pizzas too.

        • Hey Kood I appreciate the reply, I was doing crispy pork belly the first time round and home made chicken nuggets the second and both were underwhelming but maybe it’s how I’m using it? I’ll try some of your tips before returning it.

          • @aaronmr: These both sound yum! I would love to do a pork belly one day.

            Here’s a recipe I found which uses a number of techniques to get the skin crispy without drying the meat too much: https://summeryule.com/pork-belly-air-fryer-recipe/

            Essentially a combination of salt+fridge the night before, then baking powder, then blasting it on high heat only at the end.

            After looking at the photos, I’m going to add pork belly to my cart now..! All the best with your cooking!

  • It's an exclusive Myer One offer @ Myer with triple MYER one Credits

  • I only have a basic air-fryer, $50 woolies job, I find that if you "fill" the basket, then only the stuff on the top gets fried, everything else is just heated. Do you still have the same problems with the jumbo fryers?

    • Yes because the food at the top blocks the air flow to the stuff underneath.

      The bigger ones mean that you have more area to spread things out so there is less overlap.

    • You need to shake or flip the contents - the more you load, the more often you have to shake. It merely blows heat, it doesn't make a dinner for you.

  • +1

    I got the new Kmart model, very impressed. It's a twin fryer. Great electronic displays for each side.
    And of course you can do roast potatoes on one side and the steaks on the other, with independent times and temperatures! Only $139 in NZ

  • i've had the cheap kmart one for a couple of years and can't fault it. use it every day

  • Phillips model:HD218/51 at $169+ $20 shipping.

    • Now, this one must work exactly like Woolies' Mistral and looks very similar. Or the other way round.

      Anyway, Mistral is $25-$35 on specials, $49 regularly.

      edit: That Philips is 1-litre capacity. The Mistral is 3.5 litres.

  • Never had one of these and wondering if it's just a mini bench top oven?? What do these do that your oven doesn't do? I'm curious is to why everyone loves them and convince me to get one 😅

    • They are most like an impingement oven (ie, what you see at your local pizza shop).

      You have high velocity hot air being blasted at the food - and the benefit over a standard or fan-forced oven is that it disturbes the boundary layer of air, giving you a better surface heat transfer rate.

      So - you get crispier food quicker. Great for frozen crumbed stuff, chicken wings, pizza, open melts..

  • +1

    Shows as $569 for me

  • +1

    I take it the price has gone back up? Or am i doing something wrong? Only 5% off for me

    • Yeah it was a one day Myer sale that Amazon price matched

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    Think we missed the deal…dammit

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