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Baseus 160W Car Charger $39.95 ($39.19 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Baseus eBay


Hi All (first time poster),

I was looking for a 160W car charger on AliExpress and found that its cheaper from Baseus eBay Store for $39.99 delivered non-eBay Plus and $39.19 delivered eBay Plus with code.

Think thats a pretty good deal to me.


  • Code: PFEB17 reduces the price to $37.19 for eBay Plus member

Original Coupon Deal

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    EBay plus membership just paid for itself ✅

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    Code PFEB15 brings it down to $37.99 (non-EBay+).

  • Ffs…my car doesnt have a ciga lighter lol

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    As discussed in other threads, most cig sockets are rated to 120W.

    • rated 120w but would you get 10 amps out of it and if so for how long .

      • Can these chargers be a fire hazard if they continuously run so close to the design rating? smartphone batteries explosion saga 2.0?

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          In theory the fuse should blow first

          • @kizzy: I know my BMW if the engine is turned off so is the cigarette lighter socket, so unattended on a hot day shouldn't happen , but perhaps other car brands the cigarette lighter socket is live when engine turned off and if charging unattended might be riskier e.g laptop or power banks more than phones which are lower power.

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          Just check the amp rating on your cig lighter fuse. Mine is 15A so 15A x 12V = 180W. There's probably some conversion loss going to 20V PD though.

  • why is there no mini ones which are just 2x USB C ports?

    • mini is lower power and so many cheaper chargers available, high current is USB-C so you could charge a laptop and a phone most which now have USB-C if you intend to use on the road.

  • 160W only for 20V system. I don't know which car system have 20V. I think car only have 12V and 24V.

  • This doesnt really work, most cars run on 12v. Unless someone can explain how my din85 battery that is 12v can charge my macbook pro 16 96w

    • In these charger there was a converter to standard PD - but I'm not trust Baseus for this chip.

      But one the charger support PD, then the voltage output can be change. Eg a car charger support PD3 can output: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 15V/3A and 20V/4.5A. When you use this charger for Macbook, the chip will detect and use 20V/4.5A profile.

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      It's called buck-boost converter. Power electronics 101, Watt's law, Voltage X Amp = Power. Your power rating of 96W is a combination of transforming the voltage and clipping the amp through PWM technique among others.

      The higher the voltage, the lower the amp required. That's why power transmission is in kiloVolts, not 12V. What heats up and burns cables are current in amps, coz that's the actual electron flows. High voltage, low amps… low voltage, high amps for a given power consumption.

      So it does work. It just needs 12V feed in, 10A current when you transform the voltage, can be 0.5A and that feeds a lot of equipment.

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      I can confirm these work, happily charges my MBP at the full 96W. I ended up buying a few extra of them in the end, one for each car and two for our caravan for both the wife's 13" and my 16" MBP.

      • How romantic and down-to-earth. She enjoys your 16" (MBP) more. Oooops, my bad.

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    Why are car chargers so much cheaper for the same wattage than wall chargers? Is it because converting from AC is inherently more expensive?

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    Price came to $37.99 with this code (PFEB17) without eBay plus

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    Hey what's wrong with the Blitzwolf BW-SD8 instead? Does 100W (USB-C) & 18W (USB-A)

    It's only $24


    • I noticed it's only the Blitzwolf is QC3, but this Baseus one is QC5. Does that matter for charging Apple products (iPhone)?

      • Think QC5 can only benefit if your phone uses sd888 or sd888+. Should not affect iPhones.

    • Thanks for the link ycon. Just bought one with a coupon shipped ex Australia for $21.87 :)

  • OnePlus is about to launch a phone with 150W fast charging

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