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Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones $284.25 + Delivery ($0 C&C/In-store) @ Bing Lee ($270.04 via Price Beat @ Officeworks)


Bing Lee is running 25% off at checkout clearance sale on headphones, bringing this well reviewed pair down to a respectable price. As always, check your local Officeworks for stock to nab another 5% off.

Also available are the WF-1000XM4 which are $271.50. https://www.binglee.com.au/products/sony-wf-1000xm4-wireless...

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    Managed to get it from officework at $270 Mentone officework

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    Got last pair of WF's at south Melbourne OW, had 3 people call up while i was buying at checkout

  • If anyone has a receipt for these headphones could you please post the link or pm me

    • Done.

      • Possible to get it also? Would be grateful!

  • I’m not sure why brand manager named their products GTwer6ze, 06kfYXvd, and 5Ts4RrpA and the board of directors approved it

  • Can someone share a receipt to me, so i can try to ask a price match from office work or jb HiFi?

  • The Officejerks @ Chadstone denied the price match based on the words "Clearance Sale" for the 25% discount.
    Tried this morning at Richmond, and by the time I get there it is completely OOS, including the silver model.

    O/W online is only open during M - F. Bah! Humbug!

    If anyone has a receipt for the black model they could share (personal info redacted), please feel free to PM.
    Thank you in advance.

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      Try price match at Sony web site. I tried just for fun 2 hours ago not expecting much, entered in the Bing Lee link that showed out of stock. They approved just now. YMMV.
      P.s. stack with SB 5% cash back.

      • How much did you ask to price match?

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          The same price shown in Bing Lee’s ad.

      • Nice work!
        I wonder if it is automated or a human actually reviews the competitor site.

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          I am certain real people on the other side. I once sent a price match request with link to a photo of a Costco price ticket posted on OB.

          • @Buy2Much:

            price match request with link to a photo

            When I sent the price match request (which is basically a small hidden form at the bottom of the product page), I didn't see any form element to upload a photo, or provide a link to the competitor site.

            Did I miss something?

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              @DoctorCalculon: The form is in-line on the same page. Scroll down. The first field is for posting competitor’s link.

      • Damn think everyone's too late now that it doesn't state 25% clearance discount

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      • Thank you very much once again, TeddyBear.

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    I just sent a request to Sony's site. Fingers crossed. This is the reason you need to check OB EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

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      Same boat with you yesterday, and just got a msg, their approved the price match!

      • They will only match $284.25, but not O/W p/m of $270.04?

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          did not try the O/W p/m as it may need a OW receipt which i dont have.

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            @Rocinante: Worked for me too at the sony store and got 2% cashback too

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              @DollarSnake: Hate to break it to you but CR has 7% cash back today…

              • @Buy2Much:

                Hate to break it it to you but CR has 7% cash back today

                I wonder why Cashrewards has been left out within the Cashback box at the top?

                CR 7% after excluding GST from $284.25 ends up better than price matching at O/W at 5%.

                @Buy2Much You live up to your username. Thank you for finding all the alternative bargain pathways.

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                  @DoctorCalculon: CR was 2% but just upsized to 7% today when you buy at Sony online. On the final day to stack wirth Amex/Sony $50 cash back offer (over $350 spend, perhaps consider adding a second one to gift someone?). Procrastination pays sometimes ;-)

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                    On the final day to stack wirth Amex

                    I don't have an AMEX card. Too much hassle to get one.
                    Great work in stacking three deals together. You are a true OzBargainer!

                    I got the Bing Lee price match from Sony, but I held off. I was trying to p/m at my local O/W using a receipt. However, got knocked back again saying they don't price match unless they can ascertain the reason for the p/m in the first place (which no longer exists as Bing Lee price is now $395 OOS).

                    CR was 2% but just upsized to 7% today

                    Funny that it is not even listed under featured or boosted cashback. I am guessing it will revert back after midnight tonight.

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    IF anyone has receipt for these headphones could u please pm me. thanks!

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    Got mine delivered today , very happy with the quality , a lot nicer then my Sennheiser 45s and they actually fit my xl skull n ears when extended .
    Can't wait for them to charge up and try out , just hoping they're louder then my old pair.

    • From Bing Lee or Sony AU?

      • BadaBing

        Tried them out ,
        could be louder ,
        but 100% is in a sweet spot ,
        and for 40mm drivers this is probably as good as it gets.
        Will play around with them to see if there's any improvements using the Sony ap and or different sources.

  • Oh no missed this one, too late. Does anyone know if 1000xm4 have the ability to switch on noise canceling without connecting to Bluetooth? I used the 1000xm3 to meditate before, was great experience!!

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