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Sony WF-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling in-Ear Headphones (Black/Silver) $271.50 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bing Lee


Available in both Black(sold out) and Silver.

25% off applied during checkout. Shipping cost shows $6 to Melbourne.

Many advantages over WF-1000XM3, but double the price of it during the current sale $133.50 + shipping. Pick the right one for your budget.

XM4 vs XM3:

  • Lighter & smaller in size -> more comfortable wearing
  • Much smaller carry charging case
  • Support LDAC codec for better audio quality with compatible Android devices (IOS can only use AAC)
  • DSEE Extreme for better audio processing with low bit-rate source
  • Noticeable improved noise cancelling

I believe this is the lowest price for WF-1000XM4 without considering cashback or dicounted gift card on other platform.
I recently paid ~$311 for the silver set on eBay.

EDIT: BLACK sold out, link replaced with SILVER

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  • +4

    Was able to get a pricematch with my local JB Hifi (shipping not included). Same price but I prefer the warranty from JB.

    • +5

      Could you share the receipt by any chance?

    • Why the preferred? Have you experienced badly with OW/BL?

      Also, this shouldn't be called a headphone.

      • +1

        JB headphone warranty is second to none and well worth it. Your new earphones go from a purchase to an investment.

        • What is special about the JB headphone warranty please?

          • +4

            @concento: This is not something JB has documented I think but from my experience

            1. JB replace most items within warranty period without sending for repairs or asking you to contact the manufacturer (only exclusion could be some Apple products like macbooks etc or high value items).
            2. JB has a voluntary additional 1y warranty for purchases above $1000 I believe.
            3. Last but not least, their sales assistants within stores are competent and not just cashiers from my experience, they know a thing or two about tech and help you diagnose issues or help drive the warranty claim process without trying to push back.
          • @concento: What Niceye said. All you need to do is call their warranty line up, tell them what the issue is and they will give you a ref number to take into store. You will always have deterioration of battery year 2 or 3 so that passes the test.

            The person in atore will do a quick test and if they agree, they'll give you credit for full purchase amount (less extended warranty) for your next headset.

            • @ExtraSalt:

              The person in atore will do a quick test and if they agree, they'll give you credit for full purchase amount

              How do they test for battery deterioration? Or do they just take your word for it?

              • +1

                @eug: Both times I've done it (genuinely deteriorated because I logged for a couple weeks to make sure of it) manager sees you in store, you give them the buds and ref number and whole he rigs up the GC, somebody from the audio department sorts you out. You can still haggle on price and stuff so don't be afraid. They are probably the best and easiest to deal with. Absolutely shocked the first time I went in for a claim

        • I have good experience with JB I don't hear much reviews on OW

    • +1

      Could you please share the receipt. Thank you

  • +6

    WF —-> ear buds goes inside your ear.
    WH —-> head phone over ear.

    after got my WFxm4 (full price), I got rid of my WFxm3 and WHxm4, I think this one just sounds better (even better than the over ear xm4).
    paired with the spinfit CP360 so i don't need to worry about sweat during this heat.

    • +10

      As good as the WF-XM4s are, I wouldn't go as far as saying it sounds better than it's WH counter part. I own both, I use the WH-XM4s when im out of the house and the in-ear for when im at my PC (and when i go running), the differences are really noticible especially in the low end, also the ANC between the two is night and day difference. They both have their own different use cases

      • +1

        Both are just bass cannons with so much muddiness in the sound. Without an eq I don't think evaluating the bass performance on either has any point

        • I dont know where you're coming from with 'so much muddiness in the sound'. Cant say ive had that experience in any of these two devices.
          My phone is rooted with magisk and runs system wide EQ with viper4android. Even without v4a, you can clearly differentiate purely based on the sounds stage.

  • +1

    I used these on a flight recently, along with a pair of Bose QC35 headphones that I've used for years. I found these cancelled more noise than the QC35, but the QC35 was more comfortable to wear for multiple hours. I'd like to try Comply tips though, maybe they're more comfy.

    • How uncomfortable are these for flying?

      Actually was looking to buy these because I'm sick and tired of lugging a larger case around and sometimes like to fall asleep on planes with music on.. I find it harder to fall asleep with the overears because of the bulk and weight.

      • It really depends on your ear shape. I wore them for about 7 hours straight. My ears did feel a bit sore but it wasn't too bad. I'll probably just bring them on my next flight. The small case is handy, and I can have just one earbud in during meal times so the air crew know I can hear them.

          • @Kangal: How many hours do you normally put it in for? Do you need any noise-cancelling features?

            • @eug: I don't put it In. I put it On or Over.

              Listening times vary depending on the activity. Sometimes it's for 5mins of music, other times it's for an Hour of podcast. But usually for extended periods more often. That is why for me, and most people, comfort is more important than sound quality, battery life, or noise cancellation.

              • @Kangal: You wh… oh you mean the earbuds. That's great. :)

              • +2

                @Kangal: Did you survey 'most people' to find that out?

  • my main grudge with these is that they come with memory foam ear tips only, no silicone. They hurt my ears alot due to the strong expansion force once inside my ear canals, had to buy replacement spinfit tips to make them usable for me.

    • I swapped the tips for silicone and they're much better now.

  • +1

    Does it have a mute button during calls? Team calls, like to mute without showing that my mike is off.

    • +5

      You don't want to use them for calls. The mics sound like shit. You're better off using your laptops mic

      • +1


        • You can archive that buy running it thru a software before chat program

  • +4

    Based on the review, the microphone is still not ideal for calls and meetings.

  • Was $335 from amazon last year. With 10% off on gift cards and $25 cashback, I got it for $276.5. So this is a wonderful and easier offer.

  • +2

    I had mine for only a short time and whilst it is good the reality that these are $300+ consumable technology is just insane.

    • You mean like a mobile phone you pay $1,800 for and only use for 2 years?

    • Even back in the late 1990s top end Sony earphones were around $150s…

  • Love my pair and will claim price protection, thanks op!

  • Is this a good companion for running session without falling out?

    • I jog with it and no problem. I am not fastest runner on earth just around 5:30m per km. It’s secure and never have to worry about falling out or raining.

      I run with my Apple Watch and it’s perfect.

    • Yeah quite secure - although I use comply tips on mine rather than the stock ones

  • +1

    FYI the supplied foam tips are rubbish and wear out in under 1 month of daily usage.

    I purchased some Comply tips on Amazon. They fit and seem better quality than the original tips.

    That aside these are good ear buds.

    • +1

      I have mine since launch (preordered day one and got it first thing), I use it daily to jog and listening to musics.

      Mine still very good and never had to change the tips.

    • +1

      Mine are going on 6 months old with daily use and looking worse for wear, but I wouldn't say they will be gone after 1 month. probably 1 year max.

    • aren't they the long lasting silicon tips? silicon lasts for years.

      • +1

        They are foam tips. Won’t last forever but so far so good on mine.

        • +1

          If you prefer silicon, look up Speedy Spares Australia and you can buy them for a few bucks each. I use them on mine.

  • +3

    Less than $300 means you can claim them as a tax deduction without having to depreciate them

    • It means you can't claim the GST outbound without coupling it with something else though 😆

  • Can both be used individually? Also does it have multiple device support? ty

  • +1

    Tempted by my WFXM3 are still great

  • If Officeworks would price beat over the phone, how do you pay? Do they send you a link?

  • Price matched at OW for $263.15. Had to go in store.
    They put it as $277.00 then the 5% price beat.

    • Which store? Seems like it's out of stock everywhere near me.

      • +1

        Vic Chirnside Park.
        There were a few at Ferntree gully from what they told me.

    • +3

      Price matched without taking a step out the door, at Sony online store. Stack with 5% SB cash back might be a little less than OW but hey, free delivery and less time/effort.

      • +1

        Aha! This prompted me to check my Amex cards…. I have $50 cash back on $350+ spend at Sony, expires in 3 days.
        Might see what else I can add to get to the $350 threshold in addition to a price match.

        • Did you end up finding anything good to get ya to $350? In a similar boat and couldn't see anything great

          • +1

            @aussie222: Not yet! I’ve spent what feels like way too long, and can’t find anything that fits my needs for now.

          • @aussie222: …any luck? I’m unable to find anything.
            May just have to let the Amex deal expire.

            • @picogary: Yeah I couldn't find anything - I'm probably just gonna let it expire. I didn't think it'd be that much of a struggle finding something $80 that would be worth >$30 to me.

              • @aussie222: Same for me - although it is looking like we left it all too late - if Sony don’t confirm the price match until business hours tomorrow the Bing Lee sale will have finished.
                To try to get the cart total up, I even asked a buddy who has a ps5 if they wanted another controller, but no luck for me there either.

      • I used the price request via Sony online, or should you use live chat?

        • I used online match. Less effort.

          • @Buy2Much: How long did it take to get a response?

            • +1

              @aussie222: 2 hours, that was on Saturday afternoon. Don’t know if there’s anyone looking at price match on a Sunday though.

          • +1

            @Buy2Much: Cheers mate same. Still no reply email since last night. I guess they dont approve price matches on Sunday.

            • @XxAiDsTaRxX: Got approved this morning!

              • @aussie222: Hey mate, same here. I'm just curious about there return policy in the very rare event they don't fit my ears properly. I rang them up and didn't get a definite answer to if I can even return them.

              • +1

                @aussie222: My approval came through at midday today, it was a nice surprise.
                Now I’m back to trying to find something else that will bump up my total so I can use the Amex deal as well.
                Also worth noting, the Shopback rate has now dropped to 2%.

      • I did the Sony price match this morning on a mobile device for a different earbud. It seems to not display notifications by email nor on-screen that I had submitted the request so I guess it's a matter of waiting for the result. Is that normal for Sony's price match?

        • +2

          You’d get an email after they’ve assessed the price match, yay or nay.

  • These are really good earbuds. Used them for the last 6 months.

    Tips don't look like they will last more than a year though, so keep that in mind.

  • Can anyone compare these with silicon tips (not stock foam or comply tips) against airpods pros with silicon tips?

    Seems a bit unfair to compare heavy passive isolation which might as well be subscription service foam tips you have to change every few weeks.

    • They still sound fine with silicone. I'd say airpods have better ANC in the mids, but also has lot more cabin pressure effect than the xm4

  • How do these compare to the 85T, even they are on discount. rtings say 85T are better.

    • Two pairs of Jabra 75t and 85t died on me after a few months. Same thing happened to them one of the earphones stopped getting charged. Apparently something to do with the magnets inside.

      Luckily I purchased through Amazon and got my money back the two times.

      So I don't rate Jabra.

  • reviews shows the phone quality is still pretty bad.

  • This or Airpod pro??

  • Anyone able to provide their receipt so I can price match with a JB?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Damn that's a crazy good deal. I got mine for 320 in December. Absolutely love them, but buy at your own risk cause they don't fit everyone's ears. They really hurt a lot when I first got them. Couldn't last more than half an hour, then I discovered a better way to have them sit in my ear. Still hurts sometimes if not adjusted correctly, but they sound awesome and work really well.

  • -1

    Why the hell do they not ship to bulleen Melbourne? It is right next to the cbd?

    • +1

      I wouldn't call a suburb 13km away from the CBD 'right next to the CBD'

      • -2

        It's Melbourne mate. When can a business not ship to Melbourne..

        • +1

          When they don't have any shops in Melbourne.

          • -1

            @kerfuffle: Lol u keep biting don't you. What does that have to do with the cost of cereal. Nothing. Who cares if they have shops here, the seem to deliver to other areas of Melbourne.

  • -1
  • I went and got them over the counter at Bing Lee Mona Vale. Same deal plus they had the black ones in stock.

  • Caved in bought silver
    Not impressed about my google a series pixel buds as no noise cancellation

  • Do you have to purchase the foam buds from Sony once they're worn out? Or can you just use any replacement?

    • Someone suggested using Bose ones for the xm3. I presume they would also fit the xm4

  • +1

    They still haven't shipped my order and when I queried they said they actually didn't have stock and will take around 2-3 weeks to get stock. Very disappointing.

    • +1

      I followed up with them today. Advised no ETA, just said to wait - they will send another email once they have stock…. So annoyed.

      • Just received an email from them saying

        "We are pleased to inform you that your order has been picked and packed and will soon be collected from our main warehouse."

        Have received a consignment number but it'll need some time to update.

        Hope you guys got it too.

        • You're lucky mate, I'm still waiting over 2 weeks later and still no further contact from the store…

          • @happychap: Same boat, sent an email and no response

            • +1

              @Toughcookie: I messaged them via their livechat - managed to get the shipping refunded so give that a go - but still no ETA

      • +1

        Got an email today to say shipped.

        • Shipped 7th still not left warehouse 22nd.

          Wont be using bing lee again

  • Phoned up JB they said this was a clearance sale so they don't price match :(

    • Tried Sony, no luck either I got this email back
      "As it falls under an exclusion of our price match terms and conditions, your request has not been accepted."

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