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Ergohuman Fit IOO Office Chair (Mesh & Upholstered) $399 + Delivery @ Duke Living via MyDeal

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Similar to an earlier deal but this one has upholstered seat with mesh back. No free shipping.

Plus $10 off first order (newsletter subscription) and potential 4.2% Cashreward (may not qualify if using signup code).

Enter postcode for shipping cost. As a guide:

Postcode CBD Quot
0800 Darwin $77.93
2000 Sydney $37.57
3000 Melbourne $24.08
4000 Brisbane $60.29
5000 Adelaide $35.44
6000 Perth $80.77
7000 Hobart $98.15

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  • Just curious. How would you know if this is a legitimate brand or knock off??
    Looks tempting.

    • +2

      I have ordered the full mesh version, packaging, quality, and workmanship look reasonable for a chair in this price range.

  • +1

    Some people doesn't like the lumbar support, but I like it a lot.

    Also, there are reviews saying that the lumbar support surrounds pinch the back, I don't see how that's possible but everyone's different I guess.

    • +1

      Do you need to sit right at the back of the chair to feel the support? And/or do you need to be leaning back to get support?

      At this moment I'm currently laid-out with back injury, partially due to the fact my current chair's support doesn't touch me when I'm leaning forwards a bit, which is my natural working position (I can't understand how people can work while leaning back!).

      • Can feel the lumbar support just by seating normally, it's quite "aggressive", I like it, but not everyone likes that.

  • Thanks OP for postcode shipping table

    Do bulky items usually have such variable shipping cost?

    Seems similar to a couple other office furniture outlets

    • Really depends on the shipping company. Larger items usually go by cubic weight, the conversion is 250kg/m3.

      In this instance, the box measures 75cm x 65cm 57cm, which is about 0.278m3. That makes it almost 70kg.

      And they are typically delivered by trucks, if you think about it, a truck can only fit so many boxes and it has to cover a much larger area (time and fuel costs).

      In contrasts, hundreds of parcels can go into a van, and they are all going to the same suburb.

  • What is the difference between the mesh upholstered vs the slightly different cosmetics of the back mesh colour and the seat upholstery https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/677360

    Slightly different image previews but that could be the photoshopping apart from the seat

    I thought these are all mesh, at least.

    • +1

      The earlier deal has mesh back and mesh seat, this deal has mesh back and upholstered seat.

      Upholstered seat has padding, which some people prefers.

    • +1

      Mesh seats tend to sag over time especially if you are chonky.

  • I’m 6ft 4 and around 105kgs. Been eyeing off this chair but can’t bring myself to get it without sitting in it first. I tried the ikea Markus that everyone raves about and the lumbar support was soo uncomfortable for my height. A chair like this with pronounced lumbar support will suit some but not others I think… id be keen to hear feedback if someone gets this deal

  • Is it better than ikea?

    • Not if your 6ft+

    • I have tried most Ikea chairs, they are not uncomfortable, but they are also quite basic.

      When shopping for office chairs, I always start from the adjustment mechanism. Generally disregard the ones with traditional centre tension knob with a side lever, because that tells me they have not give any thoughts into improving the level of comfort, support, and ergonomic.

      • I have used an IKEA Chair for about 5 years, now I have a caught ischial bursitis. I was told Buro Metro is good for people like me. There's a website selling for 357$ v21.

        Also, I think WFH might end lol It's going to be a tricky decision.

        I have WFH for about 8 years now 😂

  • Bought 2 ergotune a couple of days ago cost 549 each incl delivery
    12 year warranty
    Hope they last long and sit comfortably
    Seems review quite ok

    • Got an answer from seller in relates to the warranty as following:

      It comes with a 5 year warranty. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects for one year from the date you bought your product.

      What are not covered:
      1. Damage resulting from accidents, misuse, abuse, alteration, tampering or failure of the purchaser to follow normal operating procedures outlined in the user’s manual;
      2. Defects or damage due to spillage of food or liquids or wrong usage of electrical supply & voltage;
      3. Normal wear & tear, corrosion, rusting or stains;

      • So what does the remaining 4 years cover?

        • I am thinking the same 😝

    • I'm actually quite curious about Ergotune, not a day go by without seeing their ad. Wouldn't mind to check it out without buying one. :D

  • Warning for people 6ft+.

    These chairs are not built for us, the headrest will end up on your upper back.

    Get an ikea Markus or Jarfellet for a chair thats built for tall people.

  • $400 for this
    Or the Ergo Fit IOO?
    Watched a review on Ikea, not the best. This model of Ergo Fit IOO has a different base, doesn't have tensioner for rocking back.

    • +2

      The Ikea chair has the obvious benefit of no shipping cost, and more importantly you can try it and return it with ease.

      I has initially concerned about the lack of tile tension adjustment, but after trying it I feel that it is not really necessary. Obviously a personal preference.

      I bought the all mesh version from the last deal, and I reckon $390 delivered is a great deal for chair like this, it's significant better than chairs in the $200-$300 range.

      In terms of comfort level it is on par with my Steelcase Gesture which I paid 3 times as much (during a sale) a couple of years back.

      One thing with Ikea chair though is that the castors have narrower stem, 10mm instead of 11mm, so replacements are harder to find/less options. This is in case you want to swap for softer castors for timber floor, or high resistant castors for tilts, or even fixed castors if you don't like the chair to roll around.

  • Is this real but just a really old model or something? I had an ergohuman high back from 2016-2020 and the base was all metal, this looks to be plastic?



    • Yeah this one is the "budget" model, there are 2 versions of FIT IOO, one with tilt tension adjustment and aluminium base, also comes in black or white.

      This one has what they called "weight balance" tilt mechanism instead of tension adjustment and plastic base. It was introduced in 2021 and appeared on Ergohuman website alongside the one you have linked. They have since removed it in January.

      I suspect the budget model was a one off to compete in the WFH market last year, but they don't want to keep selling it to hurt their own market.

    • From a previous post, response from seller…

      The Ergohuman range have cast aluminium frames and are certified for bodyweights up to 150kgs and for up to 3 shifts (24hours) per day. They have a heavy duty mechanism and are a solid felling and heavy chair. We offer an all mesh, leather/mesh combo and an all leather version. Most models are black plus the Platinum in a grey/silver combination which is very contemporary.

      The IOO ranges have nylon/plastic frames and are very durable products, but don’t have the certifications of the Ergohuman Chairs. The IOO Weight Balance is the entry level Chair and has less adjustability than the IOO High Back. It is a very good ergonomic chair and a popular choice for office fit-outs where a good quality ergonomic chair is required at a price. We sell an all mesh, all black version only.

      The IOO High Back has a better mechanism including tension control on the backrest. Its close to the Ergohuman ranges for the range of adjustments and the frame materials means we have can have alternative colours. Therefore we sell a version with a white frame in black, red or blue upholstery with a mesh back and fabric seat. This is popular for home offices as they are more in keeping with the look of modern office technology with the white frame. The zero pressure fabric seat is contoured to reduce pressure points over long periods of sitting.

      Basically regular Ergohuman chairs have aluminium frame and base with lots of adjustments, the Fit IOO range has plastic frame. Within the Fit IOO range there's a slightly premium one with aluminium base and tile adjustment, and this one with plastic base and weight balanced tile.

  • What do people think of the replica ergohuman chairs with the metal frames.
    i think they are reffered to as japanese ergohuman chairs.
    Seem to be going for similar prices to this basic plastic version.
    I cant see plastic being any where near as durable as the metal versions..

    • Wouldn't touch it. While it may look like an Ergohuman chair, take a closer look at the seat mechanism, it has got the old school centre tension dial with height adjustment lever on one side and tilt lock on the other. Which means it's nowhere near as adjustable as the original.

      Also many entry level chairs have the height adjustment and tilt lock on the same lever, because locking is a simple mechanism (just push in/out). Only reason to bother with 2 separate levers is to make the chair appear more adjustable than it really is.

      The replica is essentially a basic chair wrapped in casted aluminium frame to make it look grand.

      • Ok thanks

        so you think even the basic plastic ergohuman is better than the replicas.

        • "Better" is subjective depending on your needs/requirements.

          It's true aluminium is stronger and more durable, but a quality plastic frame is just as durable. For all intents and purposes a human within rated weight limit is not going to break a chair just by sitting on it over extended period of time.

          Aluminium when used in office chairs is more for aesthetic than longevity. So, if you want a nice looking chair (nothing wrong with that), then aluminium is the go. But it goes two way, a dusty plastic chair is probably not as much an eyesore as a dusty and no longer shiny aluminium chair. :D

  • I wonder why this model does not appear on the ergohuman website… are we sure this is a genuine ergohuman

    • It was on the website in 2021, and beginning of 2022. It was removed in mid-January.

      I reckon it had a short production run to get onto WFH bandwagon, but they don't want to do it long term to compete with higher price chairs.

  • +3


    Might help cover some of the shipping costs.

    • That's a nice $50 off.

  • +1

    showing $529, expired?

  • Back to regular price ($529) on Sunday night.

    Shipping costs unchanged, at least goes to show that they didn't up the delivery fees during a sale.

  • +1

    My 2 arrived yesterday, after setting them up properly they are super comfortable.
    Me: 6"2' and 100kg
    My wife: 5"2' and 55kg
    both very happy so far, lets hope we still love them long term

    • That's great to hear.

  • Are these the same as the Ergotune ones? So confusing

  • +1

    For anyones interest, this deal is back again.

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