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Lenovo Thinkplus XT95 Pro TWS Bluetooth 5.1 Earphones US$12.09 (~A$17.03) Delivered @ NillkinGlass Store AliExpress


On sale for a low price are these Bluetooth earphones from Lenovo that are offering low latency so games and videos sync better with sound.

It features a battery case that provides up to 35 hours of battery life, AAC/SBC decoding, inbuilt mics for calls with adaptive noise reduction and touch gestures for media control.

I had the previous deal on this unpublished as umansPrimitiveNature kindly pointed out it could be had cheaper through this seller.

There's two versions of the earphones on sale. The standard version has a white or black case, while the Luminous Edition (US$13.07 / ~A$18.41) has the black or white case light up in different colours.

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate, GST inclusive and does not stack with cashback.

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  • Thank you

  • +1

    What's the sound quality like? I'd expect bad for this price but would settle for acceptable.

  • Have you used this before Clear? How's the mic for calls?

    • Nope never used so I can't vouch for quality. All I can say is refer to YouTube where there are some videos.

      I wouldn't expect them to be anything like Airpods that's for sure.

      • Off topic, but what's the reason for your profile pic? A playful jab at jv?

        • +1

          Yes. JV has an IKEA pencil obsession so why not JV in IKEA? Also here's JV doing yoga

      • Are there any other YT videos apart from this one?

        • -1
          • @Clear: Most of them are the XT95 though, not XT95 Pro.

            • @ShortyX: What can I do?

              • @Clear:

                refer to YouTube where there are some videos.

                Just checking to see if there were any other review videos that I had missed. 😀

  • +3

    If these are like the XT90 (spec wise they are kind of the same), then these aren't worth it at all. Quite uncomfortable and constantly cut out with the phone in my pocket while walking.

  • +4

    these cheap headphones all have issues, ive got a samsung earbud and a apple powerbeats pro. even the 100 dollar samsung is many levels above these cheapy 20-70 dollar earbuds, do your self a favor and wait for a sub 100 dollar deal from samsung, these cheapies under 100 all have this white background noise when nothing is playing and you cannot turn it down even if you lower the volume. ive seen it present in xiaomi earbuds that i got for 70 dollars, if those have it, than these cheaper ones will have it. not to mention the sound quality difference..

  • +1

    How is Lenovo's wireless earphones quality? As good as their laptops?

  • AliExpress? Well it will take 3 to 5 months to reach you.

    • I'm getting my orders in 4-6 weeks these days. Some even in 2! They've certainly improved.

    • Very hit and miss, had some orders arrive really quick, circa 2 weeks and one order that's 3 months and dealing with the annoyance of opening a dispute.

  • earwaste or ewaste lol

    either way dont waste your money on bogus low latency claims. Chinese marketing there.

  • +3

    *bleep “Ze bWUtooth Zevize iZ weddy to Pehhh”

    • I still hear her voice in the darkest corners of my mind.

  • Similar looking ones All over tiktok for 2 gbp (3.8aud) to the uk. Can’t speak of the quality through.

  • -1

    Can anyone suggest a better quality option? I want this style (not rubber in-ear) with decent mics. I hear the SoundPeats TrueAir2 are good but quite pricey ($40+)

  • I'd save my money and go elsewhere.
    The number of sub par replicas/fakes on Aliexpress are astounding, you do get what you pay for.

    Don't expect anything semi decent south of $40 off here. (Mind you i bought some airpod pro clones for $50 and they're phenomenal).

    • This wouldn't be a fake though. Faking a Lenovo?

      • This is true given the RRP is quite low.
        But they do fake JBLs, Samsungs, Apple airpods obviously and Sennheisers.

        • -1

          Who does? Lenovo? AliExpress have banned counterfeit goods years ago.

          • @Clear: third party manufacturing houses

  • Ordered but my order was cancelled due to running out of stock

  • Did anyone receive theirs? I'm still waiting :(

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