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2-Pack Motion Sensor Cordless LED Light, with Magnetic & 3M Stick Anywhere Lighting $14.78 (Reg. $36.95) Delivered @ ESR Gear


Hi OzBargainers, this LED light bar is on sale again! You can use it as a simple solution to light up any darker areas.

Deal price = $14.78 (list price $36.95) with promo code ESRJFC60. Shipping is free.

Product video https://bit.ly/35cZCth

Power source: 4 AAA batteries (not included)
Brightness: 20 bright LEDs, 40 lumens
Dimensions: 21 x 4 x 1.9 CM
Installation: Stick anywhere, attach to metal surfaces or hand-held

Package Contents:
2 × Smart closet light
2 × Metal mounting plates with 3M adhesive strip
1 × User manual

Mod - Warning, order at your own risk (PayPal is recommended). See here for details.
*We are unaware if this is still relevant, but will continue to paste it.

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    I am still waiting for my order to arrive from this deal on the 7th of December… https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/664154. Not a single word from you guys at all. Invoice ID ESR-437380.

    When you posted another deal on the 14th of Jan (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/677531), I commented the same thing as above and you replied "@telf22 Sorry for my oversight. Already forwarded to the team already, they will update you via email later. Thanks for your patience."

    After 77 days, still nothing. Woeful customer service and I would encourage people looking at this deal to reconsider.

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      I am very sorry to hear about your experience. Would you kindly check the order email address you used to purchase the order? Our team had sent over several messages but had not gotten any replies yet. Thank you.

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        Classic, that is a blatant lie. Do you really think I haven't checked my emails? Why would I post this then? But now that I finally have your attention, can you refund me? I don't want your product

        • -11

          Hello @telf22

          I understand the frustration you are feeling in not receiving your package.

          Upon checking, the latest tracking update shows that the package was delivered on Jan.12.

          Carrier: Australia Post
          Tracking number: 34KHW101937001000935008

          If possible, please consider calling your local post office with the tracking number and ask them if they can assist you further. If your package was delivered to the wrong address they may be able to retrieve it and get it to you. This happens frequently.

          Also, we strongly recommend that you double check and make sure your order email address is correct, as we got failure messages when we tried to get in touch with you.

          Let me know if you still have any questions. Thanks.

          Mod Edit: Removed personal information.

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            @ESR Gear: You really really REALLY should not be posting private information in public like this. Have you not learnt from your previous issues and website hack?

            I actually like ESR stuff but your customer service is woefully incompetent…

            • +4

              @Hybroid: Have reported so mod can remove the second screenshot link. Because you replied OP probably can’t edit the post anymore anyway when they see your message. But yes agree they should have blurred the name and email address!

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            @ESR Gear: Guys… I LIVE IN MELBOURNE… I am not in WA as your screenshot suggests. This is unbelievable… https://imgur.com/a/SBeQH5y - here is my PayPal receipt which shows a VIC address on the shipping details so how has my order ended up in WA?

            What on earth is wrong with your website and PayPal integration? It's nice finding out 77 days later that I bought someone else a Christmas present, happy Christmas stranger.

            Again, I never received an email from you. As a Digital specialist with Google, I am well aware of how Gmail works and checking spam etc, I'm also aware that your website needs a whole lot of work from a security and PayPal integration standpoint. You have some serious backend issues going on if my order ends up in WA. Amazing.

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              @telf22: Chargeback / Paypal dispute?

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              @telf22: Ooh Balwyn, you are a rich man! ^^

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              @telf22: Hi @telf22

              Please note that our system will only record the address filled in by the customer when placing an order, not the PayPal address.

              Unfortunately, your order was placed using the postcode 6053 and the corresponding city is Bayswater Western Australia; thus, the package was sent to WA.

              In regards to the shipping address issue, you may want to contact AU post to see if they can assist you. Call them at 13 7678.

              Please send me a private message if you have any further questions. We apologize once more for this great inconvenience.

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                @ESR Gear: Huh, you just reminded me that when I placed my order, your system just recorded a partial address, just the street part, not sure what exactly what was missing but obviously there was no way to deliver. The only good thing was I clicked the order confirmation email notification, I meant to close it but it opened mail content somehow, and it turned out only part of my address was recorded…

                Don't want to mention drama after that. I do like your protection case etc., but really your customer service sucks.

                • @DisabledUser285624: Thanks for sharing your experience. Could you please provide me with your order ID if possible? Much appreciated!

                • @DisabledUser285624: Weird, I just placed an order. Their system did ask for a post code.

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      Wow that's pretty crap. I guess I'm lucky that I received my order.

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      I am in the same boat. Ordered on the same deal day, but never received any lights.

      • Hi, please PM me your order number.

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    Rep, have you addressed your website's PCI Non-Compliance issue?

  • +12

    These are junk and took ages to deliver. Spend more for Xiaomi or Yeelight

  • +1

    Tried to charge me for delivery -
    ESR7Gears Smart Closet Light - White-2 Pack × 1 AUD$36.95
    Discount code or gift card
    Subtotal AUD$36.95
    Coupon: esrjfc60 -AUD$22.17 [Remove]
    Total AUD$24.58

    • I’m sorry about that. Please PM me your order number, we will refund the shipping charge.

      By the way, if you are using Apple Pay or Google Pay, it is necessary to manually change the Standard shipping to Free shipping before confirming the payment. Thanks.

  • +2

    Received mine about 2ish weeks after ordering. They do the job but I didn't realise they were cool white so it didn't look quite as good when the rest of my lights are warm white

  • +7

    No deal. Bought sometime last year. It claimed to be dispatched from Australia but actually from China and took ages to arrive.
    The sensor is not very sensitive and I could not figure out a pattern how it would be triggered. It is also power hunger, 4 decent AAA batteries can only last a month or so.

    • Agreed with them being extremely power hungry

  • +1

    Bought two packs last time, only 2 out of 4 actually works properly with the motion sensor. The other two senses motion and then just stays on until the batteries run out.

  • +1

    agree the sensor is not very sensitive definitely not within 10 feet as advertised

  • +1

    thought these were rapid antigen test kits lol!

  • -2

    Great bargain

  • +5

    Very bad customer service.
    Asked to cancel and refund my order on one of their posts here and no reply for several days.
    Will never buy from this mob.

    • Sorry about your experience. Please PM me your order number. Thanks.

      • What are you going to do now? I already received the product as o was never responded to. As soon as I saw it took AAA batteries I wanted to cancel it.
        Order #437686
        Please don’t put out my personal info here.

        • Never responded to……PM me for some screenshots I made responses to you in December as OZ didn't allow overseas account to send private messages to other users.

  • +6

    Seems like every one dealt with them so far had bad experience. So why there are allowed to publish more deals?

  • +2

    Sad these guys don’t have their direct sales to AU sorted. Covid associated delays is one thing but from the comments their customer service is really lacking. Pity because the prices are good and the products are great! (I’ve purchased lots of their stuff on Amazon not directly from their site).

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    Negative vote due to the Ops behaviour to feedback and leaking PII - if that isn't enough to stay away, I'm not sure what is!

  • Better sort out the customer issues, but I will give an up-vote for the good price

  • +2

    Bought these 2 deals ago wasnt till i complained during the last deal I go some sort of customer service. took 3 months to arrive then one turned out to be faulty. cbf complaining and trying to get money back. just steer clear

  • +1

    Yes I will never buy from you guys again… I bought from The December 7th deal too… was told it was in stock in Australia but it took numerous emails after not receiving it for over a month then it was confirmed to me they came were actually coming from China… Grrrr… took another 4 weeks but at least I actually received them unlike others…

  • +2

    Wow just read through the comments. Businesses like this shouldn't be allowed on Ozbargain, neg.


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