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Logitech C922 Pro Webcam $99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


This seems to be a good deal, just $2 above the best price according to camel X3, and looking at the specs I think it's better than the C920 which had deals with about the same price posted recently.

And just noticed that we can also get C925E at the exact same price $99

IMHO C922 seems to be better. Comparison can be found here

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    Is it worth $99 ?

    • +4

      Well if we need a decent camera for zoom / teams calls etc when working from home :)

      • -7

        Well if we need a decent camera for zoom

        I don't think this has optical zoom though…

        • +4

          How far away will you be sitting, that you would need optical zoom?

          In before "Also no optical image stabilisation"

        • -1

          This was a good joke jv, don't listen to the naysayers!

    • +5

      I swear I paid $99 for this webcam a decade ago (20 not 22), and it still beats the potato cams people rock up to meetings on.

    • +3

      Will she be able to see me clearly on zoom?

      • -1

        Depends if she has beer goggles on or not…

        • I’m not sure what see can see after a BMT session

          • @Ghosts: Less bacon, more sausage please.

      • Ozbargain fans

    • +2

      Have this and people often comment how clear it is for a webcam during video conference such as zoom, teams, webex, craps over other webcams at this price point IMO

  • +2

    How is this webcam compared with the Creative V2 that frequently go on $50?

    • +2

      Creative V2 doesn't have autofocus which is the must have feature for me

    • +3

      This is a far better camera in every way. Focus, sharpness, colour balance and low light. Also easier to self manage in Windows.

    • +4

      the creative v2 is a potato of a video camera

  • +5

    A damn good deal for a damn good camera. Can’t get anything better at this price. Fantastic camera for streaming or WFH meetings. The autofocus and colour accuracy is great.

    • -1

      Can’t get anything better at this price

      Raspberry Pi Cam is better.

  • Damn, i just got the streamcam, but i think i would have preferred this.

    • Not sure why.

      • It's good, but this is $60 cheaper for very similar quality

  • +1

    Windows hello or no?

    • +1

      No, you want the Brio for that

      • I have 3 Brios. They’re awesome for 4K video and windows hello

        • +3

          That isn't enough Brios in my opinion, but each to their own.

        • -1

          $270 each Nice going richy

  • Not a bad deal but I would recommend checking out the Microsoft Modern Webcam, I got mine from JB Hifi price matched to $89 which won me over with the built in privacy shutter

    • +1

      If built in privacy shutter is important then C925E has it at the same price.

    • +1

      You can buy a privacy shutter off AliExpress for $4, that’s what I did.

    • Does the MS one have a mic?

      • It has a very bad mic

        • cant comment on the mic since I use a headset, but the video is nice and clear

  • What's the best wide angle webcam? Need something for meetings/video conferencing a room

  • anyone use this on a Xbox?

  • +9
    • All gone now

  • -1

    My daughter needs a clearer webcam for her online streaming business. Will this one satisfy viewers?

    • +1

      Webcams are the lowest rung in quality.

      It costs a lot but moving to a DSLR with a capture card is the best quality for money.

      Not all DSLR are suitable: they must run 24/7 without thermal shutdown, have AC power and clean HDMI preview. AC power is usually through third party dummy battery.

      The models on the Elgato Cam Check page (google it) page are verified to work but others are also suitable.

      You can find more models by looking at the USB application for each brand - but bear in mind that they may not have clean HDMI output.

      If you want pre-owned currently I like the Sony A5100 or A7 as higher quality option but there are cheaper.

      • Canon opened up streaming access for some DSLRs over USB and the quality/speed is pretty good. Probably not as fast as straight HDMI but if you want to save money (and go for DSLR lens quality) that's an option that might be worth looking into.


        Cheapest is probably the 1500D? Second hand I'm seeing some for as low as $250 on dumbtree

  • +1

    Mom look Im shroud

  • +1

    I have this cam and I don't like it, granted I use it in Linux so don't use the software, but the picture quality is not very impressive and it makes me look redish. Looking at comments from people who like it, maybe I am really missing out, not being able to tune it in Linux.

    • Well yeah. That's pretty much your problem there. You either need a camera with support (good luck) or windows when you need webcam.

      If you are masochist, use your mobile phone camera and droidcam or Elgato capture box

    • For any Linux users out there, this post inspired me to do some digging around, I found this app https://github.com/azeam/camset that allows you to tweak some of the camera settings on Linux, I managed to make the picture slightly better.

    • All three Logi cameras that I own have terrible default settings, for example, exposure is set to levels where everything is a smeared mess if it moves.

  • +1

    Does this work well with a MacBook?

    • yes it does work with a Mac.

    • I dont have a mac but there are reviews in Amazon saying this doesnt work with latest version of mac.

  • +7

    The irony that there are literally thousands of these sitting unused at empty desks in buildings that will likely never be full again.

    • Don’t know what businesses are these since the 92x are consumer models used for homes. Businesses will be using the professional setup ($$$) and usually only one or two per floor in meeting rooms. Prior to this they would have been attached to laptops which people have brought home with them.

  • Oh of course, I just paid $109 for one on eBay last week…

    • +2

      Look at the bright side, they were going for around $200 not that long ago.

      • +1

        Thanks for the pick me up haha. I shouldn't complain as I was happy to pay that price and it's been a great webcam so far.

  • I bought this 3 months ago, it worked fine for 3 days, then dead, just black and dead. No button to reset, spent hours to fix it, nope.

    Returned it to Amazon, and they honored it.

  • +1

    Have had one of these two years and best cam I've owned. Just bought another, no idea why….

  • yes!!!
    this is a 2019 price get this!! I remember paying this price in 2019 at EB games so definatlly get it!

  • +2

    Perfect timing now that WFH is no longer the recommended way of working

  • Got this last year, it's excellent. I do find its dynamic range slightly worse than my old camera but the image quality is dramatically better.

  • If I need a good mic for Zoom calls, should I get this or a good dedicated USB mic like Samson at around the same price?

  • +2

    I paid $169 in the height of COVID (was also hard to find), so great price at $99. Also a very good camera for general work (and from what I read, game streaming), with a very good mic. If you don't have one and need a camera, go for it! :)

  • Asus C3 is better than this. JB hifi had sale before $74.50

  • +1

    Cheers op, received mine today.

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