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meross Smart Plug 4 Pack HomeKit Version $65.24 Delivered @ meross direct via Amazon AU


meross Smart Plug 4 Pack HomeKit Version $65.24 @Amazon
Original Price: 86.99

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I read some comment about this blocking powerpoint next to each other in Australia? Can you confirm

    • yeah they are quite big, in all directions

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      I can confirm

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      Yeah, you wont be able to use the other powerpoint. But very stable when comparing it to the cygnett smart powerboard.

    • Shame :(
      My current place have those double powerpoint next to each other and I need them all.

    • That's correct. I bought this 4 pack and using one blocks second port.

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    And have they fixed the intermittent wifi disconnections- i’ve been reading in the reviews?

    • I believe so, mine have been very stable.

    • I’ve had mine for a year now. Never had an issue

  • I see postings for these types of devices reasonably often- what do people use these for?

    • realistically.. probably anything you would use normal plugin timer controller or thermostat controlled (though you obviously need another smart thermostat in your eco system) plug for the second

      i have 4 of these meross plugs.
      i use one to turn on an ancient washing machine over night so its done when i wake up..
      i use a couple at christmas time to control christmas lights
      i think the third one is still in the box

      nothing agains the brand, other than size, they work as intented, i just dont have a huge use for them.

      • Thoughts exactly. In trying to find a use case. Apart from Christmas lights im struggling.

    • We have a cabinet with LED lighting that this turns on and off and a seperate lamp for the same purpose.

      They are annoying big though.

  • Does anyone know what controller is in these Meross plugs? I'd like to know if they're esp/compatible, to flash esphome for homeassistant integration.

  • 3 Camels says best price ever for the 1, 2 and 4 packs (HomeKit version).

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