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Norton 360 Standard 1 Device 1 Year Email Key - $8.99 (Save 90%) @ SaveOnIT


Norton 360 Standard 1 Device 1 Year digital license. Delivery by email (No physical item). Suitable for new subscription or renewal. Always the latest version. - $8.99 - SaveOnIT (Save 90%)

Norton 360 Standard 3 Device 1 Year Email Key. $15.99 usually $119 (Save 87%)

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  • +12

    This stuff is legit worse than actual viruses.

    • +1

      Why do you say that?

      • -2

        Because they have also snuck a crypto miner in there using your PC resources and increasing your power bill ;)

        • -1

          Wish they would sneak one in to mine, it sits on 20mb of RAM and 0.1% CPU i could run it on my watch.

          • @LowRange: It's in there, just switch it on if you want to donate more money and resources to them ;)

            • @7ekn00: It's opt-in which is fine. Good idea in theory for the average punter who knows nothing about mining. Back in the day i run SETI to donate my idle cpu time. But looks like their fees are a bit high.

            • @7ekn00: Announcing it on their website is not very sneaky..

              • -2

                @Ryballs: Indeed, totally legit thing for an anti-malware company to do as a money grab ;)
                Next step, enable it by default, just like they enable auto rebilling via credit card on install ;)

    • I agree the popups and warnings and up sells drive you crazy .

      • +1

        Then turn them off in Settings > Administrative settings > Special offer notifications > Off

        That's in NIS, i guess 360 will be similar.

        • @LowRange
          I didn't know about this.

          (For others: Scroll down to see Special offer notifications).


    • And Windows Defender is actually better last time I looked (couple of years ago).

  • +3

    Slightly cheaper through their eBay Store

  • +2

    Good deal, I still use Norton.

    • -1

      Do you love the crypto miner snuck in there then?

  • -2

    Norton is not a good anti-virus. Most people dont need more than what windows already provides and if you do look to avast or sophos. Please stay away from trend-micro and norton.

    • Been using Norton since 1998. Never had a problem. Microsoft are late arriving also rans in this space. Where was Microsoft Security in 1998!!?? And as for the alerts and popups, it helps to know what you're doing WRONG!! Just yesterday I attempted to download a Chrome update that Norton stopped because it contained a TROJAN! Job done. Thanks Norton.

    • Why not trendmicro?

  • Got the one for 3 devices and the VPN quite worth it.

  • Irrespective your political view on Rusia, this or Kaspersky?

  • Y'all do know this is straight out of Russia right?

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