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Exped Camping/Hiking Mats Sale (e.g. Synmat XP 7 Medium $137.97) Delivered @ K2 Base Camp


K2 Base Camp are selling Exped sleeping mats at really good discounted much cheaper than other retailers at the moment. Note that their 10% code (joining mail list) don't work on these sale items.

Exped mats are top quality and come with a 5 year warranty. Though some people do report of blown baffels.

Exped SynMat
Exped DownMat

My personal recommendations would be the ones that come with the yellow pump bag (schnozzel bags) as they are $50 purchased seperately and inflate much faster than the integrated pump mats:

Camping mostly in areas above 10 degrees at night - Exped SynMat XP 7 Long Wide

Camping mostly in areas below 10 degrees at night - Exped Downmat XP 7 Long Wide

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    Just be aware these exped mats have a reputation of blown baffels, meaning part/s of the mat ballooning up leading an unusable state.

    Good warranty service tho(5 years).

    • Thanks for the heads up mate. Personally I've had 2 Expeds mats (5+ year old downmat 2+ year synmat) and never had a blown baffel. Maybe I'm just lucky. Though I normally don't sleep on a fully inflated mat as it's too hard for me. I've heard their warranty is good too so hopefully if people do have a blown baffle it's an easy replacement process.

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        You've good luck with yours 👍

        • I've lost 2 to blown baffles (I call it sausaging) have seen some others do the same, although didn't stop me buying another.

      • Same here

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      That issue was supposedly fixed ~2017. I've got an older one that was still OK last time I checked. Good mat at this price IMO.

    • I've had exped synmat UL7 for years. Nothing has blown up yet. Dont go hiking every weekend though thats for sure.

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    I don't know anything really about mats. What's the difference between this and something like this: ishort.ink/QCeJ ? Thickness and R value seem comparable as does waranty?

  • OP, what do you mean by "old Exped sleeping mats", is this second hand?

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      Sorry mate I meant that they are clearing their old stock. That's how I interpreted what they mean by 'last season stock' on the website ad. I removed 'old' from the deal post to avoid any confusion. They are brand new from my understanding.

  • Does the temperature rating actually make a difference? Would you get too hot with a low temp one in a warm environment?

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      In my experience there's no difference in a warm environment. The temp rating only really makes a difference when it really cold in which case you're going to want the best temp rating as much as possible.

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      the mats rated for colder temps are usually just heavier and bulkier than summer mats. you would be comfortable on either in warm weather, but the light mats will not provide much warmth as you approach zero or below. You can slightly improve insulation by adding a 'yoga' style foam mat underneath which will give you a couple of degrees

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        The weight and pack diameter of both summer and winter variants seem the same though? Based on their specs on the website.

        Ohh because the insulated one is smaller…. Hmmm I may need to go with the summer one since I won't fit on the winter one :O

        • ha yeah a narrow mat is not fun. ive got a Synmat 7 (no blowouts yet but not used that often)

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      Depends how warm an environment you’re in. You can cater your sleeping bag to suit a little and just unzip more so it’s cooler if needed, but if you’re camping somewhere hot and humid at night (eg warm enough to only use a liner) you’d hate having a warm pad.

  • I wonder how this would compare to s2s etherlite XT which is $202

    • R-Value wise both the Exped synmat and downmat is higher but in terms of weight they are a bit heavier. Shape and size of the mat is also a personal preference.

  • +1

    I have an exped megamat 10 and its the best thing ever. If only they were on sale I'd buy 2 more.

  • Thanks OP. Just ordered one.

  • Thanks OP! ordered one to replace a decade old SynMat that delaminated!

  • Are these ok to put in a camping swag? Do you replace the existing foam mattress (70mm) with this or do they complement each other?
    My swag is 90cm wide but these are 65cm wide. Not sure. Thanks

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      These are inflatable air mats so it's not really a replacement for a foam swag mattress. These aren't as comfortable as good foam but I find air mats to be comfortable enough to me to not really mind either. This mat wouldn't suit your swag as it's not wide enough and more designed for hikers and tent campers.

    • You could look at an Exped Megamat 10 or 15, they're supposed to be excellent and what I'm waiting for a deal on, but they're still narrower than your current one at 77cm for the single.

    • +1

      You'll loose a major benefit of a swag with an inflatable mat. Rolling it out and being ready to sleep.

  • Update: They've raised the prices now.

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