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Bissell TurboClean PowerBrush 2222F $299 Delivered @ Bissell AU


The BISSELL TurboClean PowerBrush is a convenient upright carpet washer to help bring your area rugs and carpet back to life.

  • Powerful suction and a 4-Row Rotating DirtLifter® PowerBrush loosens and removes tracked-in dirt.
  • Rotating DirtLifter® PowerBrush combined with powerful suction scrubs stains and lifts deep down dirt.
  • At 5.8kg it's easy to manoeuvre and carry so you can quickly clean up messes.
  • Includes a convenient handle that collapses for storage, making the machine compact to fit into small spaces for storing.
  • 2 Tank System keeps clean and dirty water separate.
  • Cleanup is easy with a nozzle that can be detached and rinsed off at your sink before putting away
  • While carpet cleaning, the EdgeSweep® bristles can clean along the baseboards and around furniture.

Included formulas:
1X Wash and Protect Pro- sample size 236ml
1X Oxy Boost- sample size 236ml

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    We had an experience with a model similar to this (but also had a hose), it was throwing out water from the bottom tank constantly.

    • Same experience as mine

      • What did you end up getting

    • Did you ever find a good one that didn't have any issues?

      • I have a Bissell PowerWash PowerBrush. Been using it for 9 years now although I use it only 2-3 times a year though. Cleans very well and makes my carpet feel lush again.

        • So the issue above is not present in this deals model?

          Also what are the steps involved say for a dirty spill of chocolate milk and then trying to rinse it out with water.. Do you vacuum first then clean after?

          • @AlienC: No idea. Review for the 2222F seems very good in lots of places.

  • i’d never deal with bisell ever again.
    Our crosswave model started a crack on the handle plastic and rubber around it 3 months in. I’ve never seen other brands having this issue.

    Been waiting for a response for 3+weeks. Until I chased them, they told me this is negligence not covered under warranty. I’m going to consumer affairs against them never week.

    • +1

      i bought the Spot Cleaner, and found it to be rubbish. Took it back to retailer, and while i was there, happened to have the Bissell rep instore. Had a chat to him, and explained the faults with the machine and even he agreed it was a POS

      • I've had the spot cleaner for years. Generally works fine, unless I forget to close the rubber seals/caps

  • for occasional deep cleans Id go hire a professional britex unit. They're faster and do a better job. You could hire one several times for this price.

    • Got any links on where to hire and do they deliver and pick up?

      • +1 keen to to the entire home which is carpeted, so this will be good information to have.

      • +1

        You can hire carpet cleaners like the Britex for about $47 for 2 days from Bunnings. Shampoos and chemicals are extra. Check out their website.

        • Yep Bunnings or some woolworths have them in store. You buy the cleaning solution as well which is reasonably priced. Bunnings have carpet & upholstry formulas I think tiles as well.

        • Problem is transporting the equipment to and from Bunnings my only option would be taxi and that would add about $20-$30 extra maybe to the cost for two trips.

  • +2

    Choice recently reviewed these machines… and I ended up buying one of the recommended ones (the Pet one below as it has handy attachments).

    The top 3 models in order:

    Bissell Powerclean 2889F (80%), Bissell Pro-Heat 2 Revolution Pet 2066F (77%), Vax VX97 (76%).

    For reference the hire ones scored lower, but still scraped in with a recommended tag.

    Britex BR11 (70%), Rug Doctor Might Pro X3 (70%).

    Either way you still have to buy the consumables renting or buying. Rentals are $50 for 2 days hire.
    You don't have to store them or clean them after use, but aren't available in cupboard for when you need them (pet mess, wine spills etc).
    Plus, I don't like the idea of hundreds of other people using these machines before me… cleaning up all sorts of crap (literally).

    If you've got young kids or pets, you really need one of these in the cupboard or garage… they are awesome.
    A relative recently moved into a rental that had been "professionally cleaned" (you could see the lines in the carpet and it was still damp).
    To see if my machine could do any better I ran it through the lounge room. Water came out black, so ended up doing the rest of the apartment!

    Another good thing with these cleaners (if you get one with attachments), is you can clean lounges and dining chairs. Mine came up new (had stains and were getting a little 'sticky' on the arm rests of the lounge). Thought I was close to throwing it away… nup, good for a few more years now :).

    • +1

      Nice review and write up really appreciate it as I'm sure do many others.

      How much did you get your machine for and are there any quirks or tricks you had to learn thorough using it.

      For example i recently purchased the germanica stick cordless vacuum from coles for roughly $80.

      It is average at best and does the job but there are definitely quirks such as you can really only go one direction and doing the back and forth sweep is not doable because of the motorised brush that prevents back sweep movement.

      The suction is average and actually a lot worse when compared say to a pacvac battery powered backpack vacuum but they can cost easily 3 to 10 times more so the price to performance ratio is justified. It gets most garbage and dust but definitely feels like it is on the medium to weak side compared to say a Dyson or Xiaomi but it probably beats a $30 big w contempo stick corded vacuum that i bought years ago but just barely if not on par.

      So yeah how would you rate and review this carpet cleaning vacuum.

      • +1

        $549 from Good Guys was purchase price.

        The cleaning system you are describing is completely different. Far cheaper, but far worse in cleaning performance. Like everything you get what you pay for. What you're describing (especially with the battery powered system) is completely inferior from a cleaning power point of view.

        There are quite a few Youtube clips showing its performance and how to use it, I recommend checking them out to give you an idea of how to use it (like how fast to travel).

        Instructions say to move forwards (with spray on), then move back on same path (with spray on), then repeat up and back along that same path with just vacuum (no spray) to collect all the fluid.

        I prefer to let the carpet stay wet for a tad longer, letting the detergent work into the agitated carpet fibers (the power brush heads have had two goes at the same section of carpet).

        So what I do is move across one width and lay down a new wet section up and back (before vacuuming the first line to suck up the fluid). Then after that I move back to section one and vacuum up and back (slowly sucking up as much dirty fluid as possible), followed by the 2nd line dry vacuum (no spray) up and back. Working in that 1,2,1,2 line motion I work across the room, giving each vacuum line that little bit of extra soak time before sucking it up.

        I move much slower on the sucking than I do on the spray application. The first part is to get the carpet wet and agitate the fibers… not to suck up too much liquid. The second part is where you move slower and allow the brushes to agitate the carpet and suck up as much fluid as possible up and back. You can see through the see-through vacuum head how much liquid you're sucking up and what colour it is.

        If you find a patch that seems to suck up more discoloured liquid than the rest, run over it a second time with a respray and suck to get more of the stain/deep down dirt.

        It's strangely very satisfying seeing all that black liquid come up! You can feel, smell and see the difference of clean carpet.

        • I see. Yes I think for my emergency situation (spilled milk and water all over the carpet) I need to hire a professional and definitely can't use a cheaper option.

          Thanks for your reply was great reading it.

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