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Seagate Exos X18 18TB Enterprise CMR HDD US$358.07 (~A$485.78) Delivered (GST Inclusive) @ TechOnTech Amazon US


Not a bad deal for the 18TB drive for those that want to buy via Amazon. This is via a 3rd party though so I'm not sure how returns are handled.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Currently showing USD 311. Enjoy!

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      Nope, showing US$358.07 including GST+P&H exactly as the title described.

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        Order Summary
        Items: $311.00
        Shipping & handling: $14.52
        Total before GST: $325.52
        Estimated GST to be collected: $32.55
        Order total: $358.07


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      Before GST and shipping.
      311+ 14.52 shipping + 32.55 GST = 358.07

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    I have to admit I'm not too keen on buying direct from a third party seller on Amazon US (as opposed to Amazon US via AU). I appreciate it's at least shipped by Amazon US but given the risk of damage in shipping, and some of the other reports over the years of dealing with Amazon US for returns, I'm not eager to find out… but hey for those who are willing to, this is a steal. Even a shucked 16TB Exos X16 isn't too different in price to this!

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      I agree with you. Considering all those factors, it still remains a gamble if they will honor a warranty here. At the very least I would do it through the Aussie amazon store, cause at least you can get amazon to honor a warranty.

      • Is there an easy way to find US items via the .au site? I can't see how to re-find the same items since all the 18Tb Exos come up as $700ish, which is obviously not the same seller.

        • I don't think you can for this item. I was suggesting that I would only purchase if I could do so through the amazon .AU domain. I have had bad experiences with both Seagate and WD in the past when buying drives internationally. Amazon is also a pain to claim warranty, but if you persist they do relent.

        • Only sold by amazon is available via the .au site. The third party sellers are US only

  • There is also the GB where you can still get this drive from the seller for $290USD ($393 AUD) delivered, however warranty return is back to Hong Kong.

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      Is it possible if you could link us with what you believe is still open? My understanding was it was closed (assuming we are talking about the same one) but totally happy to be shown I am wrong since I wanted to get in haha

      Edit: Oh and do you know if those drive come with seagate warranty or is it as I assume seller warranty?

      • We are talking about the same one. If you contact the seller directly I believe they were still honouring the price. The warranty is 3 years return to seller or if your in the US its local warranty according to HGST.

        If you want local warranty here in Australia you have to pay 65% more and purchase it here. For that much more I'm willing to risk the overseas purchase. Also I have purchased 3* WD HC550 16TB drives from that seller and have no issues as of 2 months in.

        • I'm interested, can you share more on who this seller is? :)

        • All good I understand the risk part. I saw on the thread that others had to pay for return shipping with DOA units. Are you aware of any other cases?

          • @ShrewdBargin: 1 has had to pay via Aussie post the other is unclear of if the seller has with fedex

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    I have one and it's very noisy

    • That sucks. I have a bunch of the previous run of the 16tb and they're all super quiet.

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    Regarding warranty, Seagate will tell you there are regional limits, it is nonsense as there are provisions in the competition and consumer act 2010 that explicitly state that physical jurisdictions are no exclusion to warranty obligations - if you're an Australian and you purchase overseas, or they're an overseas company but they sell to Australians, you are protected by the same Act (return, repair or refund). Seagate also allow you to return up to three items a year from overseas jurisdictions without even having to jump through hoops using their online warranty claim system, so if you're just Pu chasing a few drives for yourself that is fine (it just discourages grey market reselling).

    Just make sure you get an invoice/receipt from the seller - Amazon third party sellers have to be chased up for that, and without it you make your job significantly more difficult getting warranty support out of Seagate.

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      Do you have an official source on this? I was under the impression that the company had to have directly sell to Australians or such otherwise grey market sellers could force them to honour warranty to a region they might not sell a product to

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        If the seller doesn't have an ABN (and therefore isn't Australian in any form) then I don't see how the ACL would apply, let alone be enforced?

        An AliExpress seller giving me a crappy product would laugh at an ACL complaint

        @TrevorX definitely needs to recheck his sources.

        • Yeah found this out the hard way buying from Melbourne electronics store. As soon as I tried to get my money back for non delivery (the tracking had two entries, Picked up and in transit 1 minute apart). The seller never responded. Eventually changed their store to say best Chinese seller and removed all the Aussie flags. Though they still have the location as Melbourne Australia. Ive spent far too much time talking to nsw fair trading, a legal partner etc, Ebay wont give the address unless the police request it and even if they do without and ABN none of the state agencies, ACCC or ombudsman can do anything. They can give statements at court but without an abn they have no enforcing powers.

          I may potentially be able to hold ebay responsible as they asked me to wait when I contacted support then told me I left it too long. And I paid with gift cards so no mastercard fraud protection or bank charge back.

          TLDR; @Switchblade 88 is completely correct as far as enforcing the ACL. You can try your luck at a tribunal or court but good luck with them showing up.
          If amazon au is the retailer though then its all on them and ACL applies.

    • if you're an Australian and you purchase overseas

      Lol. Wrong.

  • I hope it is well padded in bubble wrap.
    Good change that it could be damage in transit?

  • This or shucking a WD 18TB. I hear these things are loud, but I wonder if the WD is any different.

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      If the price is the same, definitely this. It's the highest tier Enterprise drive which means reliability.

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        I think I'll stick to WD/HGST. I've been with them from 2TB to 10TB and haven't had any issues.

        There is still a higher % of Seagate failures according to BackBlaze.

        Also the WD/HGST has a 512Mb cache. Probably makes no different in my use case. Warranty might be easier as well.

        • If you have made up your mind, why bother?
          BlackBlaze, the basis of your opinion, still use Seagate the most, and they didn’t use Exos X18.

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    I've bought from this store TechOnTech before. They shipped it in a hard cardboard box with thick bubble padding inside. The drive was safe and secure.

    I checked the warranty on the Seagate website and it's valid for 5 years (till January 2027). I would happily buy from them again. Recommended.

  • If you prefer the 18TB HC550 from Amazon US it is $539 delivered - today reaching under $30 per TB. https://www.amazon.com.au/HC550-18TB-512MB-SATA-Ultra/dp/B08...

  • I asked TechOnTech regarding warranty, this was their response:

    We offer two different conditions:
    1. Through FBA, it is NEW condition with 5-year manufacturer warranty through Seagate USA.
    2. There's also a Used-Like New condition offering, shipped by us or FBM, that is a manufacturer refurbished drive with a 2-year seller warranty.

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