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[VIC] Barcelona Outdoor Chair with Footrest $30 (Was $129) @ Bunnings Mill Park


Barcelona Outdoor Chair with Footrest $30 (Was $129) @ Bunnings Mill Park. Three colour options to choose from.
13 boxed units on my walkthrough of this particular store in the outdoor furniture open area.

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    Not for OzBargainers. Max weight 110kg.

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      Thanks OP, bought 2

    • You mean "The General", who is an OzBargainer?

      • you

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    Seeing these “clearance” prices just serves to heighten my suspicions that Bunnings is largely a peddler of overly marked up junk (akin to kogan etc)

    Presumably they are still making a profit selling at $30, what a rip

    • Bunnings is largely a peddler of overly marked up junk

      I'm not sure I believe that. I didn't neg you by the way.

      A lot of products that Bunnings sells are priced the cheapest - sometimes even when compared to Ozbargain favourite AmazonAU. This is based on my personal experience only - obviously I haven't compared every single product at Bunnings to other retailers…

      However, I wholeheartedly agree with you about Kogan (and would also like to add Catch to the list).

      • No they’re not, they’ll rip you off on some things, especially in the trades sections (eg timber, fasteners etc) but cheapest on others, often by dint of offering rebranded generic Chinese imports which are ideal for the amateur / low budget house. They do have huge buying power and you can definitely pick up some good deals but you need to be a little aware of what it is and the competition - you could be surprised.

      • a lot yes. cuz they have 10k+ products in their store. so 1k is still alot.
        a lot of products are expensive too

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      Bunnings have got away with this their entire history. Every product in the store is just rebranded alibaba junk with their own SKU so they have no products to compare it too. All of the marketing money goes to making the place look cheap. (profanity) vector graphic catalogues man. Seriously. Masters could have won this battle if they just….did some research.

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        Might as well add Kmart, BigW, Target to that list. These huge warehouses don't pay for themselves. The land, the construction, the staff.

        I don't have an issue with sourcing cheap crap from China. A silly socket set or a set of bit adaptors imported for cents and sold for dollars is fine, places need to make money even if it’s a few hundred % markup. They also sell brand names for normal prices. No different to the other players. But I do agree that they carry a lot of their own brands and some things are not that competitively priced. Like anything DYOR.

        Making places look like a 'warehouse' is part of the appeal to make the average consumer think they are getting things at warehouse prices. Look at Chemist Warehouse with their stupid logo with some old-school font, and post-it-notes for prices. This isn't because the company is tight, it's because they want to appear cheap.

        Kogan and Catch, are the bottom-of-the-barrel cheap and nasty. For sure they go with the cheapest supplier no matter how seedy and crusty the product is. Thankfully these places won't be around forever and will celebrate when they are gone.

        Too much of Kogan's shit ends up in land fill. Might as well cut out the middle man, import the stuff and drive it directly to the tip.

      • I miss Masters. Loved the polished concrete floors

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          I love their decent "Made in US" tools.

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      Yep, used to work in merchandiser for import/export company, can assure you even $30 they're still profiting about 150-200%, not to mention when you know the 50 led Christmas light FOB cost of US$0.45/cents, and how much the sales price are, but hey you've got to import more than 1 container to get that price.

      Box fan is another case US$5 with timer, US$4 without timer. Or maybe I should stop here, otherwise I am breaking down OZB spirit, since you can't obtain the deal.

      About fair price, if you used to work in merchandise once, you'll know they are all BS. You don't have to believe me, people can always read what they wish.

    • Can almost guarantee these would be well below cost price. Having worked in retail/buying for several years, it would be impossible to sell and make a profit at this price. I would assume head office have markdown to $129 (to exit the item as profitable as possible). I’d be almost certain then, the store has markdown them down to clear space for other ranges/stock. This is also why most Bunnings store don’t price match each other.

    • What's your issue? Most of them are made in some Chinese factory, with bunnings, you get better warranty and they are available around the Australia to walk in and walk out with one.

      People always forget about the overhead cost.

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      i know first hand as a chair designer that the cost price would be $30 if not more landed.

      Absolutely no profit in that sale.

    • What? THey ahve been selling these for ages, they are a bargain. Pity I dont have a need for one and havent used my current ones for years

  • Can't find it on Bunnings.com.au

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      hence why it is a specific store mentioned

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    Not a Barcelona chair

    • I was puzzled because I don't recall seeing such a seat throughout the city of Barcelona.

      But Wikipedia reckons that "Barcelona Chair" is a style of furniture first exhibited globally by a German couple at the 1929 world fair in Montjuic.

  • Just when outdoor chairs are most suitable when it is raining everywhere and cold temperatures coming soon.

  • Good deal,Still $129 in Sydney bunnings

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    They're not on special in Tuggerah

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    Saw these at my local for $20 last weekend but there was only 4 on a pallet and 0 when I walked past again 15 minutes later.

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    Was able to get 2. Thanks OP

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    Got the last two! Thanks OP!

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      I thought I got the last two?

      I had to call them to put two aside for me as it was almost an hour away for me

      • I don't know man, I've seen two and got them. Didn't see any other around the store!

        • Interesting. They told me I got the last 2.

          Must be their sales tactics.

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            @edrift: There were two separate stacks in the outdoor section.

            • @yojabbajabba: Ahh good to know.
              I wanted the sage ones but ended up with the coral ones instead as that's all they had (so they told me).

              Interestingly it looks nothing like the colour on the box

  • Make sure to pronounce it BaTHalona as that's the way the Spaniards say it. Just like Galicia is pronounced GaliTHia. Impress your friends as a know it all. ;-)

    • How do you pronounce it in Catalan though?

  • Does other bunning store will price match it?

    • No because there are none left to price match

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