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DJI Mini 2 $668 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Can try price match at JB Hifi which has it @ $749 -

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    This is a great price that I'd jump on if not for the Mini 3 rumoured to come out in April!

    Also, this is US stock !!!

    Get the Australian stock here for $668.

    • Thanks updated the link

    • Isn't the mini 2 kinda new? I recall the mini 1 dropping in super price about 12 months ago? You could buy it at JB super cheap and the differenrce from 1 to 2 was very minor.

      249grams right?

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        Ocusync 2.0 and new camera sensor were the main upgrades

        • Physical sensor is the same, just upgraded to support 4k30 recording.

  • Cheaper on Lenovo.

    • No stock

      • Wow really. It was there when I checked last time.

  • nice find, I'm chasing the mini 2 combo for under 800, no luck so far

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      Yeah I saw cheapest at anaconda or Goodguys commercial. $848. May be buy when you go overseas and do TRS at airport

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          I'm not really against this one… It was really just a loophole for "Wealthly" people to skip some tax.

          Yes if you can afford an overseas trip you are some what "wealthy" and can afford to pay the tax on your new drone… Or laptop or whatever.

          • @brad1601: TRS is so weird. WHy give tax back to ppl who won't be here to complain, and can't vote?

    • I ended up paying high 700's for the combo a while back. Used a student discount from D1 store, (DJI's official distributor in Aus) a bit of negotiation at TGG and dicounted gift cards.

    • The mni 1 combo was like $400 or something crazy when the mini 2 came out.

  • Anyone know where/what they cost to repair? My friend's one lost its mind & crashed. Never been the same. App complains about blade speed, and the camera 'clicks' to a different angle when trying for 90deg down. Takes 3-4 attempts before it'll stay.

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      If you don't have djicare you have to try your luck and send it away to them…

    • D1 is official DJI repairer, free repair quotes.

      Was reasonable rates.

    • Expensive. We tried the official + a third party to get a quote. I think one wouldn't quote without sending in, the other was like $4-500. Not worth it. We broke a few bits of the gimbal plastic component, everything else is fine. Hopefully can glue it back together.

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    DJI Mini 3 in April….

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      Expensive, and going by availability of other electronics will it be really April?

      • Hoping they will bring HDR into the Mini 3. It will be worth the price if it does.

        • How much is Mini 3?

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            @TomGum: Dunno yet until it is out (if at all). Only rumoured for April this year.

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    Your better off to price match officeworks. Would be $601.20

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      Isn't it 5%, so approx $630?

      • Yer my mistake only 5%

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      Do OW actually pricematch Amazon?

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        From my experience they care more about if the model numbers line up than the retailer.

      • I think they changed their price match policy to price match online places a couple of years ago.

  • I've always wanted to capture videos from above for fun e.g around the area my house is or maybe some place i go to with the kids.
    The question is, do you guys think its worth while enough to be paying this much for something like this drone?

    • Try with a less expensive option first and see if its worth it. Then invest in this if it triggers your passion

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        Sorry to disagree, but buying a cheaper drone is not the same. Anyone who does that might be dissuaded by the clumsiness of 50 dollar drones. If by cheaper you mean 100-300 dollar drones, its better to put your money towards either this or dji mini se, rather than wasting your money.

        • In the same boat. Tried a $50 one, it's crap. Looking at a $150 one, and wondering if it's 150 down the drain.
          But this one, and ppl say u need the combo (duno what that means), what if we get bored with it after a week?
          Also nowhere legal to fly in Sydney. :(

          • @furyou: I believe they are talking about the fly more combo; extra 2 batteries, charging hub, shoulder carrying bag, propeller holder.

          • @furyou: Why would you say its not legal to fly in Sydney, are you talking about CBD?

        • I feel the same about this one, compared to the mavic air 2. The money for this is wasted, when it gets thrown-around in the wind, and simply isn’t capable of doing what we wanted (basic use). $600+ for a toy is a ton of money. I’m sorry if that sounds rude. But it’s our honest opinion/experience

    • I was in the same boat, bought it. Never been happier on a purchase.

      • Thank you and everyone else for your response, i think i may get one :)

    • I have the OG Mavic Mini, and it is potentially the best piece of tech I've ever owned. You cannot go wrong.

    • Yes

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      I recently bought a mini se combo for $500, and that's probably the price point im willing to pay for a flying camera including accessories, those extra batteries feel crucial for a day trip experience.. So far it's been great for travel and checking gutter blockages lol..

  • How much does the flymore combo cost or if you were to buy all that extra essentials?

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    in my opinion fly more combo is worth the extra money, has been under 800 before

  • this or mini3…

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      The answer will always be mini3, probably the question should be do uou want to wait till April or probably even later?

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      If you haven't bought one since it's release 15 months ago you can probably wait another month or two for the mini 3 (I'm in the same boat).

  • Try getting OW to price match Anaconda for the fly more combo.

  • Which is better? This one, or air 2, any difference? ..thanks

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      air 2 has a "360 degree" sensor array, which covers all angles to prevent collision, whereas the Mini 2 only has 2 proximity sensors for below, for it to determine how close it is to the ground (I would assume this was a weight restriction, Mini 2 is more consumer-oriented than Air 2, so should have more safety sensors)

    • Comparing Chalk & cheese. But so is the price.

  • Would anyone know if there is any potential cashback on this purchase?

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    Not expecting this to drop that much when the DJI mini 3 comes out but rather the mini 3 will Goto $1k

    • Agree, due to inflation consumer goods won't get cheaper, they'll get more expensive.

      New models will have a few simple things added and base price goes up.

      Same with computer parts, iphones, ipads etc. inflation is going to hit us all.

      • +1

        And cameras also… Manufacturers pushing the prices up (eg. Fuji or Sony) but that happened already before the pandemic

  • Have the Mini 1, just be warned that, unless it's changed recently, the DJI Fly app is not the biggest fan of Samsung phones (despite being on the Galaxy Store?) and has constant issues with a S9 and a S21 (I'm assuming it's only Exynos models affected so FE models and S22 might be fine)

  • Great deal, but I'd go for fly more combo if available. I got it a month after it was released. Great little device. I got mine for about $780ish after all discounts. The SDK just came out in December last year, and Litchi have started supporting the device. (Big plus)

    If this is your first drone, it's really good. After having it for so many months and also experiencing a crash onto a tree, I think I'd go for something that has 360 degree sensors. This would obviously cost more. I had the DJI care plan and the device was replaced for $79.

    Quite a few features missing for this device if you end up using the DJI app, but with Litchi out, it should be good (haven't had a chance to use it personally yet).

    • Can I ask how you crashed?

      Not being rude, I assume you were clear ahead but strafed sideways without visibility?

      • The drone was set to capture on an autonomous mode. I knew there were quite a few trees where I was capturing stuff so I did a trial run the first time looking at the drone to ensure it doesn't crash into the trees.

        But the second time when I set to autonomous, it went and crashed into the tree.

        If there were 360 degree sensors, this could have been easily avoided.

        • What does that mean, like you identify an object and it attempts to track and then circle the item?

          • @hamwhisperer: Yes, exactly that.

            • @ModiWar: Sorry to hear it!

              Still really want one but can't bring myself to do it. I'll wait for an insane deal again for flymore pack for mini 3 in 2 years!

              • @hamwhisperer: If you are a starter, it's definitely better to go for the DJI care plans. Not sure when the mini 3 is going to release but if the prices are closer to a higher model, I'd definitely invest more. Once you get a hang on the device, you will try finding places where you can find.

  • +3

    Surprised no-one mentioned this:

    It would be much better value to buy the Flymore pack from Anaconda (or price match if they can to the "club price") for $853:

    For $185 extra, you get two batteries ($79 alone), a dedicated carry bag, extra blades, external multi-battery charger pack ($59) is well worth it to any real Drone enthusiasts.

  • If you have QFF membership….this deal will earn you 1800 points in QFF after paying $884 for the MINI2 fly more combo

    • Do you mean spend 2,000 points and get back 1,768?

      • Yep my bad didn't see that one has to spend 2k points……NO DEAL then from Qantas Store!!

  • Where can I fly this in Sydney? I live in 2219 Sans Souci.

    Claydon Reserve Cricket Cage

    • I believe DJI Fly (the app needed for drone operation) can give you a map with marked zones but I'm not too sure if you need to have a drone activated first to view it

    • +1

      You can fly around quite well. Just don't fly to the red zone.

    • There's a lot of places you can technically fly.
      But you can't fly within 30m of other humans. Horizontally - ground, not distance.
      Most drones you see have ignored this rule. All those cool insta park/beach shots? Illegal.
      Where can you go in Sydney and have nobody around? That's the problem I'm dealing with.

      • +1

        Sounds like you can just go vertical from a football field and yell at anyone who's about to jump on the field too.. 😅

        Serious question though, Is the Australian law aswell needing a second spotter when flying? Or is that just for FPV drones? I remember reading something about this a while ago when researching about getting into drones.

        I can't wait to break Portugal laws and zip all over my dads local villages.. 🤣

        • +1

          Don't need spotter for these. What's worse, you CAN'T have anyone other than you and a spotter within 30m radius. Not even the person you're taking photo/vid of.

          So the examples on DJI site, a fun group of 20 somethings looking up as the drone flies away? Illegal.
          You can't do ANYTHING fun with drones here.

          I hear even with pro license, you can't take photos of a subject under the drone.

          • @furyou: Thanks for the info!

            Australian regulations are a crock.

            I laughed when you said not even the person you're shooting. I didn't think of that, you'd need a phone/walkietalkie/earbud aswell just to communicate with subject for different scenes/angles..

            Boy am I glad I haven't invested in one yet. I'd probably be in jail trying to do a barrel roll right over an airport with a group of 1000 people right underneath.. 🤣

            • +1

              @DisabledUser415032: The sh*t think is cool-ass-bogans take these illegal shots all the time, post on insta, and everyone's like wow so cool.

              And really it is, the point of a drone is flying over someone, not be off 30m to one side, may as well just stand on a ladder.

              It's like crap, do I take the risk and get fined? But I need the likes!

              Apparently when real estate agents fly over a house to take that photo, it was illegal until very recently. Kids parties taking a drone shot over 30 screaming 5yo, also illegal but done. Solar installers flyovers? Illegal. Is anyone ever caught? I'm guessing not you see it so often.

              • @furyou: That's crazy. I guess as long as you know the rules, you should be able to get away with most basic things on your own property..

                Like the birthday party shot or checking gutters or even maybe those real estate shots (although that's more commercial, I'm sure someone could still prosecute them later). For you own personal records, like once a year or something I'm sure you'd be fine to snap your property. And because of this, I guess a cheap $50 - $100 Chinese drone with a half decent camera with limited flight time or movement the best for amateur drone pilots..?

                I shouldn't have to say this but don't be dumb and you should be okay, although for some this can be a little tricky in itself.. 🤣

  • is it worth getting these second hand or refurbished ?

  • This is available again at a cheaper price - $638

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