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Coles Mobile SIM 365 Day, 60GB $99 @ Coles


Coles Mobile SIM 365 Day, 60GB $99 @ Coles (Was $120) Starts Wed

Unlimited talk/text to the following 15 countries - Canada, mainland China, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States.

Rollover up to 50GB when you recharge before expiry or when you maintain an active AutoRecharge. Critical Information Summary here.

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    There’s something fishy about this deal’s thumbnail.

  • absolutely a night-mare to deal with, when something went wrong.
    For a cheaper optus, go Catch.
    Even then catch does have issues, but not as dramatic as coles

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      Yep it took me 2 weeks to get the activation working after i put in wrong birthdate. Yes that's my fault but theres No person you can talk to over the phone which could be fixed in 15 minutes. After 3 emails and like 10x tries on online chat it finally got fixed.

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      In my second year with Coles mobile and i have had no problems at all. Recharging was for A$90.00 and was super easy too. Just remember to turn on the auto renew a few days before.

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    Be careful about the recharge. I did mine, on the last day, and something went wrong and it didn't take. I got cut off the next day and I had to escalate to management to get them to add in the rollover data. I would take a snapshot of the screen that shows the recharge has been accepted.

  • my prev Coles prepaid plan is expiring, can I simply recharge using this or do I need to port out and port in again ?

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    Stay well away.

    Somehow as an Optus MVNO the phone service is diabolically terrible (major metro area). No explanation for coverage black spots compared to other phones on the Optus network. MMS does not work as advertised despite following every technical procedure I could find. There is no support. Your area might be fine so good luck.

    Running the data down asap the porting the number out.

    • It works fine for most people. If you are not getting what was described & Coles Mobile can't help or won't offer your money back then tell them you are going to submit a complaint with the TIO.
      This ends up costing them money & they are forced to contact you to resolve the issue.

    • +1

      I'm out in country Victoria and it's exactly the same as Optus was for me (i.e. fine where I live).

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    Note that there is no international roaming with Coles mobile. You can't even receive texts while overseas for free as you can with some other MVNOs (e.g., Lebara). So if you go overseas need to do any banking/work and use your mobile for two-step verification, this won't work for you. It's the only reason I've not gotten Coles. They had roaming but removed it in Dec 2000. More info here: https://colesmobile.com.au/home/page/travel-International-ro...

    • +2

      21 years ago is a LONG time

    • Any idea hints when international roaming will be reinstated? Have taken a 12 month plan recently but have to go overseas sometime this year.

    • Anyone know a good sim plan for roaming? Parents will be traveling to Malaysia, Singapore, and London over the next year, for months at a stretch. They won't need to call or text or data (as they'll get a local number) but need to able to receive calls and texts, ideally free, but if not then cheaply.

  • If I bought this and haven't used it, can I return it for refund?

  • +1

    Service is terrible in my Sydney metro area.
    Calls often get cut off, and the voice quality is just terrible.
    I don't recommend anyone to use this service if you actually need dependability.
    Otherwise, the 4g is not too bad, which can be used for voice calls.

  • Catch deal is better than this offer, $89.00 - 85GB

    • +1

      Not really a fair comparison because it doesn't have any international calls.

    • Yo, choice, I'll give it a look.

  • -1

    If you go with Coles. Ring and say you lost your sim and they will send you a new one. Be prepared because for if you lose a sim, it can take weeks to get a replacement. I lost a sim and it took two weeks to get a replacement.

    • Just go to Coles supermarket and buy a $2 SIM. Support will swap it out and credit you the $2. Aldi does the same.

  • $96 at coles express in NSW. not sure if its national deal. same plan

  • My brother picked one up at Coles Express in Mclaren Vale SA for $96

  • does this count towards weekly spend for Flybuys points?

  • +2

    Offer on special until 29/03/22. Listed again in next weeks store catalogue. Good timing for folks on the Belong $10 plan about to go kaput.

  • Bought this but Coles mobile is terrible at porting the number hence be aware of what you are getting into…I have ported my number and all they say is there are technical issues at their end hence still havent been able to activate my mobile no. They dont even bother giving a turn around time so just have to keep waiting and my current plan end in a day which means i will not be able to use the mobile till Coles mobile resolve the issue.

    • Ported mine fine a few months ago

  • If anyone wants this I'm selling one for $80

    Friend changed his mind again thanks senior citizen friend

    Love old people

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