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Sennheiser HD 560S Over-ear Open-back Headphone $218.90 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU


Very solid headphone for the price, and about $15 cheaper than the last posting. Not the all-time low with cashback stacks, but more than good in the current market.

A smidge brighter than what you might typically expect from a 500 or 600 series Sennheiser, but also has good bass extension for an open-back dynamic driver headphone.

Pretty well reviewed at this point, and a consideration alongside the HIFIMAN HE-X4 given the current price of everything else you'd typically recommend:

  • HIFIMAN HE400 SE - $259
  • Sennheiser HD 6XX - $380 (price hike + GST now added)
  • AKG K612 Pro - $250-$280 (Amazon UK stock depleted, though around $230ish imported from Thomann in Europe/UK)

If you're getting these for an EDM-focused playlist, gaming and movies, I'd say this is a good option, but the K612 would probably be the better all-rounder there, though perhaps at the slight expense of timbre. If you note the impedance curves, both the K612 and this will perform a little better out of well-designed amplification with the K612 gaining upper treble (air) performance, and the Sennheiser getting cleaner in the mid-bass, but don't expect Sennheiser 600 series scaling from either.

Plenty of impressions and reviews in the previous deal threads.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I've been looking at these for a while. I used to have the hd58x's and didn't like them at all. Found them boring. Now I have a set of grado sr80x and a set of Philips Fidelio x2hr headphones and I really like both of them. Are these an upgrade from either of those 2 headphones? I'm a little weary buying something that I can't test seeing sound is so subjective. I did a ton of research on the 58x and was totally convinced it was going to be my end game but I really didn't like it what so ever.

    • The Grado sound is very sibilant, and meant to bring zest to live recordings, while the Fidelio (and Philips open backs in general) sacrifice detail for bass presence, and the X2HR tries to bring detail back in artificially through treble boosts that don't sound natural or pleasant, at least with a neutral and powerful enough setup.

      The 560S should come across as a better headphone, and not boring and overly warm like the 58X can, but you are trading around in the shallow end of mid-fi and should be considering other options as genuine upgrades.

      I'll refer you to this reply I just made, but in your case the gist would be 6XX (when eventually on sale) for music/movies, Edition XS (wait for sales & cashbacks) or Nan-6 for more of a gaming focus, with the Edition XS sounding the widest of the three. If you're buying from Taobao, you also have the option of the Ananda for much cheaper than the international price if you're seeking a drier, more analytical sound that's slightly wider still but offering more diffuse imaging as a drawback.

      I'd also be looking into your amp & DAC setup to try and actually deliver more out of these headphones. As an example, the Schiit Asgard 3 is a fantastic amp for the more difficult dynamic driver and planar headphones, as it's basically the same as a Class A amp, and it's an extremely clear signal. The 6XX, Edition XS and Nan-6 will really scale well on that.

      When you make those moves, I'd highly recommend selling both your existing headphones.

      • Thanks for the detailed reply there mate. I’ll be honest I don’t really want to spend too much money on a dac/amp. I’m currently using the fiio btr5 and it works great for me. Maybe I should just keep what I have at the moment. I’m happy with the two I have and it’s good to have two that sound different. I’ve read that the 6xx sounds pretty similar to the 58x and that worry’s me. Lol. Was looking for a $200 to $300 upgrade from what I have but I think it just opens up a rabbit hole of spending money.

        • The Edition XS and the 6XX should be decent out of that, you just have the benefit of scaling it up down the line. Selling your existing stuff would probably bridge the gap to the XS.

          And for the longer term, I wholly recommend stopping the rabbit hole dive at something like the Asgard 3, then just working on a getting a DAC in the $150-$300 range that suits your tastes.

          • @jasswolf: Another vote for XS, its just superb headphone, regarding Asgard 3, can you point me where to find it online?

            • @radissimo: At the moment? The used market, or direct from the USA. It's a Schiit product.

  • Correction $1.37 cheaper than last deal. The OP for last post never updated the post despite it dropping to $228.55 before it eventually went out of stock for Amazon AU.
    Mine is getting delivered today from that deal.

    • Fair enough, looks like the price dropped twice though.

      • +1

        Dropped again, now $221.65

        How low will it go?

        • Another day, another 2 dollars (off)!


  • Anyone use them for gaming. Specifically on ps5

    • On consoles, you tend to be limited by the tiny amp & DAC in the controller as well as its wireless signal, unless you're willing or able to run a cable from the back of the console (possibly via a USB-C dongle?).

      They'd go ok, but you might be happier with the value of an IEM if fitment isn't an issue, or something like the Koss KSC75 ($20-$25), or the new Koss KPH40 when it drops to a reasonable price (think $40-$50).

      If you really want an improved audio step up for your PS5, you've got two options:

      1. invest in a wired audio setup that connects to the PS5, my guess is the bare minimum will be around $40-$80 for a dongle on sale from AliE (look into the Tempotec Sonata E44 during an AliE sale with cashback, though you just missed one).

      2. wait for Bluetooth LE Audio headphones to roll out with LC3 low latency - ideally LC3 Plus low latency - and get an adaptor to go with those that works with the PS5.

      Sony may even release a firmware update that moves over to those newer BT standards, and are usually forward thinking enough to do so with console designs.

    • +1

      I use a pair HD560S as my bedroom headphones, running off my phone with a cheap ChiFi DAC. The cheap DAC drives them well and I don't think I hear any difference compared to through my Asgard 3/Modius stack.

      • You should be able to find one, though I grant you it would be subtle beyond control in the mid-bass. The advice on a more expensive dongle was in a broader context.

    • I’ve got the hd560s, volume is more than loud enough for me plugged in Dualsense controller directly. 60%-70% volume is normally where mine sit.

      • Mid-bass control would be sloppy, due to the varied impedance curve. Loudness, measured in sensitivity, is a different matter.

  • Thanks. Wireless not an issue as the controllers have a 3.5mm jack in them so easier to use a wired one. Using a pair of audia technica for when I don't need mic but have wired astro a10 but very u comfortable and sound is very basic

    • The HD560S have good imaging, so are great for online shooter games. I primarily bought mine for this purpose, but since I got Sundaras I now use them for everything at my PC. 560S are hence relegated to the bedroom.

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