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Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse $122.79 Delivered @ eVisionAU Amazon AU


Cheaper than the last deal sold by eVisionAU, close to the all time low of $120.17, I would buy it if my G502 Proteus from 2016 that I've been daily using would die.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    The all time low is the Catch Deal which was like $60, not $120. I'd know, I got one.

  • I would buy it if my G502 Proteus from 2016 that I've been daily using would die.


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      Got mine 2015, still going strong.

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    close to the all time low of $120.17,

    It was $55 around Xmas…

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      I already said that, but points for trying jv

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        you said $60, I found a cheaper deal.

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          Well, that's incorrect, I said "like" and actually indicated where it was from. But again.. Nice try… 4mins late to do your shitty bold ozbargain message lol

          • @Dvbargain: you mentioned a price 10% more

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              @jv: Sorry jv I am not going to teach you how the word 'like' works in a sentence.

              • @Dvbargain: 55 is not like 60

                • @jv: I disagree.

                  • @Dvbargain: i agree to disagree

                    • @jv: Then I hope you have a good night!

                      • @Dvbargain: I'm having a very good night.

                        how about you?

                        • @jv: Yeah not bad thanks. Need to sleep.

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                            Need to sleep.

                            Same… Waiting for the last MAFS episode to finish first.

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                              @jv: I had to walk out of a room that had MAFs on before. I don't think there's a show that triggers my evacuation of rooms quicker than that absolute rubbish.

                              • @Dvbargain: What? You don't like Domenica ????

                              • @Dvbargain: Also, disappointed Al hasn't had a shoey this episode… :(

                                • @jv: Lmao - ones enough to make a point.

                                  I can't stand it.. I don't know why I just can't. Then I'll go watch absolute rubbish Marvel and DC TV shows and not bat an eyelid.

                              • @Dvbargain: Have you seen Love After Lockup?

                    • @jv: I don’t not disagree

    • wired or wireless?

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    I don't know if these have the nice feeling blended rubber pads on top of the plastic in certain places, but the rubber on my G604 started to lift a month ago (8 months old, daily for office, no gaming), and Logitech refused warranty claiming wear and tear. This seems to be a reported issue on a mouse that still goes for $150+. I did enquire with a friendly guy a HN and he stated they refuse almost all claims, so just wish to share my experience as most people here would expect to get a least 1 year's usage and not be refused under wear and tear.

    18 years of loyalty with their products and I was treated worse than I would have bought a $3 mouse a K-mart.

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      you can get pre cut rubber pads, doesnt excuse the experience you had, but should be a easy fix to save a mouse from redundancy

      • Why should I have to repair it? At this price 1-year should be the min warranty. It also glued down (side has lifted). I am also not comfortable ripping the rest of the rubber off, as it doesn't seem to be replaceable. Logitech also informed me if I attempt to repair (re-glue) or alter or replace any part, then I void my warranty (which seems to be worth jack anyways).

        There are also no replacement parts listed on eBay for the upper rubber piece (where you hand rests). The rubber on the bottom of the mouse are easy to buy, but my issue is basically the entire mid-section of the top of the mouse going down the side, wrapping around the quick keys. Still shocked that they seem to have stooped from being such a great company in the past.

        I also get it only a mouse, but I think I paid $160 (needed one that day), but at least give the users access to the 30 cents of rubber would cost to replace or don't void the warranty for faults not connected to this.

        Anyways cheers for the advice. I will keep await and maybe whinge to Bing Lee alittle more

    • Do you mean the rubber under the thumb rest? I have exactly the same problem with my G604! I will have to resort to using superglue to keep it down, which is horrible.

      • Yup, but the other side also where your pinky would sit (That wraps all the way around the front on that side). Seems to be a huge issue with this mouse.

  • Sub $100 waiting room.

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        Don't bother with the razer basilisk. My one is registering false clicks, unable to click and drag, drops out all the time.


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          I'm not looking for one, very happy with my g703 and have a spare that I got for $60~ on sale. Just wanted scottySK to backup what he claimed.

        • one bad mouse isn't representative of the whole product line. Mine in contrast has been excellent.

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          Fair call, g305 is decent if you have small hands. Not rechargeable though, but battery life is supposedly okay.

          • @combatant: Use a lithium AAA, it makes it very light and it'll last for months. Obviously a rechargable battery would be handy, but at $40 shipped I'm happy to go without.

            It is a small mouse, but I don't think hand size matters as much as grip style. I was hesitant at first as I have XL hands, but after giving it a go it was a perfect fit for me and I bought another for my other PC. But large hands that prefer a palm grip style probably doesn't work well

            • @scottySK: I agree grip matters. Ages ago I tried a g102 (same shape as g305) and found it too small. G Pro Wireless was better and felt better than g703 in a lot of ways, but I still preferred the G703 overall.

              • @combatant: I previously owned a g703 wireless. I liked the shape and feel, but too heavy for my liking unfortunately. Wasn't impressed with battery life either, however this was before they updated the sensor

  • Heads up for those transitioning from the wired version: this one has a redesigned scroll wheel which is worse. It may be lighter, but it is not heavy enough to stop scrolling with the same precision that the wired version does.

    For example, I stop scrolling to the place I want to use the mouse in, but it keeps scrolling: up/down the page, increasing or decreasing music volume etc.

    It's a small inconvenience overall, but it is inconvenient. Logitech sent me a new one because of the issue but it's because of the new design that it happens.

  • $118.79 now, wonder if they'll drop any further. There's been a couple of price drops in the last week.

  • An underwhelming scroll wheel

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