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[iOS, Android] Ampol - Save 6¢ a Litre on Fuel with Fuelpay App, on First 3 Fills at Participating Stores


Repost of this deal and this deal.

Looking for savings on fuel and while activating this deal when I stumbled on this one.
Save 6c per litre on fuel when you use FuelPay for your first 3 fills.

Plus, share the love with family and friends, and you'll get an extra 6c off per litre!

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Referrer gets 6c off per litre on next 3 fills with FuelPay®

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  • +1

    All fuels? Or premium only?

  • +3

    When oil last hit the current price/barrel the price didn't go as high as it is now…is this petrol station greed pushing it up?

    • -2

      High petrol prices means it cost more to transport it 🙄

      • +1

        I thought the tankers ran on diesel

  • It's a 4 hour round trip for me to fill up at my closest location so don't think I'll save any money

    • That's not the OzBargain spirit, it's all about the gross savings

  • +1

    Is this the pay at pump app. I used it when it was caltex, it didn't work so I had to pay in the shop. They said they couldn't give discount. I complained via email and asked for them to refund the discount. I never heard back, got no refund. Beware!

    • happened to me a few times. once, the kind attendant said she could give me a 5 cents off discount was hidden in their system…i thanked her profusely

  • -1

    Combine with Shopback's ampol giftcard and get an extra 3% off.

    • +2

      I don't think this is possible. Does the app allow you to pay via a giftcard??

  • +1

    Looks like you are right. There is no option to pay with a gift card. Might be able remove the payment method and walk into the store and use the gift card. I'll give it a try next time I use Ampol.

  • +1

    See my above comment. Pay in store, and you get no discount.

    • Just looked at Ampol's t&c. No gift cards allowed.

  • Only at 600 of their 1900 locations.

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