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Victorinox 5.4063.18 Fibrox Chinese Chefs Knife $79.00 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Knife post.

Why this is a bargain

RRP is $150, but looking at 3 camels it averages $90 on Amazon. Amazon all time low is $70 in March->May 2020. I ended up buying it at $90.

Do you want or need a Chinese cleaver?

Chinese Cleavers are highly versatile general-purpose kitchen knives that can slice, chop, mince, scrape, and even crush ingredients.

It's a very large knife that I end up using 90% of the time. It's perfect for 'claw grip' slicing and dicing. The other 10% of the time I use the 8" Victorinox chef knife. There's some great Martin Yan videos of him having fun demonstrating the chinese cleaver [1, 2]

But do I need this knife?

There's discussion around the place about whether this makes a good Chinese chef cleaver. I agree with most of the analysis that this knife is not good value if you're chasing a good chinese cleaver. A common recommendation is the F208-2. It's $55.78 on Amazon or $42.95 on Aliexpress. It's worth noting that many of the criticisms are independent of price (knife shape and design, choil width etc) but I find those elements less convincing at this price point.

I bought this knife because:

  • I love the Fibrox handle. It's not for everyone, but I like it and hate going back to regular plastic or wooden handles.
  • I like that this uses the same alloy as the rest of the Fibrox range— X50 Cr Mo High Carbon Stainless (X50CrMoV15). The steel alloy defines characteristics like how sharp you can hone it, how rust resistant it is, how well it'll hold the knife edge, and how resistant to chipping it is. This softer, rust resistant German steel has suited me fine so far.

My review is that I love the knife, but I don't have any other Chinese cleavers to compare against. Could be a trash Chinese cleaver, but it's been a great knife for me. Given I use it every day over any other knife I own, I give it 4.5/5.

Additional Product Information
  • Brand ‎Victorinox
  • Model Number ‎5.4063.18
  • Color ‎Black
  • Product dimensions ‎308 mm x 80 x 1.85 cm; 225 Grams
  • Item Weight ‎225 Grams
  • ASIN B0050DKC3W
  • Customer Reviews 4.7 out of 5 stars 238 ratings
  • Best Sellers Rank 11th in Chef's Knives
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Date First Available 7 November 2017

Edit: Removing previous post due to Insufficient Quantity. Updated for Amazon, Lowest price since March 2021 according to 3 camels

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • 3 left in stock when I purchased. Thanks OP

  • +2

    Great post!

  • +1

    How likely am I to chop off finger tips with this?

  • +4

    Upvoted for the considered, the insightful post!

  • +1

    I have F208-2 and it is very very good. Excellent weight and build quality. Also $24 cheaper than this, but I can see that some people would want to pay more for the different handle.

    • +1

      I like the cleaver banner description on aliexpress link: "fashion must haves 2022"

  • Zhen VG-10 cleaver has a better steel, for a similar price.

    • +2

      That is a cleaver with thick spine (base steel). Good for chopping, not so good for cutting. The victorinox is the better cutting / slicing cleaver, with some soft / mild chopping. You'll find more use for the victorinox style - I have both styles and just never use the chopping cleaver.

        • I wouldn't be buying a VG-10 steel cleaver.
          They even say on the site. DO NOT CUT BONE. Isn't that one of the purposes of a cleaver?
          Sometimes harder steel is not better.

        • Chinese "Japanese" knife vs. a Swiss knife.. Hmmm

          How about no.

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    Great description.

  • Can't add to cart

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    I would rather call it slicer than cleaver to avoid misunderstanding. Chinese cleaver, being similar in shape as slicer, is heavier and thicker so that it can chop medium bones without breaking the blade. You obviously don't want to use a slicer to do the job and have broken bits mixed into dishes.

    • +2

      Yeah, this should be emphasised. This is a chefs knife and not a meat cleaver, in Chinese it is referred to as a a Caidao (Literally Vegetable Knife but actually means Dish/Chefs Knife). Actual cleavers are quite thicker and are either referred to as Roudao (Meat knife) or Zhangudao (Chop Bone Knife).
      Please do not use a Caidao to hack at bones.

  • OOS

  • No blade length? That is strange for a knife sale. Ahh, it's 18cm; found the info elsewhere.

  • +3

    I got a $15 Chinese one from the Asian grocery ten years ago and fully happy with it. I am not a professional butcher just home use.

  • i also just placed an order at $89.95 less cashback. thought i'd give it a whirl

  • +2

    If you'd like to test if this style of knife is for you, but don't want to spend the $80-$90, you can test a Kiwi 830. It's available in many asian grocery shops in Australia for about $15. Currently $26 in Amazon.

    The Kiwi is a great knife and very inexpensive. If you end up using it a lot, it might be worth it upgrading to the victorinox which is dishwasher proof and is made with higher quality steel (can get a bit sharper, edge lasts a bit longer).

    I use my Kiwi nearly every day.


    • Does it have the same proportional weight as a regular cleaver? For example, can you crack open a young coconut with it?

      • That's subjective - different people would have different opinions. But that's the good thing about a $15 knife - you can get one and test it on your own.

        In my opinion, if you're going to use it for that purpose only every now and then it would do the job. If it's something you do regularly I would get something like this

        To be honest the ideal tool for coconuts is a "big knife / machete" but the range of choices is rather limited in Australia. I grew up in south america where the sugar cane and banana industries are large and there's a load to choose from. Different people prefer different weights and lengths etc.
        This is a popular brand for example

    • +1

      Great recommendation! Bought the last one from Amazon.

    • I agree. Have the Kiwi cleaver and love it. I find it holds a good edge too. I've sharpened mine to a 20 degree angle and just run it over the steel before using it everytime. Great for chopping chicken carcasses and the like.

    • username checks out….

      Kiwi knives FTW!


  • Can someone recommend a knife sharpener for this? something simple, none of them whetstone stuff please.

    • If you don't want whetstones, probably the ones with a few ceramic wheels are practical and quick to use.

      There's different brands, this is an example:

      • Thank you, ill have a look into it.

    • Not sure the Minosharp angles will work well for this.

      I'd go for something like this. Versatility of stones without the learning curve


      • +1

        Hmmm, this looks like more complicated than the actual whetstone. Lol, thanks for the input though

        • Clamp your blade in and set the angle. If you don't want to learn to use a whetstone this will give similar results. I can understand it's not for everyone, no problem if it's too complicated for you.

  • is this for desperate people who missed out on the 3070 Ti deal from BPC?

    wait don't chop your gaming mouse in half, better deals will come

  • -2

    Chinese Cleavage ???????

  • I'm pissed that I missed both deals

    • +1

      yeah but how good do you feel about rhyming

      • I have been reading a lot of Dr. Suess to my child

  • +1

    Check ebay, you will see some similar deal

  • well written post.

  • Ahh the meat cleaver, the only knife used in every Asian kitchen.

  • Great post.

  • -1

    Or just grab the 10 dollar cheap ones at the Asian grocers ;) when you know you know.

  • I have one of these - https://www.ebay.com/itm/Handmade-Japanese-VG-10-Steel-Cleav...

    Bit more pricey but it's a great knife.

  • I'm quite happy with the Ikea one I've been using for the past 3 years, but haven't had another cleaver to compare it to. Its nicely weighted (but not heavy).

  • Damn. I missed it. Was going to throw one the Mother in-laws way.

    • Interesting. How does she throw Chinese cleavers?

  • +2

    This looks like a terrible deal. RRP of $150 is ridiculous. A pretty average knife brand with crappy steel and handle. Buy quality or cheap crap, not this expensive crap.

  • The chef in the photo looks really happy to be using the knife, that's how I know it's good quality.

  • some body let Avi know if he needs chopping knife for his chopping board.

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