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Bissell SpotClean Turbo Auto-Mate $239.99 (Was $429) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Supercheap Auto eBay


Finally picked it up, great price!!!
I wanted the spot clean professional with the longer hose, but this has more attachments, bigger reservoirs and a more powerful motor

Previous best deals were $289.99 and $263

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  • has anyone got one? some of the reviews on the supercheap website mention cheaply made components, one mentions a leak


      All these cheaper ones have cheap components….. hence why they are cheap.

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      Got one for the car, so far so good. If you notice weak suction, check that the waste container is sitting properly as it may be leaking air from the vacuum chute.

      You have to get full surface contact with the vacuum head for it to do a proper job. If there's a gap then you'd have to go over the same area a couple times.

      You might accidentally press the spray trigger due to its location.

      If you want the best clean though, I'd recommend getting a wet vacuum from bunnings and just use a spray bottle with soap to do the same job.

      • I went this route with an ozito. They are more cumbersome and much worse quality. I got barely better results from the wet dry vac. Obviously the wet dry vac can do more things though, like vacuuming. Overall the quality at this price is terrible with Bunnings wet dry vacs, and less convenient if that matters.

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          Have read your comments several times and still don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

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            @spasto: He's saying the ozito gets a barely better result than this. So only $50 and you get a barely better result and you can vacuum with it too.

  • Is this one the pick out of the Bissel vacs? So many different options of essentially the same unit.

    Website says it includes.

    Hydro-Rinse Self Cleaning Tool
    Deep Stain Tool
    2-in-1 Crevice Tool
    6 Inch Tool
    3-in-1 Tool
    1X Wash & Protect Pro- Sample Size Formula 236ml

    • Depending on what other cleaning you want to do around the house, a full size/upright Bissell carpet cleaner might be a better option as they come with a hose and attachments for spot cleaning.

      • I've started looking into just using a shop wet/dry vac instead of an extractor. I havent got a shop vac yet and a big concern of the wife was that I would do the cars and the couch and then it'd just sit in the cupboard with no other use.

        But now I need to research shop vacs lol.

        • Yeah a shop vac would be an alternative. A bit fiddly for carpet cleaning as you need to get your cleaning solution on, carpet scrubbed, extract, rinse, extract. You could do it with a pump up sprayer to spray the solution and rinse and a light duty broom to give the carpet a bit of a scrub. Wife might think it's a bit primative though. I use a broom in the garage so haven't contemplated a shop vac.

          • @rodericb: Rinsing is the thing I am reading is the biggest issue with using a shopvac and why extractors are needed in some instances.

    • I have the spot clean turbo pro (purple colour). It's bloody awesome. The main complaint for the smaller ones was the cord length. No issue here but it is a bit of a drag having to get it all setup and then dried once you've finished. A smaller option probably would of been better for spot cleans. For cars, i'd go this one for sure

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    Ordered, thanks alot for sharing this.

  • bought a SpotClean Turbo (non-Auto version) from TGG Commercial about a year ago for $283, has more attachments, and great devoce - I use it in the cars, as well as cleaning up the crap left behind by dropped textas and things like that by the kids, spilt wine, etc

    • Still is that price in TGG commercial. I thought I would save $40 for a smaller head and a bag that I wouldn't use hey. Do you use the smaller head and bag often?

      • I've got a spotclean (not turbo) with 3 heads - large, small, and small with built-in waste water collector. Have used it in the cars several times.

        I barely use the large head. The head with collector is great for small cleans, since you just need to clean the small collection cup instead of the waste tank on the side of the unit.

        • What head is that? Can you see it on the bissell website?

          • @onlinepred: looks something like this, but you'd have to find one for your specific model:

            • @andresampras: Nice thanks for the tip! Looks like they fit both turbo and non turbo models. Not bad for $36! Either way I guess you have to clean the waste container weather it be cleaning the one in the head or cleaning the main container hey

              • @onlinepred: yeah a lot easier to clean the small container though. main container is a very uneven shape on my machine, with small opening.

                also from memory the flexible hose also remains clean, pretty sure - when using the head collector

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          You use that as a wet vacuum? Also just FYI, as a household DRY vac, having had a cheap vacuums with a thick carpet, 100% you will find far better vacuums than the kmart one, 100%.

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      You're comparing apples and oranges? This is a vac for Carpet And Upholstery. It has a wet element to it. The ones linked below are just standard dry vacs. Is there something I'm missing here?

  • Thanks for sharing, OP!
    I went with this deal instead:

    • Extra $50 for an accessory bag and an additional smaller head. It's $280 on good guys commercial

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    Thanks op! ordered one to replace my falling apart Bissell PowerClean which I only use to spot clean dog doodoo's on the carpet.

    • I stopped reading at 'dog'. Much hilarity

    • Google toilet training your dog and save yourself a spot cleaning machine

  • Picked a similar bissell up from gumtree/marketplace for $70
    Gets used a bit

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    Bought one, thanks.

  • Thanks, needed one of these to clean my 4 carpeted bedrooms

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      Yeah, good luck with that.

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        Only took me 7 hours

        • 😂

          How many massage or physio sessions did you need after?

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            @John Kimble: None, I'm used to being on my hands and knees !

    • Oh man, that will be tough!

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    When you're not using it for cleaning, stick it over your head and revive Daft Punk!

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      haha holy moly I needed a good laugh today!

  • Wish I got this one instead of Bissell Auto Spot Clean Carpet Shampooer $179.99 a couple of days ago

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      Have you tried it out yet? Havnt opened mine yet lol

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    Bought a little Bosch bagless from Woolies when they were half-price
    $23 , suprisingly FN good.
    Keep an eye out for future stock.

    • Sorry? You bought a Bosch bagless wet vacuum for carpet shampoo/cleaning from Woolworths?

  • No, haven’t picked mine up yet. Would be good to know the difference besides the price

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    Back in stock. Just got one :-)

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    SCA wouldn't match in store and it was out of stock at the time. It's back in stock now but appears the code isn't working :(?

    Edit: Code expired yesterday sadly.

  • Looks like code already expired. I checked yesterday and thought it doesn't expire until 14-MAR?

  • The code is gone. Was meant to expire on the 14th…

    • Yea, thanks ebay…..

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