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US$299 (~A$415) Refund & 40% off Discount Code @ Fitbit Ionic Product Recall


Saw this recall notice and thought it could be a deal for people who own a Fitbit Ionic. Basically you get a full refund for your used smartwatch plus a 40% off discount code, for use in the official Fitbit Ionic Discount Store. I don't own a Fitbit Ionic so cannot provide more details about the process.

What are the defects?
The lithium-ion battery in the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch can overheat.

What are the hazards?
If the battery overheats while a user is wearing the device, it can pose a burn hazard.

What should consumers do?
Consumers should stop using their Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch and visit https://help.fitbit.com/ionic for information on how to obtain a refund and to receive a discount code for 40% off certain products from the Fitbit store.

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

Model and colour:

Ionic FB503CPBU - Slate Blue/Burnt Orange
Ionic FB503GYBK - Charcoal/Smoke Gray
Ionic FB503WTGY - Blue Gray/Silver Gray
Ionic FB503WTNV - Adidas edition, Ink Blue & Ice Gray/Silver Gray

Sold with a polyurethane band, and has a 1.4-inch colour LCD screen. The model number (FB503) is on the back of the device near where the band attaches. Fitbit is printed on the front of the Ionic Smartwatch.

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  • +1

    Can we find one for sale and make use of the recall and discount potentially?

    • I assume you can. There doesn't seem to be any condition on the date of purchase.

      Maybe buy it from somewhere that allows change of mind full refund to minimise the risk.

      • +3

        From ACCC website: Dates available for sale 1 Sep 2017 - 15 Mar 2022

        I guess selling a product that is subject to a recall cannot be sold.

    • +5

      I was thinking of doing this, but considering how much people were asking, I don't know if it's worth the risk that they have already claimed the refund. I also wonder if now Fitbit will make it so that you cannot sync any 'new' Ionic device with your Fitbit account, considering removing the sync is part of the refund process.

    • -2

      It needs to work.
      Step 2 of the process is that it checks for an active Ionic smart watch to your Fitbit account.

      Have been too lazy to pull my watch out but I will get to it eventually

      • -1

        This is completely wrong.
        I just successfully registered for refund and my watch has been uncharged in the drawer for over a year.

        • Assuming it's still linked to your Fitbit account. I replaced mine with the Sense, and then gave it to my niece who subsequently killed it. I tried to claim and step 2 failed, as the Ionic isn't active on my account.

          • +1

            @fluffymurderball: Maybe contact them and tell them it is no longer linked to your account because your niece was wearing it and has since spontaneously combusted?

            The watch that is, not your niece.

            • +1

              @Tiggrrrrr: @Tiggrrrrr - I did, they said I need to reactivate the device on my account, as proof that I still have it. If the watch is non-functioning, you can't sync it, therefore you can't validate you own it any more. Which is fair enough.

              • @fluffymurderball: I am in the same boat. Contacted their twitter account. They asked for proof of purchase and the serial number of the watch. I have provided both and waiting for their response.

          • -1

            @fluffymurderball: But your niece should still have the Fitbit in her account. The refund is still valid. Just get her email address and she can get the refund.

            • @dogboy88k: @dogboy88k - nah we never created her an account, she just used it as a digital watch and daily step tracker. It's too smashed to use now so can't re-add it to my account. Sadly I miss out on this one!

              • @fluffymurderball: Put the watch in microwave and send it back to them as evidence ?

                "If you think the watch is bad , you should see my wrist…"

          • @fluffymurderball: That's because your niece killed the device, not because it's linked or not linked.

        • -1

          I'm literally writing what the page said. Good for you I guess

          Your Ionic isn't connected to your account.
          To verify that you have the device, connect it to your account using the instructions below. After you connect your device, click "Try Again" to verify that your account has an impacted Ionic connected to it.

          Just because people are circumventing this with support doesn't mean ItS ABsOlUTelY WrOnG

    • +1

      I did this. I found 4 on marketplace (in addition to the one I owned)

      • Just be wary as users may have registered for a refund and are now selling the device.

        • -1

          They have to return the unit to receive the refund

  • +3

    thanks op, didn't know about this psa so uber handy info

    • +5

      Yeah I never thought a recall notice can be a deal lol

        • +31

          I can't work out if you're the best or worst OzBargainer ever

          • +14

            @MBix: Worst.

            Trying to claim something on an item that doesn't belong to them.

          • +3

            @MBix: I mean the best part is they mention they were at risk then below also mention you don't really have to dispose of it after receiving the refund. Wouldn't surprise me if they're currently looking for the serial numbers etc and the person they sold the watch to suddenly has it disabled by Google :D:D

          • -2

            @MBix: C'mon guys USER DC was jk, JK!



  • +5

    You get USD$299 in the form of either Paypal GC or Visa Debit GC when you agree to let Google disable your fitbit and you will have to dispose it.

    As part of this compensation, they also offer you a 40% of their Fitbit products if you go to a specific website (like a discounted store or something). There will be a code. I am not sure if it is unique at this stage.

    This came in 2 weeks ago.

    • you dont really need to dispose it.

      if you want keep using it at your own risk

      I still keep using my old recalled kogan powerbank (still till day it is working fine)

      • But google remotely disable it

        • i mean you can just use it like a simple digital watch

          • @USER DC: like flavor flav

          • @USER DC: You cannot. Once the Ionic is no longer synced with your account (you give google permission to do this), there is no way to adjust the time.
            I went to bed, and sometime overnight my account was desynced, and the time was 2 hours and 13 min behind the actual time.

            Tried to set up an new account in the hope that it would allow me to sync with a different account. Nope.
            Unit is effectively useless.

            • @freeradical: hmmm, i guess can just be a good smashing toy, then if you cannot be bothered to add 2 hrs 13 mins to the time on clock.

              • @USER DC: " if you cannot be bothered to add 2 hrs 13 mins to the time on clock."
                They said they couldn't, not they couldn't be bothered. You really are not getting some simple things here.

            • @freeradical:

              and the time was 2 hours and 13 min behind the actual time

              Yep, smart watches are actually really shitty at keeping time. They rely on regular sync with the phone / google.

          • @USER DC: Mine just showed 0% battery once they disabled it.

  • +4

    lol just when I thought I couldn’t think less of Fitbit.

    • +19

      To be honest, this is a voluntary recall, for them to refund full RRP to owners is quite amazing considering the statistically low instance of the hazard.

      • Amazing would be making a product that doesn't burn anybody. Actually no, that wouldn't be amazing, that should just be expected.

        • +5

          I'm sure there have been many instances of faulty products that have been low enough in numbers that companies did not take any action in providing widespread compensation. We're just unlikely to have heard about it because they didn't provide a wide voluntary refund. I don't think it's acceptable for electronics or any product really to harm people, but these things can happen from manufacturing defects which are difficult to identify. Heck, I always read about recalls of food products which may have been contaminated by certain substances.

          • +2

            @PaulEDangerously: Yeah, as far as I'm concerned fitbit have done well.

            OTOH Dell, HP etc notoriously sell products with known engineering problems whilst burying their head in the sand. And if they do recall, they don't even let you know.

            My 12 dead K550dtn (HP, denial and continued selling even though their engineer admitted the fault) and xps12 (Dell, screen recall they didn't tell me about)

            • @justtoreply: My sentiments towards this as well.

              I have had to fight tooth and nail to have my HP laptop repaired which is obviously faulty and when they eventually decided to repair it, they sent it back twice with new faults and they took months to process it. Appalling service, I don't imagine they would do the same with faults which I have read have indeed been widespread on particular devices. They just pretend the fault doesn't exist.

          • @PaulEDangerously: Its widely advertised. You get an email too.

        • +2

          Lots of companies have recalls - look up https://www.productsafety.gov.au/recalls, you may be surprised.

          To me a voluntary recall means they've not just identified a problem, they are doing something about it and not burying their head in the sand, hoping the problem will go away with a new model release.

          Sort of like saying I'm not perfect, and I'm willing to acknowledge my fault and do something to rectify it.

        • In an ideal world maybe. But in general products are recalled if there is any perceived risk. e.g. these three products all recalled in last few weeks:

          Orbitkey Pty Ltd — Orbitkey x Chipolo Bluetooth Tracker
          Origo & Co Pty Ltd t/as Daiso — Daiso Japan Apple Kitchen Timer
          Yatsal Distributors — Voice Changer

          What are the defects?
          The product’s button battery compartment is not adequately secured, and the button battery is accessible.

          What are the hazards?
          If young children gain access to the button batteries and ingest them, they are likely to suffer severe internal burn injuries, which can result in serious illness or death. Button batteries also pose a choking hazard to young children.

  • +11

    I won an Ionic watch through Ozbargain a few years ago, registered it online and wore it for about a year. About two weeks ago I received an email from Fitbit stating they were recalling them and that they would refund me the rrp ($299) and they provided me with a promo code to get 40% off other fitbit watches plus a free watch strap and 12 month membership to their program. Not bad for a watch I got for free in the first place!

    ETA - these are the discounted products you can purchase:
    Fitbit charge 5 - $162
    Fitbit versa 3 - $240
    Fitbit sense - $270

    • That's not a bad deal. It's a shame I am a Withings user.

  • When I get the USD$299 Visa Debit (which in this climate, would be worth in excess of AUD$400), maybe there will be further instruction of how to use the code.

  • +4

    I had my old ionic go bad, got in touch with fitbit and they send me a brand new Versa 3 as a replacement. Great customer service.

  • +3

    The information I received from Fitbit indicated 40% off code for up to 5 devices (but must be purchased on the Fitbit website through a dedicated link they provide and in one transaction). You can also claim one free accessory per device purchased at the discount rate (i.e a spare/alternate watch band) and you receive 12 months Fitbit premium. Code is valid for 90 days from receiving the code.

    • I actually claimed refund (still waiting to see money) and ordered a sense for husband and $279, five new bands and free 1 year Fitbit premium.

      • +1

        How long did you get the discount code?

        I have registered and my ionic has been disconnected from my account but I still not receiving the discount code..

        • Same, it's been two weeks for me and I still haven't got the code. They told me it should take 30 mins and to keep an eye on my junk folder (which I have done) however still nothing. I responded to their Twitter feed and they have reluctantly opened a case.

        • I got the email from fitbit support within 24 hours of disabling the device.

      • Did you receive all 5 bands? I did that and only received 2.

  • -3

    You will need to send the fitbit back, not just get a refund and keep using it.

    • +3

      Here's a "nope" card for you.

      "We encourage you to recycle your Fitbit device in accordance with local requirements. Before recycling your device, we recommend that you erase or factory reset it to protect your personal information. For instructions, see How do I erase my Fitbit device?"

    • +1

      No, you are asked to dispose of it, not send it back. Would not recommend that you keep using it though, as small as the chance may be of getting burnt.

      • I have 2, first one used to go to a black screen, and then fitbit sent me a new one.

        I was really under the impression i had to sent it back before receiving my refund. But will wait then.

  • +4

    Im getting an error code when trying to verify my account. It says internal server error? Anyone else getting this?

    • +1

      Same here.

      • Same here, have contacted fitbit support to log a case on this, awaiting email update from fitbit on the investigation progress.

        • Able to proceed now after register again, but now now asked me to wait for 90 minutes before I can verify my account.

    • +5

      USER DC has claimed all your refunds

      • +1

        HAHA i wish in dreams

      • Wait, is USERDC actually Broden ?

    • Same for me as well

  • -1

    Unfortunately this requires you to still have the watch operational - in order to claim it you need to do things on the watch to remove it from your account, there are instructions on the claim page on what you need to do.
    We had one that died completely and we threw it out so cannot claim.

    • +6

      You don’t need it to be operational. Just get on the live chat and they sort it for you. As long as you had it connected at some point to the Fitbit app they still give you the $299.

      • -4

        Really ?

        i think you are wrong mate, they only want to help me if i can link the fibit to the account

      • Thank you i contacted the chat, was very helpful. provided my receipt to them and they said the refund department will get back to me asap so hopefully will work out.

        • Have you been contacted by the refund department since? I still haven't heard from them. I was in the same boat as you.

          • @Ahan: They sent an email asking for the receipt that i had already given them. sigh. anyway i sent it to them again and havent heard anything since.

    • I don't think this is correct ? You do not need to have the watch active or usable.

      I just registered for refund and all I needed was the email address linked to my Fitbit account.
      I don't currently have my watch charged or synced (I've not used it for years. I think it's in a drawer somewhere).
      I eventually received the email…

      "Dear Valued Customer,

      Thank you for registering for the Fitbit Ionic recall.

      We verified your account, disabled your device syncing, and will issue your refund within the next 3-6 weeks.

      Note if you have multiple impacted devices, you must repeat the registration process for each device.

      To keep you on track, we’re offering a special discount on select Fitbit devices, bands, and services available in your region, for a limited time. Offer not available in all regions. To take advantage of this discount, use the link below.
      Click here for Fitbit Discount

      If you have any questions, contact us here.

      Your safety is always our top priority. Thank you for your continued support and being a member of the Fitbit family.

      We encourage you to recycle your Fitbit device in accordance with local requirements. Before recycling your device, we recommend that you erase or factory reset it to protect your personal information. For instructions, see How do I erase my Fitbit device?"

    • +1

      I haven't used mine for well over a year (now have a Garmin). I went through the process and it asks you you to check a box that you agree for them to stop syncing and for me to dispose of it). My Fitbit account still had the watch registered so that was good enough

  • +2

    I got 2 errors.
    Once, on the Sedgewick site, which gave a SalesForce error when I attempted to get the verification error.
    When I came back it had logged me out.
    But the email was eventually sent to me.
    When I attempt to verify, it gives me a 404 error.
    What an amazing customer experience !

    • Same happened to me

    • I got this too. The link is to uat not prod in the email they sent. That's a mistake. And it has no reference data in the url, so how can it even link to ur case number.
      There is no way to reply, case is stuck now.

      • +1

        Just register again.
        I was successful the second time.

  • Do they take the device off your account if you haven't used it in ages?

    • Yes

      • sigh need to resync it then apply.

    • No.
      My device hasn’t been used for years.
      It was still in my account apparently.
      Refund successfully registered.

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