This was posted 2 years 4 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • expired

Value Range Pizzas $4, Traditional Pizzas $6, Premium Pizzas $8, Garlic Bread $2ea (Pick up) @ Domino’s


Valid on 22nd March 2022 only, and all stores.


Garlic Bread $2 317335, 764926
Large Value $4 963772, 189756
Large Value Max & Traditional $6 635929, 583520
Large Premium $8 783124, 267209

Expires 22/03/2022.

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  • +6

    Can they do it today? i am so hungry :P

  • +13

    Thanks, ordered for tuesday. My store normally disables these codes within an hour, but I manged to beat them to it today.

  • +1

    how can I check the "selected stores"

    • Try ordering from the closest one

      • +1

        Im not sure that this works. As i have tried several stores that did not accept the codes last time and creating an order for the 22nd March with one of the codes seems to work.

        Maybe the excluded stores have not yet been excluded.

    • +14

      This is a national promotion meaning all stores are included. (Stores are not able to opt out).

      • +2

        Thanks, you are the best employee.

        • +23

          No problem, deal will also be running on the following dates:

          • Tuesday 26th April 2022
          • Tuesday 17th May 2022
          • Tuesday 21st June 2022
      • +1

        I miss the puff crust, will Domino bring it back in the future?

        • Maybe in the future, but at this stage there’s no plans to bring it back.

      • They opt out of toppings instead. ;-p

  • +1

    Geez $4 for a pizza. How low can they go.

    • +2

      They can go lower. $3.

      • they have before methinks

      • is there any cheese on the pizza base at those prices?

  • I ordered a $6 supreme thin crust last time.

    To me it felt like the crust was puff pastry.

    Quite soft cause of the toppings On it.

    I didnt mind it though.

  • -1

    "The voucher 963772 can not be used at this time of the day."

    • Its only valid on the 22nd

      • Yea I get that but somebody above managed to pre order? (unless they were joking)

        • Thats where you order for later, and i have confirmed that this works, so its not a joke.

  • “Shut up and take my money”

    Lunch sorted for Tuesday then haha

  • it puts the Melbourne range extra large into the shopping basket

    or it gets 900 garlic breads again

    • does it apply to melb rane?

      edit - it does

      VOUCHER: Large Traditional or Value Max Pizzas*
      1 X THE LOT
      $6.004600KJDeep Pan

      • yeah I was surprised too. doesn't say so, but it sure does

  • I guess this is as low as they will go. I remember a time last year where they were 3, 5 and 7. Guess they aren't going to do that since everyone is using the current situation to jack up prices, so there is no need to do an extremely good special.

    • +3

      The 3,5,7 was for selected stores. This $4, $6, $8 is for all stores. So it maybe a better deal if your local store doesnt usually do these deals.

  • +1

    I wish there was a space for comments below the pizza coupons page, or a way to contact someone: I've only rarely had a problem before, but several times lately the codes listed there are invalid and there's no way to tell anyone. Yesterday I'd injured myself and couldn't stand up long enough to cook a meal, so I decided to get a pizza… but again, code invalid. So I tried typing "Dominos coupon code" into a search engine and found several traditional pizza codes on the frugal feeds site, whereas only one expired code is listed on the ozbargain pizza page.

    • +1

      I don't know if its of help, but there is a dominos app 'Domino's Offers' on android that lists a lot of codes. Its not guaranteed to be the best code but a lot better than paying full price.

      • Wasn't aware of that - thanks. I'd always go to the ozbargain pizza page, because if codes there didn't work, ones found elsewhere probably didn't either. So I don't know what's changed.

    • @Faulty P xel You can contact us via TWAM in the future if you find any expired/invalid codes and we can fix it up.


      • Thanks. Last night I faked the GPS location on my phone to Sydney and the current code listed did work there. So it is working for some people.

  • +1

    🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 day tomorrow!!

  • +1

    Any way of getting this deal and paying extra for delivery?

  • Stuck on the confirming order page :|

  • Is this just for 1 or can I buy multiple?

    • +2

      You can buy multiple.

  • +5

    you may be also able to get $10 off $40 spend with amex

  • Damn, bought a lot of things from domino with pizzas.

    • I totally forgot the KFC deals !

      • Cood combo for a filling lunch

  • Went for the cheap feed at Northmead and it was much better than I expected! I've had some pretty poor experiences with Domino's in the past, but the pizza I got was piping hot, the bacon was crispy, the pineapple was juicy, and I'm full and impressed!

    • +2

      Eating now, yes the quality is improving, I bought garlic prawn, last time I only got 3-5 prawns , this time , 12!

  • +1

    I splurged on the premium pizza the last round (chicken & camembert) and didn't think it's worth the $8. Any recommended flavours or should I just go for the $4 value simply cheese pizza? Or cheesy garlic with creme fraiche?

    • +1

      Simply cheese is my favourite - stringy mozarella and some punchy tomato sauce, simple but tasty.
      Domino's other loaded offerings have zero authenticity don't compare.

      Edit: garlic with creme fraiche is nice too but the flavour isn't as great because it lacks tomato umami.

    • +1

      All 3 are some.of my favourites. But I've got a great Domino's near me.

    • +1

      Spicy peppy paneer (classic crust) minus the paneer add plant based beef or seasoned chicken etc probably my fave. Rest I just find pretty bland and prefer Pizza Hut instead. Pizza Hut thin n crispy crust pretty much always on point for mine.

  • Wow, the $4 Value Pizza i got, it was a thin crust Pepperoni and it seems a lot bigger than usual.

    • Probably new staff. Give them 2-4 weeks and they be back to skimping on toppings. My local store is FINALLY putting a decent amount of toppings on, but it's probably only because I noticed ALL the staff are new. I'm sure the franchisee, who owns the only two franchises in the area, will notice and "correct" the situation asap.

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