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Up to 20% off (Asus TUF Gaming F15 15.6" 1080p, i7, 16GB, RTX 3050 Ti, 512GB SSD $1439.20) + Del + Surcharge @ Shopping Express


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    G14 with Ryzen 9, RTX3060 and 1440p display for $2063 is tempting but I don’t need it lol.
    I believe the 2022 G14 model is going to be quite a bit more pricey compared to earlier model pricing

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      That's the model I came here to check out. I've got an older model from 2020 which I am still loving. $2063 is indeed a good price. Mine with GTX 1660 ti (from PBTech, couldn't find the 1660 ti 1080p 120hz model anywhere in Aus) was about $2500 but had a decent workplace salary sacrifice set up that saved me some.

      A laptop RTX 3060 vs GTX 1660 ti looks about 50% better across the board:

      So not a bad deal for $500 less (than 2 years ago though).

      I now see the price is $2063.20 with an asterisk * Price after checkout. Seems weird. Check it out at full price then get a cashback later, or what's the go? I could always read the terms and conditions…

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        NVM applies at checkout

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        20% off is applied at checkout.

        Careful with Results are unreliable, check out a real review for much more accurate comparison.
        Also the G14 has “Max-Q” or low TDP variants of the mobile card. The comparison is further skewed

        I recommend Hardware Unboxed or Jarrod’s Tech for great benchmarking across a decent number of games. The latter is better for laptop benchmarks

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          Oh I know all those good folks at YouTube, have been subbed for ages. The card selected in the link I shared was the max-q variant of the 1660 ti, you just can't see the name as it's so long. Also there are wattage variants to even further muddy the waters. Was just a nice fast google search away vs watching Jarrod's or Tim's reviews in the middle of the work day 😂

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            @JownehFixIT: That’s fair. I just don’t like userbenchmarks because it can be very misleading especially for those just getting into tech. Gets even worse if you compare different brands (e.g. Intel vs AMD CPUs is notoriously biased to Intel)

            • @FireRunner: That is a good warning for the uninitiated. If I'm coming close to actually putting my own money towards something, it's straight to the reviews for proper real world performance before buying anything. I've only really used userbenchmarks as a quick comparison, but maybe even for that it's pointless comparing on this level.

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    Hi all, I need to purchase a gaming laptop as a gift for my nephew. I don't know much about it.

    In terms of performance, how will the ROG Zephyrus G14 Ryzen 5900HS 3060 compare with G15 on this deal?

    Love the weight and dimensions of ROG, but Dell is current year processor and GPU.

    In terns if future proofing and overall performance, which would be a better purchase?

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      The Dell is definitely higher spec’d but as you noticed, the compact form factor of the G14 is it’s selling point. If you’re after the better performance then the Dell is the way to go. If you’re after a very portable gaming machine then it’s the G14.
      Another thing to note is that the G14 has a very premium build quality, the Dell is more standard.

      • Thanks mate, are. you able to give a ballpark estimate on how much better the performance in Dell is? it doesn't have to be accurate. But a guesstimate would work. Like is it 10% better or 20% or even more?

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          The GPU is the limiting factor in most games, so I would guess the 3070 Ti is about 40% better in most games.
          I’m making the assumption the Dell can adequately cool the CPU and GPU, some of the older models struggled with thermals.
          Another consideration is that the G14 has a higher resolution display (2560x1440 vs 1920x1080). This is going to put more stress on the GPU, as it’s rendering about 80% more pixels. You can run the game at a lower resolution but it’s not ideal because of scaling.
          The G14 is intended as an all-rounder laptop, the Dell is a dedicated gaming laptop

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          My only additional thoughts to this comparison would be that the G14 is also pushing more pixels than the Dell G15 as it (G14) has a 1440p 120hz display vs the G15's 1080p 144hz display. So performance wise the Dell has less to render but more GPU power.

          Owning a G14 though, I don't think it can be overstated how good a smaller form factor is (in my case at least). I've owned 15" laptops and they're just on that slightly too bulky and heavy side for my own liking. There's certainly some slick 15" devices out now though, not sure how the G15 goes weight and footprint wise, if your nephew is even concerned about those metrics.

          Good luck with the lappy hunt! Took me ages two years ago to finally settle on the G14 and haven't had any regrets, despite the pricetag.

          • @JownehFixIT: Thanks for your inputs mate, much appreciated.

            Nephew is a teenager, I think he won't care about the weight I think. If I were picking for me, I'd go with G14 too because of the form factor.

            However, for his sake. I think getting the newer gen processor and gpu makes more sense. Its not about what games the laptop can play today, but also 2 years later. For almost about the same price, the Dell G15 makes more sense.

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    Been looking to get started with a NAS just to back up my files and I don't plan to do any streaming so the Synology DS220j seems like a good option. Was thinking of getting 2 x 8 TB drives so the package listed above looks like a good deal but I'm pretty new to all this. Can anyone comment on whether this is a good price for the bundle?

  • rog g14 or rog g15? what would be the main difference

  • Im thinking of buying the rog 14 but ive seen many mixed reviews, with many people saying their items have been missing and there seems to be a general consensus that shopping express's customer service is horrible. So is it worth risking 2060 dollars or not?

  • Is the DS200j good enough for home office use?

    Two computers will be using the drive(s), mostly using CAD files which are sometimes 300-500MB in size.
    Backup of work data
    Backup of family photos (from phones/cameras)
    Future use may include CCTV recordings

    Currently using a HDD attached to the router (which is working fine except for manual backups), so technically anything will be an upgrade LOL!
    But don't want to spend close to $500-$600 only to find out it's not quite enough.

    Thanks in advance

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