expired Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse $80 at MSY ($80 at DickSmith Via Price Match)


Cheapest logitech G700 in WA that I could find. Receipt here: http://upload.ozbargain.com/2012/04/28/8301_camerazoom-20120...

The MSY I went to closed 5 mins before their stated closing time so I took my business to DSE :)

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    it has always been $80 so nothing too awesome there. If anyone is near the Chadstone Shopping Dick Smith (the one outside, not inside the building), they are having a closing down sale, 20% of all mouse, G700 is $78. it's just $2 dfference but I guess it means something for some of us.

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    i remember this was on sale for $69 or $79 many times from Logitech shop


      Yeah I recall this being in the $60-$70 (delivered) range during some of the numerous LogitechShop sales. Nothing special, just the usual MSY price.


    It's only 75 AUD on last christmas special.
    Actually, this mice is not good as you think.
    1) the battety only support 2-3days using…..so bad
    2) the buttons on the left side are hard and uncomfortable, if you see the hardware architecture of these buttons inside, you will know why.

    It doesn't worth this price.


    Doesn't seem like much of a deal. It's $85 at LTS (and that includes delivery) and the time I'd spend in the MSY line (plus the petrol it cost me to get there) is worth significantly more to me than $5

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    This isn't a bargain. Logitech shop have it for $69 occasional. $80 is normal price.

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