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Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote - $30 (Free Delivery)


** Has been posted a few months back at the same price, but had expired. There's no expiry currently shown on the site aside from "hurry!" and there's a limit of 10 per person so there must be plenty of stock.

I just bought one of these as our dog literally ate our old Logitech Harmony One and this seems like a good replacement at the best price (cheapest on staticice $43.89+delivery)

Replaces 5 other remotes
LCD color screen
One-click activity buttons automatically turn on the right devices
Supports 5000+ brands and 225,000+ devices, so you can be confident it will work with what you own today, and the things you’ll add in the future.

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  • Aldi have this for 39 i believe.

    • I just saw them discounted to $29 at Aldi Orange (NSW). Not sure if others will be the same

    • Logitechshop have free delivery via AAE. I think it's better.

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      I guess it depends if you want to spend the extra $9 to have it right now.

      I'm happy to wait the couple of days it will take to save the cash, and just as importantly, not have to put on pants and leave the house :P

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    I truely despise AAE, i dont know whats mentally wrong with their delivery drivers however doesnt matter where i get something sent they always have delivery problems. No one else does. I mean seriously how can they have trouble finding my work in the sydney CBD?!?!?!

    I broke my rule for AAE last time logitech shop had these for 30$ (though i dont exactly need one just yet) and sure enough this time i get it sent to home and what do you know:

    24 Apr 2012 08:15 Sydney DFPC Onboard with courier driver for delivery
    26 Apr 2012 08:50 Sydney DFPC Held at AaE Location - Receiver's address not valid

    This happens every time, AAE are without a shadow of a doubt the most retarded delivery group in the history of Australia.

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      +1 for entertaining comment!

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        Seriously, they have quite a bad reputation. The company I used to work for did alot of shipping of equipment. We did use AAE (switching from DHL or TNT, cant remember which) because they promised cheaper rates, which they were. Some of our suppliers suggested this was a poor choice. But their failed delivery rates were insane and we killed the contract after about 3 months.

        Though what actually killed the contract was a very large piece of equipment that required special handling, the driver at the delivery address had a truck that was too small. The equipment itself has to stay upright, and has these "tilt meters" on it to make sure it was never leant over too far (they have a little bearing in them that only moves one direction). If you've ever had largish emc or netapp equipment, you've probably seen them.

        We get onsite after the delivery and find the box its in has been quite mutilated, one of the tilt meters had even been broken - like someone had tried to pry it off the box (which also contains dye - to stop people from doing just that).

        When the truth of what happened finally came out, turns out he unscrewed it from the pallet (despite very clear instructions not to) so he could lay it down in his truck. It actually managed to bend the frame of the equipment (something i would have thought impossible).

        I dont believe AAE actually do these kinds of deliveries anymore cause they've had too many problems with them.

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          22 years of deliveries at this address and only one courier cannot be caught at the door… yep, AAE. He is the fasted sob ever..!! Worst part is that it is a 15k drive to their damn depot.
          He has got me thinking like Wiley E Coyote… but if I order a trap from Acme then it will be bloody AAE that does the dleivery… damn foiled again!

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      I also truely despise AAE!

      Was at home (near the front door) when AAE tried to deliver my parcels. They did not ring door bell, but left card. The trip to the PO was 4 bus rides & long walk (lost Drivers License due to very poor health) - so did not enjoy having to do the delivery for them.

      AAE would not move parcels to closer PO or help in any way when I explined my poor health & was caring for my sick Father in his 90s.

      When I picked up the parcels - they were free samples of biscuits from Ozargain deal, and both packets were damaged. My complaint about the damage to the parcels was ignored.

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        Maybe we should start a bitch session on AAE in the forum. I'm sure they dont knock or ring the door bell, just drop of cards the mongrels.
        As much as I hate to say it … AustPost is the best by far. No business should use AAE imo.

    • AAE is the worst. I have bought about 10 different things from logitechshop and about 8 of the 10 times the packages have been sent to the wrong depot (200km away) so the AAE courier driver just leaves the parcel at the nearest Australia Post for it to be delivered. I always end up getting the parcel but its always 48 hours later than I should have it.

  • This is a great deal and a great remote. Bought one last time it was offered, was delivered the very next day!

  • ** Has been posted a few months back at the same price, but had expired.
    There's no expiry currently shown on the site

    It was only the deal listing on OB that expired (a few times & relisted).
    This is the same deal without an expiry - ends when sold out

  • this was posted along with some other items at the end on last month and all the prices haven't changed since http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/66764

  • Are these newer revisions? The old ones had rebooting issues…
    They aren't bad remotes when they work.

    • Call our Harmony Support Team 1800 726 063

  • Bought this for my parents and found the buttons to be more responsive than my Harmony One (even after configuring the button delay time to 0ms).

    I find the rubber feel of the buttons are better on this as well. I decided to stick with the Harmony One because of the support for up to 15 devices. If i had less than 5 devices, I would have bought one of these for myself.

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    Cheaper than ebay.
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

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    Bit the bullet and bought one :D

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