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  • 55 bucks for a t-shirt is sustainable? Good luck with the business.
    Also got a chuckle reading the sales page
    "After you wear the sale item, it quickly falls apart. Poor workmanship is part of the design. Bargain clothing is so cheap that it can be thrown away and a new item purchased without a thought. The fast fashion industry programs you to buy rashly and not care about sustainability"
    Its a t-shirt, not a twin turbo sports car

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    Picked up a shirt, keen to see how it holds up to the claims. :)

  • Thank you for showing interest in our products. We would love to get feedback from you, once you receive the parcel.

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    Thanks OP. While I don't really like logos, I appreciate the commitment to transparency and sustainability. Unfortunately, but as suggested by the site name, this place tends to attract people like the first poster who are obsessed with buying things at the minimal possible cost to themselves only, often with little regard to ethical production and sustainable consumption. You might get better feedback at a place like /r/AustralianMFA.

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      Thank you Shiny for your valuable words. We believe it’s never too late to educate our potential customers about sustainable fashion. We believe we have created a website that has enough content to convince a fast fashion buyer to shop sustainably. Hence, we are not afraid of promoting our brand on a platform like Ozbargain. Please visit our website and support us in promoting slow fashion.

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      Says the guy who has never submitted a deal on Ozbargain…

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