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Free Piece of Fried Chicken Every Month for 12 Months (New Sign Ups Only) @ Red Rooster via Red Royalty


My mate shared this with me earlier today so enjoy being a P’s 😛

To redeem the free fried chicken per month for 12 months:

  • Head to link provided in this post > Sign up with your details and put in the promo code “PPLATE” > Activate your account from the SMS sent > Download Red Rooster app > Click Offers > Instore

An OP received 2 Pc's of Fried chicken or Large Chips for Free upon sign up (In-store only t&c apply)

To honour the headaches of learning your slip lanes from your speed limits, Red Rooster is launching something brand new - Plate Up. A tasty celebration for getting your P's, there's crunchy, juicy, and exclusive deals on offer to everyone who's freshly licenced Plate Up to Red Rooster with your P's for one piece of free fried chicken, every month, for a whole year.

Here’s the proof from the website: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/399144/94900/857e18ad-...

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    I'm a big fan if Red Rooster, regular customer for a long time

    But the change to the chicken tenders and all burger, wraps, and rolls sucks so much, they are really terrible compared to what they had

    • +1

      Yes these desperate times need a strong & decisive response!
      Just like in Aged Care, the Floods we need to send in the army to take over. Where's a colonel when you need him?

      • Charging $75 per head for an 11 course meal?

    • Their OG subs and fresh chips is all that I like, mayo and just chicken, they've gotten too fancy and most of what they have just tastes the same.

    • The Hellfire burger used to be so good, now they put two tenders in it instead of a fillet. Terrible decision.

    • Yeah why did they change the recipe. Their chicken strips used to be so good.

    • Correct.

      I used to swear by the chicken in the Flayva wraps but now the tenders make it not so crunchy anymore. What a joke.

  • +11

    Red Rooster should also reward their loyal existing patrons

    • Exactly…not many of them so may as well reward the few

    • I’m a Platinum member and disappointed that I don’t have anything like this, oh well.

  • +2

    Thanks👍 Signed up another account
    Also received 2 Pc's of Fried chicken or Large Chips for Free In-store only t&c apply

    • +1

      Thanks mate! Just added onto the description

  • Don’t have to be on Ps just have a pair of plates

  • Can't see anywhere to enter the code when signing up on the app (android) so make sure you sign up from web.

  • If you are a big RR fan,

    Get a GoDaddy hosting plan ~$75
    Setup 30+ emails ish
    Create 30+ accounts / signups

    Cost of chicken for whole year (1 per day it seems) ~$75 😁

    • +4

      Just use the dot trick to create unlimited Gmail id's using a very big name.. You get it for FREE!!!
      [email protected]

      • Yeah true.
        I had a server in the past so I used for some other deal for a while (signup and 20% off thing 😂)
        All emails in the crtl panel and no need to remember anything

      • As well as the dot trick, there is the plus trick; if your email is [email protected] then any email sent to [email protected] will also go to your account. Only problem is some sites don't believe + is a valid character in an email address (it is)

        • -3

          Erm … surely this can't be true? Because if it was, say my mate's (or enemy's) email address was '[email protected]', according to your post if I created a gmail account that was 'johnsmith+yoink', then I would also be sent any email that was sent to him?

          The only way that what you are describing would actually not be a major privacy/security breach is if the '+' character is actually not a 'valid character in an email address' (i.e. if those websites you allude to are correct); but is instead a kind of 'operator'.

          • @GnarlyKnuckles: That's not what he's saying. Any email address with the +, goes to the original address's mailbox. You would not be able to create the + email as a 'new' email.

            Not sure if what he says is correct but that's how I read it.

            • @Frunk: Yes, this:

              'You would not be able to create the + email as a 'new' email.'

              I agree that this is correct. Thus, askvictor is incorrect when he states the following:

              'Only problem is some sites don't believe + is a valid character in an email address (it is)'

              In fact, it is not … because email addresses containing the '+' character cannot be created … ergo, it is not a 'valid character in an email address'.

          • +4

            @GnarlyKnuckles: Its a valid character in an email but its not a valid character in creating a gmail account.

            IE you can email [email protected] but you cant create an account called jsmith+123.

            Here is the official google documentation about it: https://support.google.com/a/users/answer/9308648?hl=en

        • +2

          The "+" is a valid character for many websites, however, when i tried to sign up with "[email protected]", the redrooster website complained that i used an invalid email address.

          I regularly use this trick for many websites/subscriptions in order to help track where I signed up from (eg, If i see an unsolicited spam email from a company i never signed up to appearing in my gmail which came from "[email protected]", i would know that they either sold my details to the spammer or their website was compromised where my email was stolen from them.

          Unfortunately red rooster didn't allow me to sign up with the + email trick. Removing the "+" allowed it to go through and create a new account. I received both freebies (a piece of chicken, plus either a large chips or 2 pieces of chicken)

      • +1

        What’s a dot trick email? Every time I try a new gmail it asks for a phone number

        • +1

          You're not creating a new email

      • +1

        Asking for SMS verification though?

    • If you look up "temp email" there are tons of free email services which can give you a temporary one-off email.

      Fastmail (OzBargain link for a random referral) also supports masked email if you want a more long-term solution for US$3 a month.

      • +1

        It needs SMS verification!

  • Never tried their actual chicken, how does it compare with kfc?

    • +2

      KFC kills it with the herbs and spices imo, but it is so much more unhealthier.
      In moderation I would pref the KFC over RR any day.

      • +1

        Thanks mate, might stick with kfc then haha

    • +4

      It’s completely different. It’s like comparing a burger from McDonald’s to a burger from Hungry Jack’s, people will love one over the other and you can’t really say objectively which one is best. One will taste better depending on your mood or preference on the day.

      The chicken is brined overnight then fried. The skin is extra crispy and the main flavor is just salty savory chicken, sometimes it’s too salty, other times it’s just perfect. It’s also much more juicier than KFC chicken and when it’s freshly cooked it’s mindblowingly good.

      I personally think it’s a great alternative to KFC’s soggy boring original recipe. I say boring because it’s basically the main choice for fried chicken in Aus.

    • +1


  • Actually now that I think of it, in a year I will have 12 pieces, perfect time for Xmas, minus 3. That's Xmas dinner sorted.

  • if we sign up to 30 accounts, does that mean we can get a piece of chicken everyday?

  • I used the code but i'm not seeing any detail of the once per month offer anywhere? I did receive the free large chips or 2 pieces fried chicken upon sign up though.

    Unless that sign up offer is the first free chicken PPlate deal? If not i'm unsubbing and deleting for false advert.

    • +1

      Did you download their Red Royalty app? It’s in the Offers > Instore

      • Nvm it is there, however last night when I checked it wasn't.

    • Maybe because the description says to use code ‘Plate’ when the quote unquote proof the op provides says the code is PPlate.

  • +1

    Doesn't work at all if you sign up via the app. This should have been made clear. Poor instructions

  • +2

    How do you delete an existing account anyway? I see no option at all.

  • +1

    phone app (ios) doesn't have 2 pc free, but it's there after logging in via desktop browser.

    • +1

      Good suggestion as Android has the same problem so it must be an app-based issue whereas desktop displays both:


      Enjoy 2 Pc's of Fried chicken or Large Chips for Free. T&C's apply
      Offer available
      From 23rd March, 2022
      Until 6th April, 2022

      Enjoy 1PC of our Delicious Fried Chicken for FREE
      Offer available
      From 23rd March, 2022
      Until 31st March, 2022

  • I signed up the right way and can see the free piece of chicken . When I select it I get an error saying not valid for order method. If I try and switch between delivery and pick up same error. Cant use

  • How do we actually claim it? Just show it to the staff in-store? I got the 2 free but only a button "visit website" on my app, then can only do order delivery on the website (no pickup in-store, for example)?

  • Do I have to show the offer on the app to RR

    It sems like it doesn’t have any bar code. So i am thinking of visiting all the RR in my city everyday

    • There should be a "Show my card" button above your offers on the webpage.

  • +1

    Do we actually have to be on our P plates??

    • I'm on the full license yet I signed up and got the offers, haven't picked up the offers yet though, planning to tomorrow maybe.

      • Cool, let us know if it works

        • It worked, I got me CHACKEN. Even my mum, who has no license, got the free CHOCKEN.

          • @Deal Hunter Go: All the Red Roosters I have been to don't even sell this chicken

            • @sweatbysu: Locationnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn? I picked up from Springvale South, VIC, 3172 store.
              **Btw I just scanned my QR code "card" from the website Red Royalties account offers page and told the cashier to find my offers and use them.

  • Most red roosters don't even sell this type of chicken! It's a joke

  • I signed my dad up for this deal. Are they gonna question if he got his P plates? XD

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