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40% off Sumatra Blend 1kg Bag $30.57, 500g Bag $18.93 & Free Express Post @ Airjo Coffee Roasters


Hey guys and gals….
Here’s today's deal:

40% off SUMATRA BLEND until Midnight Sunday AEST.

Roasted Saturday and Sunday and shipped Express Post Monday/Tuesday.

Just in case you were wondering, yes, AIRJO rocks.
Here’s why:
QUALITY - All of your orders are FRESH roasted.
SPEED - All of your orders are EXPRESS shipped for no extra charge.
HEALTHY - All of your orders are made with 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC Arabica beans.
APPROACHABLE - Any problems at all just reach out, we want to help.

BONUS Stuff:
We care about your happiness with our products. If you don’t like the blend you choose, send it back and we will refund you or swap for something else.

Did you pay full price in the last couple of days and then this deal popped up for the same blend??
Send us an email with your order number and we will refund the difference!

Need help choosing a blend?
Need help dialling in your machine?
Not sure what grind to choose for your kit?
Any questions at all?
Ask Dan!
You can reach out any time, any day, by email [email protected] or the chat app on the website. We will always try and help where we can.

Your feedback is super important to us, good or bad. Please let us know by email or reviews or social, wherever it suits you, how we are doing.

Thanks so much….

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  • What sort of a cheap grinder that would do a decent moka grind?

    • +3

      My only experience is with a Breville Smart Grinder. Not sure if it meets your definition of "cheap" but with a Moka pot I get excellent coffees. Use Airjo Exterprise blend BTW.

      • No bench space to keep it. So was thinking manual

      • Certainly agree with rickb here.
        The Breville Smart Grinder is a great little grinder.

    • +3

      Bought a Hario slim off Facebook marketplace for $20, worked fine with a moka pot. Upgraded to the timemore c2 that was on here recently, $88 but ten times better than the Hario.

      • Yeah, c2 is what I was thinking

    • I'd recommend a regular JX. Best value grinder for non-espresso

      • -1


        • JX is under $170 with upsized eBay cashback and 10% discounted gift cards

          • +1

            @Fobsessive: Cheers! Looked at the pro/max on google =)

            • +1

              @SAU: The Pro and Max will future-proof you for proper espresso too!

    • +1

      I have a Rhoniweares Hand Grinder. Works well for my aeropress. Can't imagine it'd be bad for a moka grind either, as they're nearly the same

    • +1

      I like the Bodum BISTRO 10903-01AUS-3

      Very easy to use.

      Bought for about $100 last year.


      Currently selling for $117


  • +3

    Perfect timing, two days worth of Enterprise beans left, just ordered this, looking forward to trying different airjo beans, thanks Dan!

    • Great stuff Eriadnile!
      Please let us know which you prefer and thanks for your order.

    • LMAO in exactly the same boat. Gave Enterprise a whirl last order. I like that it's quite bold, but Sumatra is a great blend of strong & smooth. Another kilo coming up.

  • Cheers👍

  • +2

    Just on Sumatra? Nothing on Enterprise or other mixes? :(

  • +2

    I've been running on Aldi's Brasil SO beans for ages (sometimes had to switch to Honduras if Brasil wasn't available).

    Gave Airjo's Sumatra Blend a go during the last promo and… can definitely recommend!
    Still have heaps left, but will order another1kg if a 40% promo lines up in the future :)

    Great product at a very reasonable price!

    • Great to hear yadq.
      Thanks for the feedback and thanks so much for the recommendation.


  • Can anyone recommend which one should I choose if I want something sweet and light that can mix well with oat milk. I am not coffee expert

    • +1

      Hey there lexlim86.
      I will let your fellow OzBargainers give you guidance here but I believe the Sumatra would suit you well.

      Hope that helps.

    • My wife has her coffee with oat milk and prefers Sumatra blend. I'm a milk flat white drinker and prefer Twilight blend.

      • +1

        **oat juice

        • +1

          Agree. But I'm replying to the question about coffee to suit the oat juice.

          • @Morven: Missus has hers with almond juice and really enjoys the Sumatra blend.

    • +1

      Hi @Lexlim86,
      My wife has oat milk with her coffee and I have Soy and both are great with Sumatra. We have tried Sumatra, Enterprise, Twilight, Pegasus and Colombia and all are enjoyable. My suggestion is to jump on this Sumatra deal to give you a taste of what to expect and if you like then perhaps try the others when Airjo run their OzB specials :).

      • +1

        Thanks everyone for the input. The Sumatra one just arrived and I love it.

  • Tasty coffee and great service. Thank you!

  • I like your coffee, just ordered, Thanks for the discount.

  • Enjoyed Enterprise, and the prompt delivery and value, so looking forward to trying this which I just ordered.

    • +1

      Thanks for the feedback on the Enterprise squirrel. Please let us know how the Sumatra goes for you!

      • Just about finished the Sumatra, just in time for the bag of Enterprise that arrived today from your last deal.
        I liked the Sumatra, it seemed to get better with age. Looking forward to trying the Enterprise again.
        Love your free express shipping!

        • Excellent squirrel!
          Thanks for letting us know and thanks again for your orders.


  • -1

    Has anyone got the grind setting for a Breville Barista Pro?

    • +2

      its not relevant, the grinders aren't calibrated so setting 5 on machine A is not the same as setting 5 on machine B

  • My fav blend is Enterprise but 40% off for these is very decent.

  • OMG i just placed an order yesterday for the saratoga blend, feels like i just missed division 1 lotto;(

    any options for delay dispatch?

    • +1

      Fear not JI. Division 1 lotto happens fairly regularly :)
      No delayed dispatch options but by the time you finish your Saratoga I’m sure there will be another sale on 👍🏼

      • +1

        Same boat! Just got our Enterprise 1kg yest! will take a couple of weeks to go through!

        Great stuff Dan, really glad to find you guys - we've had been ordering from another place until couple of months ago and are now Enterprise/Sumatra fans! Really good coffee, Thank you!!

        • Genuine thanks ss207k.
          Really do appreciate your feedback and sharing.


  • Whats the most caffeinated you've got?

    • All fairly similar dylanando but this one being a lighter roast is one of our highest.

      Hope that helps.

      • Had your coffee before, good stuff. ordered more.

    • +1

      Pour 2 shots?

      • -1

        of decaf?

  • What grind size would you recommend for making tasty latte with this Sumatra? I have a Breville Barista Express.

    • +3

      you need to get some precision scales and a timer.

      Then you want around 40 grams of coffee liquid to come out over a 30 second pour.

      you adjust the grind size until you reach the goal above.

      • Feel like is waste the whole bag trying to achieve this :/

        • How you make your coffee?

        • +1

          You dont need to do that many iterations, you do a couple of shots to get the ballpack grind settings, then slowly tweak it until you get the perfect setting.

          Alternative is to just guess and never get a decent pour.

    • I had to use the finest grind setting to get it in range

  • My packet from last week was delivered nice and quick and in a box. I appreciated that. The flavour was OK, but didn't live up to what I remembered my first bag from a couple of years ago being like. I still like it and will drink it, but probably won't order again.

    • Thanks for your feedback Daabido. Sorry to hear we didn’t dazzle your taste buds 👍🏼


  • Thanks, ordered. Love this blend.

  • I wish you did sample packs, I want to try some but have no idea what ones I would like as there doesn’t seem to be much of a flavour profile description. I like sweet, chocolatey, nutty coffees, not a fan of floral or fruitier ones. My current go to is Inglewood Sunset Blvd…any suggestions of which Airjo coffees I’d like?

    • +1

      Hey there.
      I would recommend you jump on this deal.
      You can’t go wrong with this blend and the price on this deal is the best.
      If you try this one and let me know how it goes for you we can look at other blends if you want to try them based on your feedback.

      Hope that helps and thanks for asking.


  • +1

    @airjo Coffee Roaster
    Any deals on decafe

  • +2

    bit of odd company. couldn't get a tax invoice for my last order

    • Apologies for your experience there Sydney. The tax invoices are working now as a pdf link on your order confirmation 👍🏼

  • Thanks. Ordered again.

    • Thanks so much Moses.
      Really appreciate your orders.

  • Hi Airjo, what beans would you recommend for a traditional Italian espresso style taste please

    • +1

      Hey there Ratzie. I would recommend you start with our Enterprise Blend and see what you think of that. Please let me know your thoughts if you give it a try.


      • Thank you for the reply Dan, I’ll try the Enterprise blend

  • Are these beans all sourced from Indonesia?

  • Perfect timing.

  • We like strong milk coffees at our place, what would you recommend?

    • Hey Stevo. Highly recommend you try this one and take advantage of the sale. Many customers of this blend drink it with milk and are super satisfied. Let me know your thoughts after you have tried and if it’s not for you we can try an alternative 👍🏼

      Thanks for asking

  • is this blend good for the stock portafilter of the delonghi dedica machine?

    • I assume any bean is suitable if you have a good grinder and dial-in well

  • +1

    I am addicted to coffee beans sales. Despite having 4kg of beans in my freezer, I still bought these because hot damn $30 for a kilo is a great deal.

    Perfect for espresso brews, 8.5 bar for 24 seconds. chefkiss

  • Thanks OP

  • My order has done its usual trick and gone via the wrong mail sorting centre again
    Have logged complaint with Australia Post

    • And again it happens with latest order
      Every other parcel from other places is fine just ones from Airjo do astray

  • Bought 0.5kg to try

  • Fellow coffee lover OzBargainers, any reviews on containers to keep your Airjo coffee grinds fresh?? Looking to get an airtight container and when I looked at JB-Hifi my jaw nearly dropped when I saw Coffee Containers cost like $60!! Surely there's something better value?

    At the moment I keep the Airjo bag shut in a Sistema clear container, but would really like to be able to pour it into a good container so it's easier to scoop out the coffee.


    • +1

      Kmart 260mL jars for $1 each.
      Fits 100-115g coffee.
      Get multiples, still cheap.
      These are actually airtight from my testing - good for freezing a few of the back-end.

    • You can get cheap containers, but the $60 one is vacuum seal with one way valve to let gas out. I bought the Breville one for $50 on special.

      • Is it worth it compared to a cheap air tight container?

        • Don't know if worth it or no, it's subjective, as I said it has a function to let the gas that develops out and not let the air in.
          If you ask is this Sumatra beans worth the extra $$ over supermarket beans, some say yes, some say no.

        • +1

          "Airscape canisters aren't a gimmick, but they are niche in their application, which is long-term storage of bulk-purchased goods. If you are the type of person who buys your beans in small bags and drinks them in a week, it's not really advantageous. If you are the kind of person who buys a whole sack of beans and then portions it out, leaving some of the beans in "cold storage"? Then you will likely see an improvement compared to more basic containers, although not compared to a sealed plastic bag with 1-way valve."


    • +1

      I use the see through Coles 1L sealable container and it works a treat. I have not noticed any loss in flavour for my plunger grinded beans and I only drink 4 cups a day, so probably sits in there around a month to use it all up.

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