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9 Meals $59/Large $68 + Delivery (Free to Metro Areas) @ Youfoodz


Not a bad offer. First coupon code besides MEAL-DEAL since last year.

If you don't like it, don't buy it.

9 Regular meals for $59^: Min spend $89 (before discount), min spend $59 (after discount). Available online & the YF App (iOS App version 2020.4 or later, Android App version 2021.6 or later) until March 30, 2022, 11.59 pm AEST or while stocks last. Code takes $30.55 off 9x items from the Regular ready-made meal menu. One code per order applies once per order. Discount based on 9x $9.95 Regular ready-made meals. Additional cost applies for FUEL'D meals. Delivery fees may apply for select regions.

FUEL'D*: Mix & Match - add FUEL'D meals from $1 more with Regular Meal Deals. See website for T&Cs.

Free Delivery: Min spend applies. Perth min spend $200. Check your delivery area and minimum spend by searching your postcode on our website. See website for full T&Cs.

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  • +26

    i do not like it, therefore i will not buy it.

    • +7

      do they serve green eggs and ham?

  • +1

    Unless they’ve upped the serving size since 2020, I need 2 meals minimum to be full. Or I guess I need to work on my portion sizes.

    • +2

      I'm 100kgs and find the large ones (add $1) sufficient particularly if rice or pasta based.

      • +2

        I'm just under 95kg (dad bod not super tank) - will give the large ones a go.

        • +9

          a doctor said, the best is to stop eating BEFORE we feel full.

  • Thanks OP. Losing some covid kilos and this should help nudge me along with that.

  • Is this just for the first order, or will it apply to recurring orders? We currently get 9 for $65 per week, and have done for the last year or so.

    • How?

      • Dunno, it's a code we put in ages ago and it's stuck with our recurring order. Kinda hesitant to change it in case we lose it as it's a pretty sweet deal.

        • +4

          you order every week for a year ? wow

  • If you want cashback on the $69 you have to use code VFF-MARCHDEAL I believe

    Edit: Scrap that - makes it $79 :(

  • $61 for 9 meals, not too bad provided its edible!

    • +1

      Think what you'd imagine prison food to be, or a cheap old peoples home. Very hard to make decent meals that survive the journey and nuking for that money per serve.

      • So prisoners get youfoodz for free while we chumps on the outside need to pay for it.

  • i miss the secret code we had going for a bit a while ago lol

  • youfoodz have been forgiven by the masses?

    • Was never the "masses" to begin with mate… Just a loud (on ozbargain anyway, never seen the controversy elsewhere) minority.

  • +1

    These are ok, in a Colesworth dairy case / freezer kind of way. Beats the trash I assemble from my office cache of canned filth and stale salads but

    • +4

      But what?!
      Don’t leave us hanging!

      • +1

        Your question as to 'but' was liked by 3 times the people who liked my comment but

  • +1

    Their vegetarian selection is laughable.

    • +6

      Some might argue vegetarians are laughable.

      Not me tho 😂

      • Last night’s steak came from a vegetarian. I love ‘em.

  • I have had muscle diets (bland) and youfoodz (some meals were ok) is there any better out there?

    • I got some really good ones from a local outfit once at the Sunshine coast, then they put their prices up.

      Probably still worth the money, but not economical for me. Bloody nice meals though.

      Hunt around and you will find something but expect to pay $12+

    • +1

      Try mymusclechef don't mind them, same thoughts with youfoodz some were good and then eventually all started tasting the same to me.

    • Food4fitness shits all over youfoodz/my muscle chef. But more expensive if you go steak over say chicken but for like 12-13$ it's the closest thing to homemade food imo

    • Musclechef is really damn tasty, usually more grams than youfoodz. Out of all the ready made meals, musclechef is number 1 for me

    • Yep, Jamie Oliver

      SBS last night had Jamie doing fast meals with Danny Devito, my dear lady wife was inspired.

  • +6

    Youfoodz: for if you missed the taste of economy airline meals during COVID

    • +1

      Someone referenced it 5hrs ago.

  • Peas & corn with a side of mash. Yum. Also available in the frozen section of your local supermarket for $2.50

    • +1

      Yep. I'll add a few bits of beans and broc to these meals to puff them out a bit. Not many calories. Not much money. Fills you up. Not every meal needs to be a theme park adventure - sometimes you just need to eat and get on with things!

      Frozen mash is great as well cause you can easily portion a couple bits of it and it's no bother. Modern living is quite a thing.

      • How does frozen mash work? I use Deb because of how easy it is, add water and 30 seconds later you've got mashed potato.

        Microwave veg at the same time (frozen beans take ~2 mins) and you've got both sides ready in an instant.

        • Basically they are little cylinders of frozen mashed potato. You simply pop them in the microwave and they soften up into hot cylinders of mashed potato, or melt into a bit of a pile. Mix that with some frozen peas and (if you're into that thing) it's party time.

          I like Deb cause it's a bit like the KFC mash but honestly even with how easy Deb is, I still can't be bothered in comparison to frozen mash.

          • +1

            @krunchymoses: Could one put in two containers - one of frozen mash and one of frozen peas without the microwave time increasing? I personally haven't had them together since I was about 6 pretending I was sophisticated.

            I guess taste wise frozen mash is a more safe bet whereas Deb you've got to fully stir and is often a bit salty.

            Might grab some to test, thanks for the insight :)

  • ends up paying $8.11 each on average (large) oh well good for wfh

  • Day I - Chicken Katsu curry chicken

    • Appraisal - inedible
      Curry? flavour - revolting
      Chicken - tough and disgusting

    Result - BIN

    • +6

      see? You're losing weight already !!

      • +1

        Nah I filled up on Hummus, picked cucumbers on fresh bagles and Coke from local grocers in Ripponlea

  • Day I - buttered chicken

         Appraisal - Great, very happy with it for a
         $7 lunch.
         Curry? flavour - Tasty
         Chicken - Great texture, yummy.

    Result - Tomorrow mornings poo.

    • Result - Tomorrow mornings poo

    • Please keep us updated on your poo according to the Bristol stool chart :)

      Or just use one of the following:
      Sausage, corn on the cob, raisins, chicken nuggets, gravy.

  • These are great if you like saucy meals, for myself it was just a bit too much, nearly every meal felt almost like a stew at times and it was full on, the chicken is also processed in some sort of way which isnt great in my opinion. Moved over to my muscle chef and its tastes a lot more like a home made meal that I would produce myself if I had the recipe. Nothing beats home made though. Just a review for those interested in this.

  • +1

    The fuel'd butter chicken is amazing

  • Gave the rest of the meals to the kids who thought they were 'ok'

    Won't buy again, but thanks to the OP

    • if this youfoodz are not good enough, dont dare to try that chefprep

  • Thanks OP. Just used the code for the 2nd time and it worked again.

    • Interesting. Hopefully stays active.

  • To get 9 for 59, we need to choose 9 of the cheapest box, right?

    Edit. Yes

  • Code still works

  • I've tried Youfoodz a few times. It is convenient having it in the fridge as a backup when you don't have time to prepare anything. It is fairly good taste wise, but sometimes the protein portion (e.g fish or chicken) they give you is small and they load up the cheaper veggies. I only ever buy if I have a coupon code, not worth it otherwisw.

    • Correct. The large ones, they put more carbs not really protein or meat

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