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Simplecom 4 Port Ultra Compact USB 2.0 Hub $0.99 Delivered @ AZAU


After the disastrous deal (not db's fault) this morning, the AZAU rep has apologised with a partial refund for those who paid $7 and to help make up for it a deal on this 4 port USB 2.0 hub for the low price of 99 cents delivered.

While USB 2.0 is certainly old it's good for all the basics like your keyboard, mouse, USB fridge, USB fan and so forth.

  • Apply coupon SORRY99 at checkout

Please note that the coupon is limited to 1 unit per customer and while stock lasts (495 units at time of posting).

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  • +1

    Thanks Clear & AZAU Rep - Ordered.

  • Literally thought "if I had a USB hub I could make this work a bit better" then Ozbargain delivered…

  • Cheers. I can't see an option to apply the coupon at checkout.

    • +3

      Apply it in the shopping cart.

      • All good - thank you!

    • +1

      Have to apply coupon in cart first.

    • +1

      Just got to view Cart you will see it then.

  • Thanks, just need to buy an USBC adaptor now

    • -1

      If you ask the Rep I'm sure they will throw one in .

      • How would I do that? I've already ordered

  • Sometime my dark thought feels like this type of deal cannot make any profits for the seller unless they sell the personal information to the black market. 😂

    • It's called the loss leader strategy. Employed by a huge amount of stores on OzBargain.

  • +3

    Server error: Unable to contact the Odoo server.

    Please wait …

    Got the above message after paid with PayPal.. no order confirmation yet

    • +3

      Exact same error, paid by credit card. no order confirmation. Did I just throw away $1?

    • Refresh the page. Will work

      • +1

        Refreshed the page. Didn't work. Am I $2 down now?

        • Likely

        • Happened same with me..

  • +12

    Stuck at "We are processing your payment, please wait …"

    • Same…

    • same here

      • +1

        The order completed after 3 mins…

        • +4

          Good on you, mine has no confirmation email but PayPal has gone through

    • Same, though I've been charged :/

    • Same

    • Yep. Tried ordering twice, as the first time timed out. Second one ended with an internal server error. I've been charged for both attempts..

      I have one order confirmation email now at least. I wonder which one worked.

  • +6

    When I check with paypal, it return to your website and say " We are processing your payment, please wait …" it keep loading

    • AZ eCommerce (Oceania)
      -negative $0.9928 March 2022
      Paid with
      PayPal balance

      Transaction ID

  • +5

    Website lagging heavily "We are processing your payment, please wait …"

    edit: finished processing after about 4 mins lol

  • +3

    "We are processing your payment, please wait …" Perhaps payment system getting Ozbargained!? 😂

  • +13

    I think the next deal from this company will be an apology deal for the apology deal.

    USB hub for 9 cents?

  • +4

    Can’t even process payment :(

  • Rep has been notified stand by.

    • +8

      Red leader, standing by.

      • +2

        Simply Red, standing by.

        • +1

          I'd give it all up for U(Sb hub)

    • Quick before the customers start to leave

      • +3

        Shopback had everyone's data stolen and everyone still loves them 🤣🤣

  • Waiting in payment processing!!

  • Yes stuck at processing payment . But gor notification from amex that i made payment (using PayPal linked to amex). So maybe okay?

  • Tbh do they think azau is a good name?

    • If you pronounce it as AYE-ZEE-AYE-YOU it sounds good.

      • That sounds like me when I am in the dentist chair 😀

  • Mine went through after waiting a couple minutes for it to process.

  • +7

    🤣 Money out of bank account 10 minutes ago………"Payment processing….." screen still spinning! 😎

  • +1

    Hmmm… should I choose PayPal Pay in 4?

  • +4

    Payment screen still spinning - despite being charged already.


    • +4

      It's like a crypto rugpull, but with a USB hub! 🤣

  • +5

    I think maybe they will be processing heaps of 99cent refunds tomorrow! Poor buggers. System VERY broken.

    The great 99c USB rugpull of 2022!! 🤣

  • +15

    Of course payment processing is slow guys. Their website host is being run with external drives plugged in via many Simplecom 4 Port Ultra Compact USB 2.0 Hubs.

    • +1

      In a RAID0 config, so when it crashes there's no record of your paymento

  • +2

    I am expecting a 99c refund.

    Payment went through, but order failed.

    REP - I think you’ll be cleaning up a big mess here.

    • Same happened with me but I got confirmation invoice after 5 6 minutes. Maybe you will get it too if the payment has been deducted

  • Oh man this sucks! I want my 22 year old technology for under $1 delivered free to my door NOWWWWWWwwwwww. I demand to talk to the Manager!

  • +1

    Yeah I'd like my $2 back, please. This is just theft at this point.

    • -2

      thanks for the laugh

  • Payment eventually processed, but over 1000 clicks and "495 units at time of posting". We'll see …

    Thanks OP.

  • +4

    I should've never entered in my details

    • +1

      Right. This is what I am concerned about. Shonky.

  • Internal server error
    cannot execute INSERT in a read-only transaction

  • Internal server error
    cannot execute INSERT in a read-only transaction

  • +2

    I'm Out. Closing "Payment processing page…." after 20 minutes of idle spinning.

  • +1

    Internal server error
    cannot execute INSERT in a bullshit-only transaction

  • +1

    Payment is processing yet already got charged via applepay

  • We are not able to find your payment, but don't worry.

    You should receive an email confirming your payment in a few minutes.

    If the payment hasn't been confirmed you can contact us.

  • I can see another sorry code incoming

  • +3

    Still waiting for the SORRYSORRY00 code

  • +1

    Payment page still loading but it’s charged my bank account so I guess it worked. We’ll see

  • +2

    IT staff: boss we need $10,000 to upgrade our server etc so we can do another sorry promotion to ozb.
    Manager: and the promo will result in another $1,000 losses…
    Both: cry….

  • Payment processed after several minutes of waiting.
    Thanks OP

  • +2

    then took my money - PayPal transaction occurred basically immediately.
    no confirmation - unable to find payment.

    at least only 1 payment this time and under $1.

    not impressed - don't think I'll waste any time on this mob in future

    edit - want to remove my upvote.

  • Haha… next coupon is to make everything free on their website. An apology code that doesn't work.

  • Page says In Stock.

    *Clicks add to bag

    "Sorry there is not enough stock"

  • +9

    Another disaster, payment still processing after 30 mins yet PayPal have deducted the amount

    • +1

      If money has been taken then that's a clear sign the order has been received. No surprises the server gets overloaded when you have hundreds trying to order at once.

    • -1

      This isn't a disaster.

  • +1

    Is this Australian company or banggood a like?

    • Parent company owned PcByte as well. They are know as IoT hub and ninja.buy on eBay as well.

  • -1

    Request for mods to perma-ban this store/associate from the site.

  • I think I got one 35 minutes ago… should of held out for the apology to the apology deal!

    • In fairness it's my fault for sharing the deal as the rep simply commented it in the other deal.

  • We are processing your payment, please wait … fund deducted immediately though

  • +1

    PayPal payment went through finally. But no email confirmation from the store. The page ended at an error.

    • Same, still haven't received confirmation email. Only paypal payment email.
      Did you end up receiving it?

      • ended up getting 1 confirmation email. but got charged on my PayPal twice. lol.

        • Mine actually arrived in my spam box. All good.

  • Ordered one, looked like a site payment issue BUT paypal payment went through

  • +1

    Same Issue. Processing…..then no confirmation

    • Got the confirmation email. Wow

  • +1

    I was about to buy and saw all these comments here saying 'Processing …. no confirmation' really don't want to lose my hard earn 99c, sorry I couldn't do it …

  • Thanks

  • Paypal processed straight away, for me, had to wait on the payment processing page for about 30 minutes before I finally got the order confirmation.

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