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LABISTS SX1 Mini Desktop 3D Printer Kit (Intl Plug) & 1KG Filament US$82 (~A$109) Delivered @ Labists


Labists is offering this 3D printer and 1KG of filament for 60% off, bringing the total to $82 USD with free shipping to Australia. Unfortunately there is no option for the AU plug, you only have the option of choosing US, CA, EU, UK plug. But I don't see why an adapter would not work.

The deal can be found just under the Add to Cart button. It says 'Save 60% when you buy with extra filament!' with a yellow button next to it. Click the yellow button to add both products to your cart. Can't find anywhere on Labists website when this deal ends and did not receive an email from them about it. It may be part of their up to 65% off Flash Sale.

I have been looking for my first 3D printer and I think this should do the job. Hoping to do some 3D prints of characters from movies and games I like. Feel free to convince me why I should get a different 3D printer that's under $200 AUD!

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  • Any good? =) used to have Ender 5, but ran out of things to print to justify the expensive piece of kit

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      Given the fact it’s a cantilevered arm… I’m going to say it’s probably not spectacular.

    • Have you tried to start designing things? It will add a whole new level of joy

      • I just don't have ideas… I bought one, hoping that I would, but 6 months later could not find any, so sold it
        3D printer is something that is nice to have, though I would prefer something in a compact form factor (closed box). Just don't have things to print all the time

  • How do these people afford this? Even if it isn't top notch.
    Laser engraving looks interesting.
    Cantilever, no good

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    Top comment on that site sums it up, "Yeah it works, but it's pretty terrible. I've followed all the directions Labists provides, troubleshot with Reddit, and just cant get good prints off this. To start, when i set up my printer i couldn't physically get the bed below the nozzle. i had to take the bed apart and clip the springs. The gantry arm is poorly supported. this causes a ton of bumps and misaligned layers. no matter what i do, i cannot get this to go faster than 10mm/s. no where close to the advertised 60mm. It also has this weird bug where it will print x and y dimensions at 97% scale. but not every time. Using the same gcode file. I can't fix it. I give up. For the record, this isn't on sale. It's marked up to a ridiculously expensive level, and then 'sales' are used to bring it to a 'fair' price. Print cute little statues and trinkets, but don't ever expect to print anything useful on this. Spend a little more money and get something useful. "

  • That looks terrible! Very heavy and chunky looking mechanism on badly supported arms. It's going to be an exercise in frustration. The cheapest resin printer would be a better buy, or an Ender 3 clone.

  • Voxelab Aquila X2 3D Printer, there will be a 15% off Deal from April 4th to 10th:https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B092Z47XDV?ref=myi_title_dp

    Flashforge Foto 8.9 3D Printer,Original price $1099, now only $649,$450 off with promo code O6O73EXW.:https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08YNHYRMY?ref=myi_title_dp

  • anyone else buy this then get a refund notice?

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