Getting a Refund from Qantas - What Has Worked for You?

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Question for the Ozbargain community.

3 months ago, Qantas cancelled our flight back from our overseas destination. They have not refunded our tickets (AUD 2k to be refunded).

We've spent over 10hrs trying to get in touch with them since then. Staff on the phone is rude, unhelpful, and refuses to provide documentation (emails) for anything. They've told us 3 times it'd be refunded, nothing has happened. Tried reaching out on social, lodged complaints. Can't get the charge back on the CC has part of the ticket was used.

As infuriating as it is, I'm trying to be constructive and find a way to get my money back without going crazy. Any advice?

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  • The easiest thing is to put a note in your calendar for 4 weeks time and check then. I have received all the refunds eventually, no calls needed, but it did take a couple of weeks longer than the estimated time.

    • The flight was for January 3rd, and they have not made a move yet.

  • The refund I was owed was only $150 but even then it took 4 months and two follow up calls.

  • Can you claim it on Travel Insurance?

    • No, as the phone support Qantas does not want to share an email with how much will be refunded.

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    Call 1300 025 396, you'll get through in < 10 mins, tell them your mate on OzB sent you.

    • Trying that now. Thanks!

      • so how did the 10 mins ago.. ROTFLMAO

        • Well, let's just say it's still going… (1:32)

    • OK, got it done through that number. It wasn't 10 minutes (2.30hrs) but at least got through a guy who knew what he was doing, and was not rude like the previous support crew.


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        The 10 mins was an exaggeration, but glad it worked for you!

    • 5 hours wait.

  • I went through a similar thing - so many infuriating calls - you just have to wait. I understand the pain - it made me violently angry.
    Companies should be providing refunds within a timely manner, and I would not deem their refund timeframe as timely.

  • I cancelled a flight online in January and got my refund in March. Didn't have to do anything besides wait.

  • I booked a Qantas domestic flight through Expedia 2 weeks ago and plans changed so I asked to change through online chat with Expedia. They wanted an extra $180 on top of the original $99 to change the flight so I pushed for a credit (citing the Qantas website) and got it.

    Now rebooked direct on Virgin for $139 and have a year to use my Qantas credit through Expedia.

    I guess somtimes it's better to not book directly.

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      That's what I get from this experience. I'm done booking through Qantas. Done with their terrible customer service.

  • I was forced to cancel $2.5K of flights in Jan as my wife's uncle died and we needed to get to Singapore earlier and due to covid limits into Singapore, they couldn't move our flights earlier, or split out booking into going and returning (this took them 4 hours to work it out amazingly). So we cancelled the flight, I booked the same flight home I originally booked, and booked a flight to Singapore with Scoot.

    The flight was cancelled on 17 Jan. Still waiting on the refund.

    • My refund was processed just over 4 months since the flight was cancelled.

  • ACCC is investigating the Qantas in relation to there dodgy conduct.

    Their contract terms and conditions are extremally unfair, and also they dont even deliver on that too. They will surely be getting ready to suck up a big fine, perhaps going as far as stopping government funding to Qantas, who knows.
    Then they go bankrupt, and government decides to bail them out, and put Alen Jones as CEO again.
    Who knows, ACL is very broad and will definitely punish Qantas for this.

  • Pay them a visit at the airport.

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