This was posted 4 months 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE003 Tyres: Buy 3 Get 4th Free @ Bridgestone / Bob Jane / Jax


This great deal is back again for the month of April :)

Also being advertised at most other stockists such as Bob Jane, Jax and TyreSales.

Here are some features of Potenza Adrenalin RE003 tyres:

  • Precise handling
  • Superior cornering performance
  • Superb dry handling

As always, enjoy!

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  • +6

    Incredible tyres, they do wear out a little fast for my likes, but they are one of two tyres I can get for my size wheel/tyre preference. I got a few quotes, ended up going with a local tyre shop as they beat the 1 tyre free price I was quoted from Bridgestone.

    • +3

      Just a note from something that I've heard from several of my friends who have used these tyres as their go-to road tyres for years…

      At some point in the last couple of years the compound has apparently changed for the worse, and most all of my friends who ran them now avoid them like the plague.

      Also note the RE004 has been available overseas since 2020, so at best these are "last gen" tyre tech, at worst they're old stock (check date stamps).

      • The new compound was softer in my experience, offered far better performance, but just wore out quicker.

    • They last longer with much higher pressures. 32 on placad, then 37-38.

  • I hope this isn’t a joke! ;)

  • +2

    was highest ranked tyre by Choice (albeit back in 2018) - for my car's size tyre anyway 225/45R17 so this looks like an absolute bargain.

    • I have the exact dimensions as yours, tried continental MC6, RE003 and now Michelin Primacy 4. Personal preference Primacy4>MC6>RE003, price wise completely the other way around.
      RE003 is a great value type, but quite behind for handling and comfort.

      • +4

        Horses for courses.

        RE003 is a sporty tyres, the others are more touring tyres.

        The Turanza is Bridgestone's touring tyre.

        I'd get the Michelin Pilot Sport 5 over the RE003

        • +1

          I went from RE003 to Michelin PS4 last time I fitted tyres.

          Although the Michelin's are a little spongier on the twisties than I would've preferred, they still absolutely run rings around the Bridgestone's, particularly in the wet.

  • -3

    Winter is here. It will be raining in Melbourne a lot. Not the ideal tyre for now i think

    • +7

      Used this as my daily in QLD with torrential rain and floods. These have great wet handling characteristics and decently good at resisting aquaplaning.

    • +2

      You obviously haven't been venturing very far out of town, peoples in far north Queensland will be laughing off Melbourne winter, in fact the entire east coast from nsw border will do.

  • +1

    Potenza Adrenalin - tells you all you need to know about what demographic this tyre is for

    • the rich type?

    • +2

      Because the driving gives you adrenaline or because their lack of grip scares the crap out of you?

  • +2

    Works out to be $750 for 4 tyres if you buy through

    • +3

      Works out to be $621.00 on the bridgestone website (215/45R17).

  • How would this compare with EP300? Quieter, louder, better/worse traction etc.

    • This would be better in every way except fuel economy and longevity.

      • Do you have an idea by how much?

        Higher grip = longer lifespan, that's okay.

        Fuel economy I assume is higher grip = more friction? So slight. No idea just guessing.

        • Higher grip = safer.

          And you are correct about the friction. More rubber on the road is what you get with performance tyres.

          • +2

            @onlinepred: Safety, quietness, smoothness are the three main things I care about.

            Around town and highway driving, nothing special, but not going to skimp a hundred bucks or two on something important.

            • +1

              @noyesmaybeok: The more rubber you have on the road will make more noise. I always value safety over noise though. Braking distance, wet/dry grip, all are critical to me. These tyres and PS4 are fantastic for that. Generally performance tyres will have stiffer sidewalls to help handling, this can make them seem slightly harder.

              • @onlinepred: Fair, if it's noise because they're grippy, not noise because they're subpar that is a decent trade off.

  • -1

    Isn't this basically the same as saying "Buy 1 shoe, get the 2nd free"?

    • +1

      Not quite since your car has 4 feet. If it were the same deal on motorcycle tyres however…

    • +2

      Not really. This offer is 25% off. Buy 1 get 1 free is 50% off.

      • Yeah, true.

        But I was thinking more like in what senario would a person be buying only 3 tyres?

        Putting more thought into it, I just realised it's a 25% off deal that excludes those looking to replace a single tyre.

        • +2

          There are various circumstances where you may need to buy only one, two or three tyres.
          Whether it's uneven wear, or one tyre has been damaged, etc etc.

          Tyres are priced individually, or you'd be forced to buy a full set due to driving over a bad pot hole.
          But obviously this deal is targeted at people needing a full set.

        • I sometimes buy tires two at a time but not usually 3

        • +2

          It's marketing to make the overinflated price look cheap.
          If you shop around you can often buy 4 at a normal price for less.

          • @spaceflight: This. It's basically a gimmicky discount on RRP. All good but would probably get much the same price any day of the week at mycar etc?

            Pity Amazon don't sell tyres…yet.

  • Mine is 205/65/r15
    Not in the list…

    • +3

      Yea it's a performance tyre not something to slap on an early 2000s model camry.

      • +2


      • +3

        I have 225/45/17s RE003s on a 2000 Camry Touring Edition :D

        Goes heeeeeeeeeeeeeeps faster, I can almost get to the speed limit.

      • The list is pretty limited, mine aren't on there either, front or rear for Stinger GT (they are different sizes).

  • +3

    why we not getting RE004? it's already replaced RE003 in many markets but we still have old outdated RE003 at same price of RE004……
    i was juggling between RE003 and Evo3 and went to Evo3 and ditching my potenza sports.. seems downgrading but feels much better with price difference is huge.

    • RS-4!!!!

      • +1

        RS4s are rubbish. worse grip than RE003s when Cold and completely sucked on the track vs the RE003s I had in the exact same size.

        • Oh really? They have so much more rubber on the road though. Interesting! Surely they are better than Evo3 though which was what I was commenting on

          • @onlinepred: by 'completely sucked' I mean they put down the exact same time on the same car as my RE003s but cost me nearly twice as much for no performance gain.

            evo 3 is more in line with the RE003 in terms of price.

            • @Laserface: Oh interesting! For my size the rs4 is cheaper by a bit, and also look really awesome haha. Evo 3 don’t look good at all.

              • +1

                @onlinepred: I also found them pretty dangerous in the wet, the RS4s. I aquaplaned on some barely-standing water on James Ruse Drive one night and I wasnt even being silly, just cruising just below the speed limit.

                the RS3s were much better.

        • agree, i had them, rubbish.

    • Welcome to Australia. Why? Probably the same reason our Maccas had only 4 burgers to choose from for the past few decades until the gourmet burgers were introduced to Australian Maccas years ago.

  • Any point getting tyres like these for a Subaru Forester diesel or do you need to be drag racing people at traffic lights in your WRX to appreciate them?

    • +2

      Improves cornering

    • +2

      Basically it improves braking performance, wet/dry handling, turn in, safety in general. I recommend performance tyres to my family, and they all notice the difference. Even on my mums old Swift haha.

  • NO 225/60R18?

  • +3

    Would highly recommend going to bridgestone themselves. Because of their road hazard warranty. Have had 3 irreparable punctures since I got these like 2-3 years ago and only was charged pro rata once to replace. Was only 15% the price of the tyre. Stock is highly dependant on your local but the longest I've waited was like 3 days

  • +2

    Have used these on my Toyota Celica and now my 86, Have been fantastic improvements over the Kumhos and other random tyres that they came with on purchase in terms of handling and noise.

    The service from Bridgestone also been great, Reminders for rotations they perform as part of the purchase cost up to a year later.
    Even had a puncture they fixed up and had me back on the road at no extra cost one afternoon.

    Would recommend.

    • Same. It is a type of choice for 86 (Manual) if you can handle a little sideway on slippery road.

      It has above average grip for take off and uphill cornering with acceleration, good grip on rainy condition but it allow just enough freedom for you to slip a little on wet tarmac condition.

      PS4 will give you grip for all condition, making your 86 drive like a 4WD….

  • +3

    I got these tyres in the previous deal. It's impossible to read about tyres without people moaning about some aspect or another so I just figured these seem decent and the price seems decent so went for it. No complaints so far but I'm no expert user.

  • I grabbed these the other day from costco, $127 a tyre plus 4th free, Bridgestone wouldn't match them.

    I find them dead quiet compared to the last tyres I had. And seem to feel pretty solid in the wet.

    • +3

      That's more than half price AND a free tyre. How the hell

    • Which Costco is this?

    • Bump.
      Would like to know this as well. Do you have a receipt/link? Would be useful to have. Welcome to the OzB community!

    • I just ordered a set online and it’s 4 for price of 3. ✌️

  • Got these through tyresales (sub of carsales). Managed to get fitting, balance and alignment included (depending on fitter) and 12month roadside support for free too.

    Found them pretty good daily tyre, big improvement over my Falkins eco crap that came with my car. Good wet weather stability,

  • I have Bridgestone Potenza S001 tyres on my car now. Does anyone happen to know how these compare?

    • +1

      If I had to choose between the two I'd go with the S001 every time. I know that there are a bucket load of measurables with tyre tests, but the simplest is braking and the s001 is one of the best of all time.

      The RE003 on the other hand isn't even a UUHP tyre

  • +1

    MCM approved.

    • +1

      Their sponsorship is now with Michelin.

  • +1

    Bridgestone also have the same promotion for the Serenity plus. How does that compare?

    • RE003 is a much better tyre in terms of grip compared to Serenity plus.
      But Serenity will last longer.

    • +1

      Serenity is much quieter from my experience, and I also found them to perform better in the wet.

      RE003 wins hands down for dry grip/handling though.

  • Just bought Bridgestone (225/55R18 98H Ecopia H/L 422 PLUS) $890.97 from the COSTCO. on buy 3, 4th Free deal.

    • Ouch. To think I can get 4 performance tyres for over $100 less than that. Although you could get a similar size of these for around $960. Man big wheels are so expensive!!!!

  • do these deal ever apply for medium to large suv tyres?

  • Good tyres in terms of performance but they do wear out pretty quickly. I got 20,000km from a set on an FG Falcon.

    • +4

      They are sports tyres. Sports tyres are softer, giving you more grip, but wearing out faster.

      cant have it all.

  • +1

    Have these on my car, great grip and pretty quiet. Highly recommended

  • 225/40R18 comes to $735 direct from Bridgestone. Saving $40 - $10 a corner - versus Pilot Sport 4. Doesn't add up with the poorer durability and wet weather handling

  • What’s the drive away price people are paying for all four tyres?

    • i got quoted $504 ($168 per tyre) for Potenza size: 205/55R16
      Wheel alignment an extra $66

      not sure if this is the best price i can get

  • 235/45R18 98W comes to $891 @ BobJane for 4 tyres fitted.

    Not sure if that's a good deal.


    • No. But odd sizes like this can cost more.
      Last year, my 245/45 18 100s were $609 a set at 4 for 3 at Bridgestone.
      I am no fan of Bob Janes.

      • Yeah but @ Bridgestone the price is:

        Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE003
        235/45R18 98W

        $918 (4 for the price of 3)

        So bob jane is cheaper

        • Yeah go with them.
          My local BJ tried to force a wheel alignment.

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