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EPOS Sennheiser GAME ZERO Gaming Headset (Black) - $49 + $5.99 Delivery @ Mwave


Purchased this for $99 roughly a year ago and it's been the best cheap headset that I've ever had. Very comfortable, great audio and mic quality

· The flexible boom arm easily adjusts for best voice pick-up position
· Automatic microphone mute by raising the boom arm
· A volume wheel on the right ear cup allows for quick adjustments while gaming

Ends 3/4/2022

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  • pretty good price

    • pretty good??? understatement.

  • Could you tell me whether the connectors to PC are separate 3.5 mm connectors to mic and headphone?
    I would like to use with the front 3.5mm jacks of my pc?
    Thank you.

    • Connectors: 2x 3.5mm, 3.5mm - Cable Length: 3m / 1.2m

      • senior doc, what duck means is that it comes with both separate cables and also another cable that combines mic and output for like phone and front of your pc

  • I got the open back version of these. Game One maybe?
    Not impressed
    Poor build quality and hurts my head.
    Compared to hyper x

    • The original cloud and cloud ii's from Hyper X were unbelievably well built and comfortable. I spent 5 years with a pair and they went everywhere, even in the rain. Poor things had rusted screws visible and still sounded great.

      • I love mine, i just wish they were open back

        • Yup! Gave mine to my sister with new pads and have got HIFIMAN Sundara's, which are open back planar magnetic.

    • +1

      the headset is only stiff at the start most are like this, same with shoes you got to wear them in. after a week or so they should be perfect and as someone who has had a pair last for 7 years don't think there is something wrong with the build quality (rubber on mic started splitting) but 7 years good.

      then again maybe the zero is stiff in general as i had the game one (open back)

      • I've been using the game one for a year and think the build quality is trash. Plasticy and creaks with every movement.

        • doesnt creak when its on the head tho and its light and easy, you barely notice it on your head. while hyperx will be more humid to wear and not as comfy for long hours.

          sound quality wise game one is better, and the headset doesnt break should last longer than the hyperx

          • @bubblelolz: Mate, it hurts my head

            • @teacherer: how big is your head. I use it on a low setting and it is also very flexible since its made out of "plastic" but if its hurts your head it hurts your head, just never heard anyone say that the game series hurts their head before so thought something was wrong but since you used it for a year i dont know.

              • @bubblelolz: PC38X creates a sore spot on top of my head. Don’t get that with the Cloud II.

                Prefer the Sennheiser earpads though.

  • $50 = amazing deal for these imo. Have had the open back for years.

  • Great, my old sennheisers are on the way out and falling apart, so this is just the ticket. Cheers!
    Don't forget to get a whopping 0.7% off with cashrewards or shopback!

  • No stock

  • Damn went to grab one. OOS

  • On a semi-related note, any suggestions for something if the budget was increased to $100?
    Looking for a decent open back headphone for FPS gaming and it to have the microphone for the occasional Zoom/video conference.
    I was looking at the EPOS H6Pro (I like the idea of a detachable microphone), but that's over $200, which is only a value I'd accept if it was wireless as well (am I asking for too much?).

    • +2


      Sennheiser Game One $90 delivered

      • Thanks for the suggestion. Was looking for one with a detachable microphone and wireless, so I could use it on the go too. Open to expanding my budget a bit higher if it can meet those needs.

        • +3

          the mic arm IMO is much better than a detachable mic, i use the newer PC38x for everything and never notice the arm when it's up.

          as for wireless, i dont think open back wireless exists.

  • Damn. I almost bought this a few days ago at $100. Wish I hadn’t missed this deal.

  • Wasn't a fan of these, Audio quality was really tinny and unpleasant sounding, also just didn't fit on my head with any of the adjustment

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