expired Western Digital WD Caviar Green 3.5" 500GB SATA 6.0GB/s IntelliPower 64MB Hard Drive(HDD) $69.99


Cheapest price I could find was $116 from Shopbot

Over the years the industry has increased bus bandwidth from PATA through SATA 1.5 Gb/s and SATA 3 Gb/s to keep up with the demand for higher transfer rates. The next evolution of bus bandwidth has now been achieved with the introduction of SATA 6 Gb/s, (SATA 3.0). We''ve added a SATA 6 Gb/s interface to our award-winning WD Caviar Blue, Green, and Black desktop hard drives in capacities from 250 GB - 3 TB. This transition to a SATA 6 Gb/s interface aligns with the introduction of SATA 6 Gb/s-supporting chip sets and motherboards coming to the market.

Massive capacity.
WD leads the way; pioneering capacity to deliver a massive 3 TBs of storage on a single drive.

Reduced power consumption.
Reduced power consumption makes it possible to build systems with higher capacities and the right balance of system performance, ensured reliability, and energy conservation.

Cool and quiet.
WD GreenPower Technology yields lower operating temperatures for increased reliability and low acoustics perfect for ultra-quiet PCs and external drives.

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    $76 IT Estate - Sdyney
    $80 CCPU Computers - Sydney

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    It's not that cheap. use Staticice to check computer parts prices next time.


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    yeah no thanks. You can get a 1TB drive for only $25 bucks more (MSY)


    $9 shipping to Adelaide….

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    before the flood crisis

    2tb was approx $85

    Still waiting for that price to return one day.


      Still waiting for 3TB retail AU stock to be $120. $40/TB.

      Come on' Hardly Normal, Dick's Myth, Offs' Work & Retro Vision! Go one better!

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    and a 500gb green drive is useful for what? 1tb drives only cost a little bit more

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    I thought mwave alone means instant neg much like Dick Smith and Megabuy but yeah like others have said, you're better off spending a little bit more to buy a larger drive as the $ per Gb will be lower again.


      Not if you don't need more than 500GB.


    think i got a 500g caviar blue for like $70 or somthing at msy a month ago.


    Not a fan of the WD green drives I had 3 1TB drives all die pretty much spot on 24months ..luckily I had that data migrated onto my NAS and I don't need to have big platters in my PC now .. but I would not go for this class of drive again. The two 320GB drives I have left in my case are pushing 10+ years old and are going fine.


      Maybe they sourced & used half decent parts on their drives after the floods? I have a 1TB WD10EADS from '07 still going strong for 24/7 since I got it.


    can this be used for ps3?


      No good for PS3. You need 2.5" for PS3 internal drive, not 3.5".


        ah alright. thanks very much!


    It's $102+shipping now?