This was posted 3 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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RITEK 8x 16x DVD-R 50pk $12, Dual Layer 50pk $35, Blu-Ray 50pk $38 + Shipping or $60+ free ship to Major cities @ IQ Tech


Ritek DVD, Bluray , Dual Layer on special

dvd - 50pcs @ $12
dual layer - 50pcs @ $35
Bluray - 50pcs @ $38

free freight to major cities over $60 - no po boxes
or pick up from their store in Dandenong

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    Who knew this was still a thing 🤷‍♂️

    • +1

      Talk about niche. I hope they can locate the one person who wants this. It could become a global effort.

    • +5

      I remember about 20 years ago when I used to buy these.

      When I read the description, I seriously had flashbacks. Those were the days.

    • +2

      That dark purple dye was so much better than the lighter colours used by its competitors. Hardly ever had trouble with the end result and it was the cheapest brand I could find. I still have some of my data on those disks. Haven't been able to part with them.

    • +1

      I miss DVD Shrink and Ripit4me

      • Nero burner.

  • +7

    Wow never thought see this brand again!! Lol

  • +7

    whoah blast from the past

  • +10

    Wow, memories… driving around looking for decent genuine RITEK DVD-R than realising I needed DVD+R ..

    • +1

      Did robotpig save the day?

  • +7

    They come with a choice of either a free fax machine or overhead projector.

    Ask your parents kids……

    • Even better a free morse code tapper.

    • +2

      And a 56K modem

  • +5

    That’s not actually bad for backups etc. 50x 4.8GB was it for bluray? That’s over 2TB for $38.

    • +3

      I think cd's were 700mb, dvd's 4.7gb and I think bluray are like 25gb each. then you got dual layer, and probably something else I don't know about.

      • Oh yes, of course. I was thinking DVD. Duh. Thanks!

      • Then there were 100gb/ 125gb Blurays, but they never really hit it off much. Media never came to an affordable price for me, so i stuck with Dual Layers waiting and then Blu-ray burning basically died. Everyone just went to buying Hdds and using them as storage.

    • +4

      Bluray 25gb single layer / 50gb dual layer.

    • +2

      I'm still waiting for portable blueray writer to be under $100 lol

      • It’s now a niche market, don’t expect that kind of low price anymore.

        • Perfect for backing up but due to less demand , don't think they ever gonna be cheaper.

      • +1

        I cannibalised my old bluray writing drive from a laptop to become a portable writer… it actually handled it alright.

    • +1

      1.25 TB for $38 plus shipping by my calcs…
      Not bad!

  • +9

    Checks calendar…..nope, definitely still 2022
    Thought it was 2012 for a second….

    • +3

      Good price , if I got a pack of 50 for $12 in 2012 I will be a happy man

  • +7

    I have no idea if this is a good price. +1 for the nostalgia.

  • Anyone recommend a good program for Bluray recording (Mac)?

  • +16

    Perfect for my Winamp playlist

    • +11

      It really whips the llamas ass!

  • +6

    Hahaha nice April Fools joke .. wait.

  • +4

    +1 to everyone for your comments - thanks for the fun ride down Memory (get it?) Lane

    • +1

      Would've been funnier if this was about actual memory, and not storage

      • +6

        Well, the "M" in DVD-ROM does stand for "memory"…

        • -2

          Normally when you talk about computer memory, your referring to RAM.

  • +11

    Got any Taiyo Yudens? My gotos were MCC003 Verbatim +Rs :)

    • +1

      Taiyo Yudens and Verbatim are the two top dogs at their time.

      • Indeed…. if you care about your data, TY's and Verbatim were the best. Sony were okay, but i'd avoid Ritek at all costs. There's been many Ritek CD-R's and DVD-R/DVD+R's I burned that became unreadable just years later.

    • Got to watch where they are made and who makes them now days.

    • +3

      Great for ps2 games…. Those were the days

  • It's a good thing I still have a case (Haf X) that has a 5.25" drive slot.

  • -3

    Some of the packaging looks like a roll of sticktape.

  • Cool, recently built a new PC and transferred the Pioneer BR writer over. Now I can put it into use with this deal :D

  • +4

    Lol this is what happens when you finally get to clearing out boxes piled up in the corner of the dusty warehouse

  • I used to buy Verbatims. Great discs 💿

  • I've just realised I can time travel on my toilet.

    • Do you mean you just witnessed your stool flew from the toilet bowl back up into your arse? Eww, too much info.

  • +7

    Any deals on Princos?

    • Wow. I remember those. A blast from the past.

    • Riktek > princos

  • That’s an awesome price for blank blu rays

  • Err, I just realised that a have quite a few cd backups in my cupboard but no drive to read them…

  • +3

    Wow blast from the past!

    Miss these. As well as Taiyo Yuden, TDK, Ricoh, and the notoriously terrible Princo.

  • Damn, I was just about ready to replace my 10 year old RW's. Got any of those OP?

  • Thanks, I was running out of room to store my linux distros.

  • +3

    This going to go great with my Macdonalds mulan Szechuan nugget dipping sauce.

  • What's the best DVD burner on the market at the moment?

    • Best bet would be to get a "UHD friendly" BD-R drive that can rip DVD, BDs and UHD discs, as recommended on the MakeMKV forum, and upgrade the firmware to make it LibreDrive, then you can rip 4K BD's using MakeMKV

      e.g. I bought an LG WH14NS40 and upgraded it to WH16NS60 firmware and because it has the same MT1959 drive platform, it works the same as a bought WH16NS60, but saved me about $100. I think I paid about $80.

      I only rip my own DVDs and BDs and have no 4K, so I haven't tried it, but MakeMKV reports that I can rip anything.

      • MakeMKV is so good. Only issue I've run into is compressing the MKV files afterwards, I get ok results, not as good as the quality/size that people in online seem to get though…

        I didn't know about LibreDrive though. My BR writer drive is quite old, probably at least 8 years, and I think it's pretty basic (a liteon I think) so I doubt it can do 4k but I'll have to look into that… maybe I'll upgrade it if it's not, I need to crack the case soon to move my OS to an SSD instead of a 15 year old mechanical drive before it kills my system anyway rofl…

  • +1

    Appreciate the blast from the past.
    Takes me back when I had a 2x burner and couldn’t even operate the microwave during the burning process.
    Now waiting on a deal with 3.5” floppies 😂

  • +6

    what about some nashuatec floppies from Brashs?

    • +3

      I remember getting Zelda 2 for $12 at Brashs.

  • +3

    56k modem, Limewire, and spools of DVD-R. Good times

    • +1

      And PirateBay? ;p

      • +2

        Nah Kazaa

        • emule

    • +4

      The family pc in the lounge was never quite the same after that linkinpark-numb.exe download

      • Hmm not familiar with that story. Do tell.

    • +1

      Clearing as much HDD space as possible before a LAN with a spindle of DVDs then spending the weekend afterwards sorting and burning the new stuff :)


  • Greta price per TB on backup but be mindful, most, if not all, new laptops, tablets don't have readers and you need at least one (second reader is backup in case you can't get them later on).
    Cost of yearly cloud back up might be more convenient.

    • +1

      Usually people who make the decision to go for offline physical backups already rule out cloud for other reasons and would be the sorts to have an old desktop or something still around.

      I've still got a few DVD drives around :P. No BR drive though, I'd probably use it every now and again if I did to take a "solid snapshot" if you will of some of my more important stuff (namely my photo raw files being the largest).

  • Omg used to use ritek to backup games for modded xbox. Good old memories

  • I remember when I used to buy TDK blank CD's for $35 each wholesale for my $8000 Yamaha CD Burner

    • That you Steve?

      Steve had a lot of new friends after his purchase.

  • Damn. Was hoping that Bluray price was double layer. Still decent though. Working through an Aldi single layer stockpile.

  • Nashua 5 1/4" DS DD 360KBs on special too

  • Don't laugh, this stuff might come back to worth a lot of crap due to some nostalgic historic reasons. That seems to be the trend with a lot is this old techy stuff 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • +4

    I still use optical discs on a regular basis - perfect for backups..

    All solid state and magnetic media eventually wear out/fail - and while optical media does too, it does slower (except cheap nasty disks)… Remember, if we have a solar flare, EMP, flooding etc, and your internet is down and you can't stream anything, assuming you have power, your optical discs will still work/keep their data. I'm glad I buy movies/series I like on disc because eventually they get yanked from streaming services and you're left with nothing.

  • Don't forget to edit AUTOEXEC.BAT file.
    c:\dos\mscdex /d:mscd000

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

    Finally I can get this to use with the purchase that I bought almost a decade ago.

    • Good deal. I'm using a Pioneer BDR206.

  • +3

    Remember heading to the Swap Meets in Melbourne and every 2nd stand having the stack of "Princo 52x CDR" Ready to go ;)

  • +1

    Back when Clone CD and DVD Decrypter were essential programs in the battle against SecuROM and Safedisc

    MSY became a mega chain of stores partly due to the massive volume of Ritek, Princo and That's/Taiyo Yuden spindles they were selling

    Then you knew the market was overheating when the Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim fakes started being sold at the local markets


  • I have a 10 to 15 year old collection i keep for reasons….. don't even have an optical drive these days….

  • Looks at my Pioneer 5.25" sata drive… No thank you.

  • Can you even get a free program to backup movies these days? I used to use Clone DVD in conjunction with AnyDVD, but don't think they work anymore.

    • DVDShrink?

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