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Crucial Ballistix RGB 16GB (2x8GB) 3600MHz CL16 DDR4 RAM $112.50 Delivered + More + Surcharge @ Shopping Express

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  • Are these single rank? How are they so cheap

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      This is the end of the line. You buy these now or never again.

      • I bought it to go with my other kit bought two weeks ago.

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          Yeah then you did good. The non-RGB is already sold out and prices have shot up to $180. Only a matter of time the RGB does too.

      • so is ddr4 gonna get cheaper than these or not

        • Nope top quality RAM will never get cheaper once discontinued. It's ddr5 from here on out.

    • From my understanding they're single rank. I recently purchased 2 x 16GB crucial ballistix 3600MHz CL16 and it is dual rank.

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      Single rank (I bought a week ago and both kits were single). I assume the vast majority of all DDR4 8GB sticks will be single rank.

  • Crucial CT32G48C40U5 32GB 4800MHz CL40 Black DDR5 Desktop RAM Memory - $287.10 + Free Shipping

    Somehow I don't think the RRP listed is correct.

  • do these work with my 3200mhz 16 ram? that i got from BPCtech pre built?

    • They will work mostly but the overall speed will be 3200 mhz across 32 GB ram.

      • so I can just stick it in and I'll get 32GB ram?!!! whoa 800 dollar pc with 32GB ram and gfx card…

        • Yes mate you will. Whether you really need 32 GB RAm is another debate but you can surely go for this.

          • @axlfan: only got 2 slots of dimm ram slots = no spare slots

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              @ilove: Aaah then hold your horses mate. You need 4 slots to add these to existing build. Else replace your old RAM with these and flip the old ones on ebay.

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          Just buy the 3200mhz version of these for $99. Why waste your money.

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    Would two of these kits be a good way to achieve a 32GB system - I've been out of the building game for a while and have never been sure about how RAM works - eg single vs dual rank and all that stuff… Or is 2 x 16GB always a better way to go?

    • 2 x 16GB would probably be the better choice than 4 x 8GB.

      Quad-channel isn't really a thing with any system most people would build, except at the very high-end.

    • Check your mobo / CPU specs and that'll tell you what it supports (in the way of dual or quad channel).

      HEDT typically used quad, with mainstream typically dual.

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    I'm getting a "not enough stock" message when I add to cart, sold out?

    • Likes like OOS

  • when are the g.skill triden Z going on sale?

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