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100% Cashback When You Buy a 4-Pack Alcoholic Bundaberg Ginger Beer at Participating Retailers @ Bundy's Big Shout


Saw this promotion but not sure which retailers are “participating retailers” - eg those advertising this promotion.

Copy and pasted some important info from the terms and conditions:

To be eligible to receive a cashback, individuals must, during the Promotional Period, purchase a 4-pack of Bundaberg Alcoholic Ginger Beer (“Eligible Product”) from a participating retailer and retain their purchase receipt. A “participating retailer” is any retailer that is stocking Bundaberg Alcoholic Ginger Beer and advertising this promotion.

The cashback will be awarded in the form of a Vault Pays-enabled Prepaid Mastercard®. to the value of the price paid for the Eligible Product as submitted in the claim form, up to a maximum value of $22.

Promotion commences on 01/04/22 and claims close at 11:59pm AEST on 31/05/22

Edit: for those who want to read the terms and conditions - https://www.bundysbigshout.com.au/legal-rules.pdf

Edit 2: to clarify, the store in question (according to terms and conditions) need to be advertising this promotion, not just selling the item itself. I haven’t found any evidence of any store advertising this promotion hence my first paragraph. Will go out and try to confirm with major chains and update this post accordingly.

Edit 3: thanks to
@Luigi Savadamoni, nice link that pretty much proves you’ll be able to buy at major chain stores for those who can’t wait until the promotion is in full force. https://www.bundabergrum.com.au/products/alcoholic-ginger-be...

Mod: Despite what is stated in the terms, users reported receiving over $22. See comment.

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    • same here for 2 days now. Tried different browsers without luck.

    • +2

      I got the same error while submitting the cashback. But, as soon as I renamed the upload receipt file to something like 'ref.jpeg'(a short file name), it works.

      • +1

        This worked for me, i've been trying for days. Thank you. Now the wait to see if anything happens.

      • Cheers for the suggestion, worked straightaway for me this time now. :)

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    The redemption page says "Buy a pack… in-store", however there's nothing about that in the T&Cs… so I'm assuming we should still be able to order online (and hence make use of Liquorland's 30% cashback)?

    • I did online. They ask for a receipt they got a receipt. An online one 😁

  • +4

    Can I buy this online from LL and capitalize on the 30% Cashback at the same time? Thanks.

    • I just did. Seemed to work fine

  • Anyone get verification of refund from stock bought without promotion advertising?

    • Day 2 and 3 - still nothing.

  • +2

    Got the text message from Bundaberg confirming the cashback. Bought the 4 pack for First Choice Liquor in store, submit the claim on Sunday.

    Text message screenshot: https://ibb.co/T2WnZG9

    • The dodgyish domain name


      "Comfirm". Not sure if that is confirm or stands for competition firm.

      And the text reads like an overseas scam. I felt so uncomfortable clicking on that link!

      Or maybe I received a real scam SMS! Shit!

    • i have the same text.. lol… bought FCL sunday.. 4 days?

      after clicking link.


      You will receive your cashback
      as a Digital Mastercard via SMS
      to your mobile within 24 hours.

      In the meantime if you have any questions please check the
      Promotional FAQs or Contact Us.

  • Just received confirmation sms regarding Cashback. Bought from FCL [email protected] WA

    • Did you buy online?

  • Bought there without promotional advertising ?

    • Yeap. Bought and submitted on Monday. The staff wasn't aware of the promo too!

  • Couldn't submit on any desktop browser but worked on mobile.

  • Let's wait if anyone got the cashback!!?

  • +1

    Got my cashback today.
    Ordered from Liquorland, and stacked with cashrewards 1%.
    At -5.5c per can, you can't go wrong.

  • I only have bws and a Dan's in Hervey bay, what a sad day this is for me. One of the only alcohols I like and it's free but can't buy em

    • Some people here have purchased online. Try that?

  • +2

    Purchased at Liquorland on Sunday (3 April). Received cashback this morning.

  • Just purchased from Liquorland and submitted claim. 22c cashback from Cash Rewards in store (Visa card linked) too.

    • Is that the full voucher? I just got an SMS to confirm but have received the actual mastercard sms.

      Message I received last week:
      Hi x,Thanks for claiming your Bundy Big ShoutGinger Beer Cashback!Please click the link to confirm your mobile numberto finalise your claim by 30 June 2022, as the linkwill then expire. https://www.bundynationalconfirm.com.au/confirm?…..

  • Hey so which stores can we buy from and whether in store or online?

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    I have tried to contact Bundaberg Rum by phone and email with no success. I have also spoken with Dan Murphy's, Liquorland and First Choice Liquor. They cannot help with the cash back promotion. They suggested I contact Bundaberg Rum. Clearly this promotion has been poorly planned - very frustrating.

    • Agree. Looks like there’s people having luck with LL though as the comments above. I have a feeling that they will credit cashback no matter where you purchase - but as you have said I have no confirmation from Bundy themselves.

    • +1


      It states Liquorland and First Choice. QLD can purchase from Dan Murphy's.

  • +1

    I've got a SMS, but the dodgy looking link did not work (gives me error 404).

    • Did you find a fix to this? Can we email them?

  • Got the SMS and after clicking the link it says:

    You will receive your cashback
    as a Digital Mastercard via SMS
    to your mobile within 24 hours.

    but even after more than 48 hours no Digital Mastercard…
    Has anyone actually gotten the Mastercard?

    • I'm also curious if anyone has recovered the digital MasterCard. I submitted the claim Thursday 7th, received the text and clicked through to the confirmation on Friday 8th but still nothing. I emailed via the contact us on the confirmation page yesterday but have not yet got a response.

      • Still nothing for me and I received the email on the 5th and the SMS on 7th..

        • Mine did as well and it was $23

      • Instructions for accessing the digital MasterCard have just come through via SMS.

    • Same here, no digital card received

    • The digital MasterCard just came through. I guess it's taking them a while to process.

    • Just received my $20 Mastercard 🥳

  • lol. just went to liquorland. price went up to $23. said they went up just days ago. should've bought it then.. haha feels like seriously expensive if failed the claim

  • +1

    Matso's is the best Ginger beer ive had but, if its free its worth a crack

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Bought via LL on-line.

    • During the LL Cashrewards upsized cashback 30% with Free delivery code. The cashback tracked fine.
    • Had submitted claim and received approved SMS.

    Even though the claim page says in-store as few others had mentioned the T&Cs didn't explicitly call it out within

    Outcome free 4 pack and profit of approx $6.

  • +2

    Haven't seen anyone here review the quality of the actual beverage but I got mine yesterday and thought it was foul

    Tasted like cordial so weak gave 2 of my cans away. Lucky fingers crossed I'm not going to pay for it

    Can't believe with the Bundaberg name it tastes this bad. Thought it would like their regular ginger beer but with a bit. Won't be buying again

    I'm on to the Buderim one now it's really packs a ginger punch

  • +3

    Finally got text message from Bundy / Vault yesterday.

    It asked me to download app called Vault in order to use $22.00 Mastercard spending as redemption.

    So here is the timeplan
    - 04/04/22 - I bought it from FCL, submitted the claim detail.
    - 07/04/22 - received text message from "BundabergGi", asking me to click link to confirm mobile number to finalise my claim by 30 June '22 so I clicked the link and confirm my email (if I could remember).
    - 15/04/22 - received text message from "Bundaberg" with link detail, taking me to app and download "Vault", along with my mobile phone and activation code.
    - 16/-4/22 - i downloaded vault with details and received $22.00 to spend with using digital Mastercard.

    • Updated - I was planning to use it digital Mastercard via Vault but you need to link it to Google Pay. I linked it, it would take 3 to 5 minutes for vertification and BANG. Got it. I used it to spend Grill'd for a $5.00 HFC burger today.

  • Bought from FCL instore, got the sms on the 14th to confirm. Got my text today with the link to the card.

  • bought and submit on 11th. still heard nothing, is it normal or need to chase ?

  • Anyone in Sydney figured out where they're advertising this promo? Other than FCL ?

    • I found the promo listed in a catalogue for a local chain called Liquor Legends.

    • Liquorland

  • As above, make sure you see the success page:

    Your Claim Has Successfully Been Received
    Please allow up to 5 business days for us to validate your receipt and issue your cashback. If successful, you will receive an SMS with a link to verify your mobile number. Once verified you will receive your Mobile Mastercard via SMS (which can live in your phone wallet).

    If your claim is unsuccessful for any reason, please check your email for further details. Don’t forget to check your junk folder if you don’t receive a text message or email after 5 business days.

    I had to rename my receipt to something much shorter for it to work.

  • I bought from FC online (click n collect) and claimed already. See what happens hey.

    • Hi ……l,Thanks for claiming your Bundy Big ShoutGinger Beer Cashback!Please click the link to confirm your mobile numberto finalise your claim by 30 June 2022, as the linkwill then expire.


      You will receive your cashback 
      as a Digital Mastercard via SMS 
      to your mobile within 24 hours.
      In the meantime if you have any questions please check the
       Promotional FAQs  or Contact 

  • I claimed - no mastercard received

  • Received confirmation text but no card been few days.

    You will receive your cashback
    as a Digital Mastercard via SMS
    to your mobile within 24 hours.

  • Have clicked the verification link, but not received my card. :(

    • Finally got the card on the 2nd of May.

  • To all those who claimed and didn't receive the digital mastercard, could you please keep us posted? Fellow bargainers won't buy if this is just another hokum

  • Just got my digital card. Wasn't 24 hours later but more like 6 days

    Funny I got given $23 which is how much mine cost not $22

    • Yep, my mate told me he received $23.00 so it is all 100% cashback, nothing less or more, just equal amount.

  • +1

    Got mine today. $24.

    • I still haven't received it yet, it's been almost a month now. Did you chase and how did it arrive?

      • Emailed them and received by text few days later

  • Got nothing either WTF!

  • +3

    Diago customer care will assist with helping you get the Mastercard Tel (02) 7227 8657, if you are having problems

  • 20% cashback at Liquorland today, my order tracked for $4.18 profit.

    Not many stores around with stock though.

  • Removed product Bundaberg Alcoholic Ginger Beer Can 375ml in WA as it is no longer in stock.

    • +1

      no stock in vic either

      Removed product Bundaberg Alcoholic Ginger Beer Can 375ml in VIC as it is no longer in stock.

      • from which store

        • +1

          Keysborough vic but almost all stores in Melbourne won't have stock.

  • +3

    Finally received my card after about 10 days of sms confirmation. I paid $23.50 in store but they sent me $24.

  • There's no stock at any Liquorland in SA.

  • I submitted a claim yesterday 03-May-2022. No text message yet (seems like that can take 4-5 days), will update here when it arrives..

  • After I click submit it redirects onto a page that says ERROR, Oops, looks like there was an error. Try going back to the home page.

    Anyone else experience this or perhaps somehow solved it?

  • +2

    Has anyone been able to find these in VIC? I've checked two liquorlands now and no dice.

    • +1

      I can't find them anywhere

    • Liquorland in Reservoir had them, haven't checked more recently but this is where I bought mine!

  • +1

    I’ve gotten the MasterCard as promised. 3 business days after submitting request.

    • Good to know.

  • What a pain to get cash back as a prepaid Mastercard. Jumped through many hoops and now Vault app and Gpay app needed to get it.

    • +2

      Ya it’s a pain for sure - I already used Apple Pay and just needed to download the Vault app and was very easy from download onwards. Took 30 seconds flat!

  • If anyone in Victoria is still looking for stock, First Choice Liquor Market at Ashburton has some.

  • +3

    Bought online via cashrewards at first choice with 25% cashback. Bundaberg accepted my online receipt and I got my prepaid card for $23 a week later.

  • Tried, bland taste, wont pay for it.
    (QLD ginger lover - grew up on fiery home made ginger beer.)

  • Paid $23.50 @LL (less ~$4 cashback).
    Received $24 MC today.

    So NOT "up to a maximum value of $22" stated in Deal Description.

  • +1

    Anybody find stock around South West Sydney?

  • Just picked some up from the new Liquorland in Botanic Ridge near Cranbourne

  • i havent received the redeem sms for over 1 week maybe its because my phone battery was dead at night when they may have tried to send sms. who do you contact?

  • I'm guessing from comments that it works at First Choice Liquor ? also that it works when buying online ?

    • +1

      Yep I did a click & collect

    • +1

      Yeah did C&C from 1st Choice twice, and both times approved. Did have to chase it up both times, but it all ended well.

  • Says i need to install some vault app. Any way to get it without downloading the app?

    • No

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