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VIOFO Dual Dash Cam, 2K 1440P 60fps+1080P (A129 Plus Duo) $195.50 Delivered @ VIOFO via Amazon AU


Price drop again on Amazon, ready for those wanting to catch a meteor, a road rage incident or just some plain funny driving to post on YouTube. If you have successfully used your dash cam to help with a claim or something useful, let us know in the comments.

(2K 60fps+1080P 30fps Dual Dash Cam) A129 Plus Duo is the upgraded version of A129 Duo dash cam, front and rear camera shots road ahead at 2560x1440P 60fps and road behind at 1080P 30fps at the same time. Much more details can be easily captured including license plate and signpost. 140° wide angle is enough to cover the whole road and will not distort the image.

(Super Night Vision) Both front and rear camera is loaded with super high quality Sony Sensor which has better night vision than any other sensors. WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology, provide clearer view than most other car cameras in low-light conditions for night time driving.

(Built-in Wi-Fi & GPS) By connecting to wifi, you can view real-time video, transmit video, etc. on your phone at any time.. With GPS logger, dash camera can log the current speed and GPS location, also automatically correct the time by synchronizing with the satellite. Timestamp can be embedded in the video. Real-time speed would display on car camera screen in KM/H or MP/H.

(Parking Mode) Parking mode will be able to record events leading up to an impact / motion that has been detected. This is an excellent feature and completes a true parking mode as there can be a lot of vital information in the lead-up to whatever triggered recording. To use parking mode, it is better to buy VIOFO HK3 hardwire cable separately.

(Ideal Choice of Dash Cam) G-sensor, motion detection, auto start/stop, loop recording, time lapse recording, built-in microphone & speaker, mobile APP, support up to 256GB SD card, support optional CPL and Bluetooth remote control, one year warranty. A129 Plus Duo is the ideal choice for your dashcam.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    • +10

      2K means about 2XXX horizontal pixels, 1440p is 2560 horizontal so technically 2K. 2048x1080 is not the only standard.

      Edit: further research 1080p is also classified as 2K since 1920 rounds to 2K, which shows how meaningless these buzzwords are, just list resolutions.

  • Is viofo better than 70mai?
    I just started using 70mai A800s which I bought for $194 after ebay plus discount. Its 4k,front and 1080 back camera. Seems to be working quite well so far.

    • +2

      If someone said yes, would you buy it?

      • If someome said yes, it would just lead to buyer's remorse.

      • +1

        I need another one dashcam. I will consider buying this. No big deal

  • +2

    bought the dual. rear doesn't register (did for a few mins).
    bought another 'rear' cable. doesn't work.
    bought another rear camera ..doesn't work.
    expensive lesson.
    Personally viofo is a fail FOR ME.

    • Rarely my rear doesn't connect, but I just unplug it and plug it back it and it works. Did you get a refund for them all at least?

      • no.. didn't install for some time.. box damaged etc and had few things sort ..
        hopefully purchasers know its potentially issue and deals with it promptly with my hindsight.

    • +5

      That's really bad luck :(.. We're now using 3 Viofo cams bought over a few years and haven't had any problems at all.

      • +1

        ahh did like it .. got a garmin and their suction caps looks bad vs the viofo tho its isn't fixed i guess.. and like how viofo rear camera rotates up/down with ease.

    • +3

      You went around it the wrong way if you bought all of those things extra instead of just doing trouble shooting. Did u test using the image transfer short cable??
      Also did u ensure the unit had adequate power supply when connecting.

      There were some duds with connector issues, most got fixed/replaced under warranty. Benefits of purchasing via Amazon Australia.

      For the money its one of the better performing Dash Cams.
      The 70 Mai series not that far off, some even better depending on your circumstances.

    • do you have problems with WiFi connection? this model has report issues with WiFi connection to phone view.

  • the last duo non-plus deal from banggood was under 100 on end of line clearance , no longer in production

  • +1

    Before you buy this consider another option maybe?

    I was going to get this originally but after looking into it there's disadvantages in resolution and storage by using 1 main cam with a rear cam, also eggs all in 1 basket if something goes wrong.

    Instead, I ended up purchasing 2x A119 cameras instead, both independent for front and rear and couldn't be happier. They come on special on OZB now and then too.

    • +1

      if car boot doesn't have 12v/usb socket on rear , still can diy install?

      • +1

        I DIY'd mine and I ran power back to center console for both that only comes on when I power car up. I haven't hooked them up with the kit you can get but it works fine for me turning on and off with car, i wasn't fussed on recording whilst parking.

    • +1

      I ran this setup before getting a Pro Duo. Main disadvantage of 2x units is the 'save' button - if there's an incident you want to save that doesn't trigger the auto-save, the button is on the rear windscreen instead of 1 controlling both.

      Not the biggest disadvantage in the world, but something to consider.

      • Good point, I did consider this but honestly with even a 32Gb card in each you don't need to be pushing the save button anyway, you have days of recording on each. I also avoid hitting 'save' as it can also corrupt the file as I've seen others report (I've not had that problem), just take the card out after the incident and copy it off.

  • Reviews on Amazon seem to say parking mode was removed via firmware update

  • I got one for my dad but need to install it

    Would a place like super cheap or Frankie's install it for a fee?

    And no I can't do it unfortunately my hands don't work well anymore (MS) so need some help

    • Sure, why not? ;]

    • Dunno what Frankie's is, but I thought SCA would only do it if you bought from them, I could be wrong.

    • +1

      Independent auto electrical shops should be able to do it.

      • Thanks I'll reach out to a few

    • Repco installed my stereo and soundproofing (purchased elsewhere) along with speakers I purchased from them, for a fee, so it's worth checking with them

  • +1

    I have this from a previous deal.
    Works really well.
    Don't forget you need the extra cable for parking power on.

    Had it installed by an installer in airtasker for $110.

  • Has anyone tried to get VIOFO to swap the 6m rear cable for a 8m cable? I have a wagon and the 6m rear cable is not long enough.

    • +1

      Yes, I bought 8m cable here, https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/144079887596 Get only this, don't try to use others. They made proprietary connectors in Duo Plus.

      • Thanks. On the VIOFO Au website it says OOS and is AUD $29.

  • If I already have power at the rear of the car do what's the best bang for buck?

    The dual pro version
    Or just 2x A119v3

  • Viofo is the brand I'd always recommend but the last 2 units I bought had a fatal memory card error making them unusable.

    It was for a relative and they went with another brand.

    • +1

      Then you needed new SD cards?

      • Tried a good dozen.

        • +1

          including samsung pro endurance ?

  • +3

    Dash cam footage works.

    My parked car got demolished by a hit and run. Gave the footage to police, they found and booked the perpetrator.

    Gave to insurance, no excess for me.

    • so the camera works even when the car is not running?

      • +1

        On my Volkswagen it receives continuous power from the cigarette lighter.

        • something wrong with the cigarette outlet or by design?

          • @justfrog: I'm assuming by design because it's the same in the 2 VWs I've owned.

          • @justfrog: It's switchable on VAG cars (assume similar on other European cars) depends on the fuse position you choose.

  • I bought this combo in the last deal and have not had an issue with the cameras themselves. I also bought the K3 hardwire kit which failed after about 2 weeks with a hardware electronics fault. A google search of this problem showed that this is a widespread issue with the Hardwire kit. Viofo, to their credit, sent out a replacement hardwire kit which I'm yet to install. There seems to be a design flaw in the HK3 hardwire kit and it's hit and miss whether the kit will work on any given install. The cameras work fine using the USB power cord and are otherwise excellent. just an FYI for people considering also getting the hardwire kit.

    • When you say fails, it stops powering the dashcam?

      • +1

        yes. 12V goes in from the car , 0V goes out to the camera. Viofo confirmed with me that it is a common fault and replaced the kit. However, many people have had 2nd, 3rd and 4th kits fail in the same way.

  • I really like the idea of having GPS for showing the current speed as my current dashcam doesn't have this. I already have a reverse camera: can I just split this for the dashcam's second channel? I drive a Ute and can't just stick the camera on the rear of the canopy

    • Apparently you can just stick them inside the back windows of the canopy (if you have windows) and they work fine.

      No idea about the reversing camera but would also love to know

      • Not practical in this canopy, unfortunately.

    • Reverse cameras generally only get power when reverse gear is engaged. You would have to power this differently which is probably doable. Reverse cameras aren't meant to be powered for long periods of time so may overheat or generally shorten their life (depends on quality). Biggest issue would be actually getting the video signal into the camera for processing and recording and have the camera actually accept a different camera/resolution that isn't in the hardware/firmware design.

  • +1

    I have this A129 Plus Duo and here are my observations:
    - the unit runs very hot during operation, around 55c.
    - my unit has a problem with WiFi, it won't start the WIFI so no remote connection to the camera or download videos. Upgraded the firmware won't work.

    • Bought the A129 Plus Duo in January and installed in my wife's car. The few times I used the wifi it has worked straight out of the box, no firmware upgrade performed. Will check again this weekend and drive it around to check the heat on the unit.

    • How do you know the operating temperature?

      • Googled it, on Viofo forum they replied it can operate between -10 to 70 degrees celsius.

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