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Ooni Fyra Pizza Oven $499 + Shipping / C&C (Club Membership Required) @ Anaconda


Was looking through anaconda website and saw that they have the Ooni Fyra for $499 (with club membership) which I think is right in the sweet spot. Next cheapest price is around $590. Didn't realise they were starting to sell in chain stores like anaconda, previously only being in niche bbq stores.

Personally I have had the Ooni Koda for the last 2 years and absolutely love it. Does take a bit of practice to get it going but once you work it out it makes a great pizza.

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  • I have a Koda. Love it. Pizza takes no more than 60 secs to cook.

    • What's your dough recipe?

      I have been making adam/kenji long ferment dough but ran out of room in the fridge to put so many containers of dough

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        Poom! Poom! Poom! Baby. Soft and crownchy in the same time. Please subscribe, hit the like and share with 3 friends.

        If you can ignore the self promotion, Vito Iacopeli knows how to get you cooking good pizzas.

        Vito's poolish recipe works very well.

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          It's soft, it's crounchy. They are delicious.

          • @Praer: Well now I have to lift my pizza game.. 🍕

        • I've made pretty good pizza for a while now, plenty of genuine compliments.. tried Vito's poolish and easily made my best pizzas yet first try. It's really impressive. Would recommend.

        • +1 for Vito's poolish with Caputo flour

        • +1 for vito's poolish recipe.

          I created a notion page with his instructions that I follow every time I make pizza.

        • don't forget to add the east and melt the sult.

      • I've had good success with this one in my Koda 16

      • Johnny Di Francesco (world pizza champion) from Gradi group shared his recipe on Vincenzo's Plate. You can find it on YouTube or Vincenzo's website. I've had great success with this. It is fairly cumbersome in that you have to let the dough balls sit for 24 hours before using.

        As for the flour, I've tried many different brands. What I've found is that not many will provide a W rating. Instead I look for around 12% protein. I could not tell the difference between a lot of these and Le 5 Stagioni.

        The video I mentioned at the start also has some great tips on stretching the pizza.

        • It is fairly cumbersome in that you have to let the dough balls sit for 24 hours before using.

          And at 18C. Fine if you have a wine fridge. How do you store the dough balls at leavening temp?

          • @Flyerone: I don't have a temperature controlled environment for it. My place never gets too hot or cold so I've found leaving it out in a container on the bench overnight works for me. I have a couple of the commercial storage containers.

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    Perfect for anyone who also drives that blue car from Mr Bean with 3 wheels!!

    • I yes, the legendary Reliant Robin.

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    I've been looking to get a pizza oven (to be used with wood or charcoal) but cant decide … how is this one at $500 better than other ones around half the price ?

    eg this one :

    • Looks pretty similar to me. If not better. Maybe doesnt fold away, or the stone is different.

      Speaking of..I've got a 44 gallon drum with legs and hinged in half. Should I go a Pizza stone or plate in the middle?

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    Surprised there are not more Ooni knockoffs about. Love my $99 Coles Monro, it's just as good as the Ooni for a fraction of the cost. They are a very simple design.

    • Got a link to this $99 Coles Monro?

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        They are long gone, was a special buy a few months ago. $99 was clearance price at my local Coles. They retailed for $299.

        • Damn. That's a great pick up if you got one for $99

    • I got mine for $250 and I agree, I love it. It does a great pizza, comparable to most shops.

  • Are there ovens like this but more versatile than being merely a pizza (or a flat pie) oven, with that low clearance? Something to bake eg. bread in? Can be a gas one too.

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      Yes but get in the queue for a Gozney Dome. I waited nearly a year for them to become available here and they hyped up the "launch" showed videos of warehouses of ovens, then 5 minutes after the launch…SOLD OUT! I was very annoyed.

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        you missed the original sale and then the subsequent release

        i understand there are wood only ovens available, but not ideal

        • Yeah, not having gas removes easy temp control and fast heating.

    • This oven looks great, and I would like one, but I don't think I'd use it. I know this is sacrilege, but I got a 4 burner Crossray gas BBQ last year. With all 4 burners on high it is insanely hot. Too hot, actually - the crust would burn before properly cooked. I find that if I put the 4 burners on low with the lid down it cooks two pizzas in maybe three minutes and the result is brilliant. As a bonus, it also does sausages etc. I've given away my old pizza oven.

      • Do you block the rotisserie holes?

        • Nope. The thing belts out so much heat it doesn't matter.

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        difference is that on the bbq, that is almost all 'underneath' heat. Thats why your crust burns first.
        A pizza oven like this (and proper wood fired ones) are more even as the heat is all top heat and the stone/floor is for the underneath heat.

        Can still spit out good pizzas on a bbq setup, but its not the same as the neapolitan pizza style these ovens are designed for

        • I would have absolutely agreed before I tried it on this thing. The pizza sits on what looks like a warming rack, but in fact is what is used to cook sausages etc. You only put meat directly on the cast iron grill when you want to sear the outside but keep the inside nice and rare, or when you want grill marks. The infrared burners seem to use air currents to move the heat evenly under the hood no matter where the food is. Weirdly I've found the best crusts using those steel pizza dishes with holes in them……. the only thing that seems to be missing is the charcoal smell/flavour but I guess I could always throw some wood chips in there to get that.

          This specific BBQ just gets so hot (even on low, it's around 350 degrees - on high it gets close to 500 degrees which is why my first trial pizza started to burn as on high it is basically a pyrolytic oven and self cleans), I thought I'd give it a try even though it seemed so wrong to cook pizza on a BBQ. I know I'm never going to convince a true believer, but I was one and have been converted. As a person of science I'm not saying it's witches….. but it's witches.;-)

          • @PlasticSpaceman: Pretty cool design on those burners on that BBQ. Will consider one in the future. Cheers.

  • Interesting, is there a catch like the wood pallets are super expensive?

    • You can usually find wood pallets for free on nature strips.

      • Isn't there a pallet shortage now…?

      • Serious question: is it okay for the food to use treated wood in these things?

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          No it's not, stick to untreated hardwood if you're cooking food over fire. These use wood pellets you can buy from Bunnings or bbq stores.

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          You shouldn't even be breathing near burning treated wood

    • not anymore, bunnings sell them in big bags for the pellet smokers …

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    I use a Kamado for cooking mine. It comes up decent and you can use it for smoking and grilling as well!

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    lol seems just a lot just to eat a pizza…

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      its not just pizza, its a way of life

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        life of diabetes and obesity?

        • only if you use the wrong toppings …. or have the wrong wine or beer with the pizza ……

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          I get the feeling you haven't actually eaten a proper pizza

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        Where are you importing your toppings from? Even if we buy pre made dough balls, the cost to feed 12 people is an absolute fraction of the takeaway price.

        • If you compare it with wood fire pizza, not Domino's, then you will find it will save some money. Plus, you can eat the pizza when it comes out of the oven, it is different after 20 mins delivery and stored in the box.

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        yes, but the quality of the toppings is better, off the bone ham instead of sliced giant sausage, more proscuito, its not about saving money, its about a better pizza.

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    any dealz on koda??

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    I’d spend the extra and get a duel fuel or a gas only for a couple of reasons after I Have used a few types of these ovens
    1. The time these take to cook really do not give time for the wood flavour to infuse as it’s all about the high temperatures therefore low cook times - and
    2. Because of the really fast cooking time you can find yourself under the pump if you are doing pizza for a more than a small family, especially the first few times ( you will get burnt edges ) so not having to tend to the pellets seems like a small thing but is a welcome relief.

    That being said I use my Roccbox more than my Webber these days and find it’s almost becoming a hobby with making dough and sauce and experimenting more with toppings.
    Yes it’s not gonna be cheaper than a 100% cash back Pizza Hut nor is it easier than a $5 value range Dominos (which I both enjoy) but, it’s really the same as saying a Coles two minute steak is better because it’s cheaper than a 8/9 Marble slab from the butchers. They both have their place but they are not comparable at all.

    • I was also sceptical about pellets but have been converted. I was gifted an older Uuni 3 (this was the original name before they changed it to Ooni), which has both the gas burner and pellet feeder. Even though the pizzas take a minute to cook, you definitely get the flavour of the wood pellets.

      The Pit Boss pellets which go for about $30 for 9kg at Bunnings, gives great smokey flavour. I don't bother using the gas burner anymore as the pizzas just don't taste as good.

      Feeding pellets takes minimal effort. The hardest part is getting them lit to start with but even that is fairly easy. I bought a $10 kitchen blowtorch that attaches to butane cans. 30s on the pellets and they're good to go. They also burn very efficiently and leave very little ash.

    • Totally agree! I owned the ooni 2s wood fired oven. Cooks a good pizza but so frustrating to use. I now own a gas powered Roccbox. So much better!

    • or a gas only for a couple of reasons

      100%… Koda16 user and there's no way I would want to transition away from the simplicity and repeatability of the gas fired oven.
      The cook time is so little than any 'wood' benefits are negligible, but the ability to turn it up/down as required far outweighs those.

  • I've had great results with one of these on a cheap 4 burner BBQ, I was pretty sceptical when I got it as a gift but have used it hundreds of times now.

  • Damn just bought a Koda 12 used today for $400. Needed a gas though as I have an inbuilt wood fired oven and wanted something quicker..takes too long to start up the wood oven and wood ain't cheap either!

    • Where did you find the Koda 12 for $400?

      • used

        I'd guess FBMP, Gumtree, eBay, something like that.

        • Sorry didn't see this. Yeh on gumtree. Used once. As New. Was happy with it

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