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Receive a $10 Reward for Downloading Finder App & Setting up Wallet @ Finder


The award-winning money app - Earn 4.01% p.a. on your capital
Effortlessly manage your money. See all your accounts in one place, buy Bitcoin and track your credit score, all in one app. Pop in your phone number below to get your download link.

You will both automatically receive your $10 reward once your friend has successfully set up their Finder Wallet. Your reward will appear in your Cash balance on the "Wallet" tab.

You can use your friend's referral code by following these steps:

Tap on your friend's referral link or scan their QR code.
Follow the link and download the Finder app.
Once downloaded, sign up for an account, head to the "Wallet" tab, tap "Set up your wallet" and complete the KYC process.
You can also manually enter your friend's referral code by following these steps:

Download the Finder app via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
Sign up for an account.
Enter the referral code by tapping "Rewards" in the top right corner of the Dashboard tab, or by tapping "Redeem a promo code" in the Settings tab, and entering the referral code.
Head to the "Wallet" tab, tap "Set up your wallet" and complete the KYC process (if you haven't already done so).

Note: To withdraw the $5 or more - anything else from your wallet, you need to make a deposit.


Mod: Use referral system below (now setup).

Referral Links

Finder Wallet (App): random (182)

$10 for referrer, $10 for referee after successfully setting up their Finder wallet.

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  • Ok Google

    • +2

      Alexa is sexier
      She is also triple vaxxed lol

      • Didn't know they created vaccines for AI.
        Must be a new Antivirus update.

      • quadruple is the way soon.
        Or call is Booster Version 2

  • +1

    Thanks for updating the post and adding the referral system! <3

    Even updated my code.

    Bloody legend of an admin.

    • +1

      Weirdly we had a referral system for Finder when they were giving away Bitcoin about a month ago. I was just looking for it yesterday to check/update my referral code and it was gone. Good to see it back now, but I wonder why it was deleted…

  • KYC required
    Too much personal info needed for a tenner

    Ill keep scrolling

    • Fair. Most crypto services do require KYC these days.

    • Very basic kyc. KYC is required for all exchanges.

  • +1

    Don't forget this important step after downloading app and verifying identity so the $10 appears in your wallet instantly

    Enter the referral code by tapping "Rewards" in the top right corner of the Dashboard tab, or by tapping "Redeem a promo code" in the Settings tab, and entering the referral code.

  • tried to add my email but wont accept my gmail address, any idea why?

    • I had finder account under my gmail, I had to delete it first.

  • +1

    4%… In this economy? Am I missing something here or is that no lock in and montly payout pretty sweet?

    • +2

      It really comes down to how much you trust their stablecoin to actually remain stable (and unhacked).

      From https://www.finder.com.au/finder-earn

      How does Finder Earn work?
      When you use Finder Earn, you convert your Australian dollars into TAUD stablecoins and these TAUD stablecoins are then lent to us. In exchange for lending us your capital (that is, your TAUD stablecoins), we will pay you a fee of 4.01% p.a.

      • +1

        TAUD is issued by TrustToken, so it is not created by Finder. TAUD is a cryptocurrency. It is stable 1:1 with AUD.
        Celcius currently return 7.1% on TAUD, but Finder might be an easier entry point into the world of cryptocurrency.

        • TAUD is a cryptocurrency token

      • +3

        And also how much you trust Finder to remain in business. From the terms and conditions on the Finder Earn page:

        "You do not maintain a legal interest in the Allocation or Cryptocurrency, as defined in our Terms of Service, and we do not hold Fiat currency in a trust account. Accordingly, if Finder becomes insolvent, you will be an unsecured creditor in relation to your Allocation, Cryptocurrency or Fiat currency held with us. Your capital is also not protected under the Financial Claims Scheme (FCS)."

        DYOR obviously but personally there's not a chance in hell I'd trust them with $50k. I will happily take their free referral money however.

    • No lock in and payout daily. Max $50,000 capital

  • +1

    Pain in the arse to get the money out

    • How so?

      • +5

        I was able to withdraw when they were giving away Bitcoin a month or so ago. Process was:
        1. Deposit $1 of your own money
        2. Wait 3 days for the withdrawal option to become available
        3. Request a withdrawal to a bank account in your own name
        4. It prompts you to email a bank statement to a Finder compliance email address
        5. Wait 1 - 2 days for someone to approve the withdrawal
        6. Resubmit the withdrawal request to the approved withdrawal account — in my case the money arrived instantly at this point but it does warn you it might be another 3 days depending on the receiving bank

    • Just had a 3 day lock for me, no other verification.

  • I liked it better when they just gave out $5 gift cards.

  • +3

    Made $95 off their promos/referrals so far since the beginning of March… can't complain tbh

  • $10 to buy personal details?
    Mine ain't that cheap thou…

    • yet most people give them away for free on social media.

      • But what can you say… young and dumb… that’s even available at song title

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